61 thoughts on “Frequency Paintings by Teal Swan: The Spiritual Catalyst

  1. these are amazing… I want to see these as windows the colors as the light goes through them would be something to behold.

  2. this art is amazing, if i could afford it i would buy a bunch of them. i wish i had artistic talent like teal, i would love to make my own mandalas.

  3. Really interesting art. Will some people in a distant future study this, as the proof of the spirituality of our time, such as we did with the sumerians and egyptians? Try making frescos or sculptures, for it to stand the test of time. 😉

  4. wow Sensational Teal i truly love your artwork so gifted!. im in awe and glorious thanksgiving to Go/Source for all of this. how beautiful. thank you for all u do. i hope and ensure that u are very happy. god bless u. loads of love to you too dear sweetheart. feel welcome to msg me anytime if u feel drawn to it, on fb or youtube. would love to hear from you. hugs*…. xxx

  5. Thank you Teal for sharing your passion. Tears are streaming as I feel aspects of self being unlocked. Heart felt gratitude in re-membering Self. In a strangely familiar way I sense the connectedness of family from Home as I watch this too. Not a feeling I am familiar w/ here on Earth. Inspired to do more art, Thank you!! Blessings and Gratitude

  6. You are such a kind and inspirational lady ~ thank you for sharing all of your videos with us (= I am so grateful ~

  7. these are incredible some of them perfectly match up to the shapes and formations of vibrations with salt and a machine that creates different vibrational frequencies.

  8. Upon crossing the Thay Quote, I didn't look at my palm, but touched it, and as soon as I saw the painting, I almost cried, which does not happen very frequently for me. I felt my grandpa who passed away in 2010, alive and well, smiling and embracing me. These are all incredibly beautiful and some seem eerily accurate.

  9. beautiful…. And    I love this song… I can't recall now where I first heard it but I remember  where i first heard it but warm joy is fooding back to me as i hear it….  perfect pairing 

  10. Damn, and you're talented in artwork as well. Everything you are, so am I. A woman like you would be the perfect match for me, but you are so far and in between that I never meet women like you.

  11. wow love them Teal…are they working for real? ..like my health is so poor and lack of energy ..would it work if I got one with healing..or maybe energy if there is? love you so much <3 ..sorry for my English..

  12. The festival fertility spring thing is my favorite. I always love those colors. And then the actorian one just reminds me of when I was little.

  13. Her paintings remind me of the Thoth Deck illustrations. Lady Freida Harris's illustrations, if I am not mistaken, also were modeled after vibrational frequencies of the subject matter of the cards. That's why I know these paintings are good. 🙂

  14. The music makes me think of history unfolding, & deeply ancient things coming into fruition. Or reconnecting to something valuably old. This music is so cool.

  15. Has anyone actually manifested anything by focusing on Teal's paintings? And did you actually hang Teal's frequency painting poster or painting up in your bedroom to manifest it? Which painting did you use to manifest? I bought Teal's tarot cards and I am just focusing on the images of my favorite frequencies but I have only been using the tarot cards for less than a month. I definitely feel the emotions of the images, especially the divine feminine one but sometimes I'm not sure if I really feel that much when I look at the images. Meditating while looking at the images definitely helps me vibrate at the same level. It depends on how I am feeling. If I'm in a good mood, I feel the vibration of the image more than when I'm not in a great mood. I have only been able to find a few success stories online but I'm sure many people have actually found success. I just want to hear more success stories lol.

  16. Absolutely stunning. Just made my 1st order for several items..cannot wait to receive them! Thank you Teal Swan.. for the love and beauty you add to our world 💓 You have forever changed me.

  17. I love them. It’s interesting I resonate with the Arcturian ones in your gallery colorwise, but I most identify with Pleiadian beings within the collective.

    I believe certain high frequencies will just read as certain favorite colors depending on the perspective.

    I have always loved teal, light blues, purple, indigos, pinks and greens.

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