Framed Sand Art

Framed Sand Art

Well, time to redecorate. [MUSIC PLAYING] Much better. The Glowbee Sand Picture
is a dynamic image made from sand that takes the
beauty of a panoramic landscape and puts it in a wooden frame
that you can sit on a desk. Every time you flip
the frame, you’re creating a new abstract vista. Sand flows through
air bubbles and water before settling in a new
and unique way each time. Watching Glowbee
flow is fascinating, and the effect is heightened
in the dark because the sand picture glows. Buy the Glowbee Sand Picture
and shop for hundreds more gifts at (SINGING) If you’re into dynamic desk art,
check out the Hypnocube light array and the Pyro Pet Candle. And subscribe to
Vat19’s YouTube channel for a steady flow of new stuff.

100 thoughts on “Framed Sand Art

  1. I would not buy this I have one and after a couple months the water started to evaporator so it's no longer usable and the sand would get stuck

  2. I gonna buy i….. Forget it the price
    Letter for Jamie
    Dude lower ur prices u have all this cool stuff and it's toooooooooooooooo
    Oooooooooooo expesive

  3. I hate comments that say "This is way over priced and i got one for 1.50 at Target!".
    Shut up! Vat19 can sell this at the price it wants, so stop complaining.

  4. all those people who are saying, THIS IS OVERPRICED, its not them overpricing it, its the manufactures, the need to make a profit

  5. Wait!!!!! If this is glow in the dark, how are you meant to sleep when it's like on your desk and you don't want a nightlight!!??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  6. Actually if you take the radius of sand and amount of sand with the right formula you can predict the amount of possibilities

  7. I could just makes one at home with just a picture frame some colour sand and water and not waste 60$ and it only cost like 15$ or under

  8. Wait I'm late let me think of a joke errrr…..


  9. Vat19, I have to talk to you. I enjoy these videos and your products and all, but can you please refrain from overpricing everything? Yes, I know you can't just make EVERYTHING cost only like $5, but you don't need to go too overboard with the price. In all honesty, I can find these exact same items on places like Amazon and Ebay, for a much cheaper cost. Yes, I'm talking about the NEW ones. Not the used ones.

  10. Dude, i saw these selling in markets while i was in gran canary, they even are alot cheaper i think it wss like 11€ xD either they must be a shit quality or vat19 just has a high price on them.

  11. Me: Sees this vid
    Also me: sees price
    ALSO ALSO ME: Goes to Czech Republic Oh they HAvE this too
    ALSO ALSO ALSO Me: Sees price OH HELL NOo

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