100 thoughts on “For Fact’s Sake: Trump Claims That Wind Turbines Cause Cancer (They Do Not) | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. In the journal of Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health, they did tie noise to breast cancer. https:// www.sjweh.fi/ show_abstract.php?abstract_id=3681

  2. So there was a bases for what he said. Maybe he heard about it a while back, and just said it. We already know he doesn't script his speeches. I wonder how even heard about that.

  3. how stupid is that guy you call president? and how on earth did he got there? i'm afraid of the future things that will come out of that mouth.

  4. Trump is right : wind turbines are harmful for man , animals and nature .. vaccines are harmful too .. do some research !! .. google : Wind Turbine Syndrom … Vaccination – Autism …

  5. Wow, I wonder why they didn't fact check the idea that there's an actual graveyard with birds in them and headstones with the birds names on them???
    HEY! idiots!!, hes clearly being facetious. Referring to something someone else is claiming.

  6. It's absolutely astonishing to me how stupid and Intellectually dishonest liberals are!
    The video shows him clearly, clearly, clearly being facetious

  7. Michael Kong … That’s similar to the attacks on the NFL, he is getting even with the NFL because they refused to let him be a team owner….by the way Denmark supplies 43% of their power by windmills.

  8. You've seen huge smoke stacks belching out plumes of toxic fumes and then you've see huge turbines turning in the wind. If you have a difficult time deciding which causes cancer you have deep issues with facts versus fiction.

  9. Denmark is generating over 40 % of there electric energy needs with windmills. And, there windmills utilize a superior technology as theirs don’t cause cancer! 🙂

  10. Meanwhile in American cities everywhere people are suffering brain damage from vehicle pollution, guess the symptoms are more stated in certain people than others.

  11. "He's being facetious, It's Sarcasm, He's joking!" Really?? A man with no sense of humor is doing any of those things?? How Brain Damaged you Cult members are is horrifying! Google the Term "Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath" to learn about that "sense of humor" and if you don't understand the explanation, find a 5th Grader to explain how insane he is. Poor Fools, Bless your Hearts!

  12. What he actually said was "THEY say windmills causes cancer"…in a humorous way. He`s right about graveyard for birds though.

  13. And that is NOT what he said. Listen to your own clip, he said, "They said they can cause canceryou told me that one, okay". Bunch of FAKE NEWS for headline grabbers who won't bother to watch and listen to the video to hear exactly what he said.

  14. Basically… what is the problem..
    . Go drive a car and do what you do like you always do and shut up and sit down t
    Otherwise..ride a bike or walk to work.

  15. YouTube Thistle 2020 Walls or Windmills https://youtu.be/hmu1krE0y2Y It was Cancer of President Trump's wallet. The Eagles are in reference to Military because of lack of funding…..

  16. https://youtu.be/hmu1krE0y2Y This is how the sound of Windmills causes cancer of a Tweedy Birds wallet and kills his re-election funding. Eagles Don't TWEET!

  17. Wow! I just lost about 1000 bran cells watching the above Trump comments, as usual. Time to go watch a Neil Degrase Tyson to get them back.

  18. Well, I don't think they cause cancer, but they do depress you to death in the way they destroy our landscape and to make matters worse for a large part of the time they don't even go round?!

  19. We need more pollution, dirty water for everybody, corporations life's matter, make corporations rich, screw average Joe. About to charge my scooter and getting ready for a civil war!!!! WP!!! Go cockservatives! Trump 2024!!!!!!!

  20. Here he says your home will go down 75% in value, in his latest speech against windmills, he said the homes go down 50% in value.

  21. Environmental and social impacts are irrelevant to ALL politicians. It's the money. Literally, Billions of our tax dollars are being returned to the Petro-Chemical Industry on a regular basis (SUBSIDIES). WE, the choking masses, want a break from the pollution (at a DIRECT COST to Big Oil). THAT is why Oil is fighting back – "WE" are threatening THEIR GIANT CASH SUBSIDIES. So SWITCH those subsidies from Carbon Harvesting to RENEWABLE Energy and overnight the hue and cry would be a campaign FOR renewables  – it's THE MONEY… always has been and always will be.

  22. they produce both high and low frequency sound waves, which in fact are very unhealthy for humans

    hmm, so in a way they could in the long run.

    since those noises stresses a human and cause high blood pressure among many other things, the impact on the immune system is pretty severe.

    So in fact they could indirectly cause cancer.

  23. What is crazy is extrapolating climate models out in time for a century. If CO2 were as bad as those religiously hysterical doomsday folks believe it is then we ought to be building a nuclear plant every week because wind and solar cannot cut it even with all the lithium batteries in China.

  24. Trump stated in regard to windmills … "and **They say** the noise causes cancer..you tell me that one"… Trump never stated Windmills literally cause cancer, HE stated "and THEY say". Now….unfortunately the word "THEY" literally drives some people nuts!

  25. How does he continue to come up with this malarkey. I can appreciate the frustration by the news commentator's frustration and she is absolutely right, it is 'dangerous'.

  26. Trump was Dead on. I was a Red Badge Nuclear Safety Inspector and Windmills have had a long track record of  spewing gases and fumes into the atmosphere and causing cancer.  Windmills are subject to massive overloads during high winds and the Transformers overheat and cook off and even catch fire. Those Transformers  have a long history of dumping out a nightmare of gaseous toxins. Trump was right!

     Go read the studies from the Doble Engineering Transformer Sub Committee which addresses wind farm gassing issues. Not only that. The transformers were filled with Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s)  20 to 30 percent of padmounted transformers in service at wind farms across the country were generating dangerous levels of combustible gasses and releasing PCB’s that cause cancer in animals and human's. Many rivers and buildings, including schools, parks, and other sites around windmills are now still contaminated with PCB’s. 

    Do I think Windmills are dangerous now? Not really but they were toxin nightmare in the past and Trump was on the money as we are still dealing with those windmill transformer PCB toxins now

  27. They'll be causing a lot more than cancer…. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-02-05/wind-turbine-blades-can-t-be-recycled-so-they-re-piling-up-in-landfills

  28. And "they" say the noise causes cancer…. why do you guys lie so much? Power lines cause cancer. Anything generating power can cause cancer yet Trump didn't say they cause cancer, he said they say …..

  29. he never said it causes cancer. If yall want to crticize trump for things he did thats fine. But at-least fking listen to what he said in order to have the least amount if credibility in what yall say.
    Cause he was obviously being sarcastic “they said the noise causes cancer” . Smh

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