Friendship Braid Quilt Idea Using Half Hex Ruler

Friendship Braid Quilt Idea Using Half Hex Ruler

Hi it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. For those of you who have the Half Hexi Ruler,
we’ve got a new idea for you. It works with the big or the small. Take a look at this. This is like a
braid, a friendship braid or a chevron. Whatever you want to call it. This makes just a darling quilt, and quick
and easy. So what we’re going to do here…actually
Natalie was sitting one day at her desk and she’s got, she has these things laid out and all of a sudden
she started playing with them and she’s like…she put them like this and she’s like, “Oh my gosh, look at
this! They fit exactly perfectly.” And so then we had to get the Half Hexis and try them. So these are the
little Half Hexis. Makes that kind of a friendship braid. And then this is the big one and it makes this
kind of a braid. So really, the only little seam you’re going
to have to sew is when you lay this out. You’ll have a little half seam right here. See how this…this little
half seam right here. So you’ll lay this over. Start at the end and you’ll finish right here in the middle. That’ll
be your little half seam. And then this next one is going to fit on there perfectly. So then you’re just sewing
these straight, long seams. So it makes this darling thing. This is a new fabric line called Adornit.
This is it right here. We met these guys at Market, and this was so much fun because it’s just a mom and her
daughters and we just had so much fun with them because it’s just like a little family like us. And
so they are just, you know, getting started. And they’re doing it, and they just have some darling fabric. We
are going to carry it all of course because we loved it. And take a look at these different prints. I mean
really fun. Really creative. Really great family. Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tip from the
Missouri Star Quilt Company.

38 thoughts on “Friendship Braid Quilt Idea Using Half Hex Ruler

  1. Love that fabric! And the use of the half-hex is a great idea!! I just love that I have found the MSQC!! You gals are awesome.

  2. Just got my half hexagon template in and love your tutorial on it! Thanks Jenny! You are an awesome woman! We luv ya!

  3. I have a question, how much do you need to make this quilt? The layercake is just 1 I think, the hard part is the fabric. I like to order that as well, but I have no clue how much……we have meters in stead of yards, so that is already hard to start with. But if I will make this quilt and use the 10" template, one layercake, how much fabric do I need for the rest? Meaning backing, border and the strips in between the braids?

    Hope to hear soon,

  4. I just bought a hex template, I know I could have used a topless triangle method to make a hexagon, but sometimes we just buy everything we see. Now I am comitted to making this quilt. I been saying it. I even bought the french braid book. Thanks for the encouragement, you just showed me that I can do it. Its just I need a few more hours in the day. Keep sharing, keep quilting.

  5. I really enjoy your tutorials Jenny and staff.. and soon will be starting my very first quilt after watching your site and being inspired. I was just wondering after sewing up all the blocks, does the sewist overlocks (I think the term is serge in U.S.A) all ironed set seams to prevent future fraying? Kind Regards, Lauralearnne, Melbourne Australia

  6. Could you do a tutorial on the friendship braid with the little square blocks that go up the center of the braid? I love that look. Thanks

  7. great idea 🙂 … love the quilt hung in the back ground with flowers on.. is there a tutorial for this ?

  8. My granddaughter wants the friendship braid quilt, but I can't find the half hex ruler. I would like the 2 1/2 inch one to use with the jelly roll packs, do you sell them? If so, please let me know the price and how to order one. Thank you–love the tutorial!

  9. Can you please help me figure out how many of the half hexies I would need to cut to create a queen sized quilt?  I'm thinking I'll need 5 or 6 strips of the friendship braid…

  10. Hi Jenny, I have a questions on this quilt. The pre-cuts I like for a 17 tear old is unavailable in a layer cake. If I use the 5 inch template would I be able to use charm packs? Thanks

  11. Thank you Jenny for all your fabulous tutorials! I'm working on this pattern now with the 5" half hexi ruler and the Dutchess charm pack from the Downton Abbey collection for a Christmas gift.

  12. Once again another great video from you. That fabric called Adorn is totally stunning. Going to have a look round for it. But not sure if they sell it in New Zealand. Fingers crossed they do.

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