For the Sake of Adventure | Legends of Long Haulage | Chapter Six

For the Sake of Adventure | Legends of Long Haulage | Chapter Six

Hi. I’m called Jan. I’m a long distance trucker. I drive the world’s longest truck route. That is the Dubai Road Express. But now, things became
a little more hairy. You see,
nothing but trackless desert. Miles and miles of
loose sand and sweltering heat. Is this going to work? Will I get there? Am I able to cross the dunes? That’s what you sit and think about. And if you were alone,
you could be stuck lying there, sick and alone. I mean,
worst case scenario, you die. If I can tell you
who Jan was? I knew him a little bit
before he drove, yes. He seemed to be one
of those people who liked challenges and doing new things, things that had
not necessarily been done before. I think he did it
for the sake of adventure. To see what it was like. And at the same time, because he knew we had
already driven down to Persia, to Bandar Abbas. But he was on the other side of the Gulf. They were
pioneers in their day. I take my hat off to them. I would have gladly
carried on driving down there up until today. I really would. Well,
that’s that. Now all I have to do is drive back home. When I came home, it was very exciting, you know. The turning into that yard
was a terrific feeling you know, of achievement really, because it was,
I mean, it made it all worth it, you know. That feeling.

23 thoughts on “For the Sake of Adventure | Legends of Long Haulage | Chapter Six

  1. Thank you Scania and to the truck drivers who made a contribution to this fantastic series. To Jan Dubrowski, may your memory be eternal and to all the other truckers both living and dead – I salute you!

  2. Legends one and all. Unique pioneers. Their type is gone for ever I think. Their adventures will always be remembered & reveered. Top class.

  3. Mick Dunstan drives for Charles Russell from Cheltenham,and still has the bug for our crazy industry..he regularly does abnormal loads to the continent,roping and sheeting and always has a smile on his face..Legend describes Mick perfectly.

  4. This were the real truckers, i wish i was born before that time so i could drive in that time sadly enough nobody wants to be driving a truck anymore, I want to drive, we (with we i mean all the people who wanna go back to the real trucking job), we need to make trucking great again in whole Europe from the north to the south from west to east no social dumping anymore and a great loan and a fantastic job

  5. Yeah, I really loved watching the entire series, waiting every week for this. All of them, especially Jan, are truly legends that younger generations will never forget.

  6. Where was this guy from? It seems to me his English sounds really British… (probably I am wrong – both English and Norwegian are not my native languages)

  7. I loved every second of the series. However, it's not clear if he returned home through the same route. You have to presume it from the fact that there was no easier road to Dubai and he had to return by the same route he came from. However, even knowing the road, and with an empty truck, the return path must not have been easy.

  8. Watch this movie with this music, you really get the chills

  9. Merchant ships and trucking, it's a perfect combination, and a lot of similarity especially for whom walked in both sides like me and the driver in the movie. Glad to see a lot of familiar things… M/T Serpens Constellation in that times under Norwegian management and crew, by Höegh Shipping, and GAC Shipping Agency, despite belongs to Japanese group Sanko Line.
    And Scania, my favorite European truck brand.

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