From Clay to Bronze: The Sculptures of Nano Lopez

I believe my inspiration for nature started
early on when my father took us to long trips in the Amazon forest and left a deep impression
on me. I believe today I use that in my art a lot
because nature and anything alive is what I want to express in my work. It’s more about character and life than anything
else and maybe the detail that I put into the pieces. A piece is never finished until it’s itself. That’s its own personality. I think what makes my work different or interesting
is the combination of textures and elements that at the end want to represent the abundance
and richness of life. Most pieces take me about three to six months
to do on clay and the bronze process itself is another month. I always find fascinating the process of the
sculpture going from creating a sketch to going through the clay work and then going
through the process of the bronze is a magical process of seeing that transformation of different
materials. What is more important to me today to express
through my art is the amazing miracle of life.

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