Free Acorn Internet Services Website Giveaway

Free Acorn Internet Services Website Giveaway

Win a free websiteI
You may be thinking, why would Acorn Internet Services give away a free website?
To answer that question we must go back in time… Imagine an innkeeper who loves spending time in the kitchen, greeting guests, decorating rooms. One day, the busy innkeeper notices that the rooms aren’t as full as before. In time, the once busy innkeeper isn’t busy
anymore. Bookings are dropping, OTA costs are rising, and panic sets in! The innkeeper’s first thought is: “I need a new website!” Until they discover that Web
Design Done Right isn’t cheap. The innkeeper’s second thought is, “There must be a cheaper solution.”

And they find one. What they don’t realize is that they
have just purchased something that looks good on the outside but isn’t so good on
the inside. This lack of knowledge lands them in a situation that is oftentimes
worse than the one they started with. So, fast forward to today. Our sales manager has heard this same story over and over: “We know Acorn is the best but we just
can’t afford you!” There is a reason these other companies are so cheap. What you seem to gain at the beginning you lose in the long run. The innkeepers that go this route ultimately find out just how much they’ve lost. With so many innkeepers in this predicament, we have decided to create an affordable plug-and-play solution. Innkeepers who are willing to give up a
little on options will save a lot on price, but will still receive a modern
design with the very best core a website can have. That core includes a fast, mobile first, Responsive, ADA compliant, GDPR-defined, Schema installed, SEO primed, secure website; That you OWN, and can edit! That’s where our free website
giveaway comes in – we have created a new theme and with it a process to develop
an optimal site where the features are rich but fixed. You provide the content and the images.

You choose from one of 35 preset color schemes and corresponding font sets, and we’ll build it for you. To determine the best price for this new
affordable website, we need to beta test it first. This is where the contest comes in.
So if you are in need of a new web design; one that is as awesome on the inside as it is on the outside, then enter our free website giveaway. If you win, you can choose to be our first beta tester for this new site design, or pass it on to a friend who qualifies. We will choose the winner in mid-November.

The winner will provide content for the site by December 1st, and the new site will go live by January 1st at which point we will announce our 2019 pricing for this fantastic opportunity! Click the link in the description below for the contest details, and then, enter to win!

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