99 thoughts on “For Facts Sake: Fact Check President Donald Trump’s Tax Plan | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. even a lay man knows that tax cuts will grow americas economy and ultimately reduce the debt burden when millions of people are put to work and paying more taxes..companies pay more taxes and repatriate offshore money..

  2. I don't know how ANY American can believe they can ever get a raise when all we do is throw 1/2 of the government revenue into a black hole called Military Industrial Complex!
    Wake up, we are in a constant war for profit that no one wants to tackle , much less "REFORM"


  4. FFS…….graduates of grade 9 are more ware of reality economics than this tool is. How's the winning…………fake prez.

  5. Why are American news people so shouty? Are Americans hearing impaired? Hey America! Use your volume controls to hear people people on the tv.

  6. Establishment republicans and democrats have been saying tax cuts will help the middle class for decades. Obviously from looking at the stock market graph the hosts showed we can see who those cuts helped. TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK.

  7. Trump's debt explanation makes sense!

    Just yesterday I picked up a penny and cured cancer in doing so. YOUR WELCOME! #MAGAtardation

  8. t-Rump thinks people don't know what the word reform means. He also said he made up the word fake! He belongs in an institution! (and or jail) would probably be more fitting and deserving!

  9. It's sad to see how poorly educated Trump supporters are…or they are so partisans that facts don't even matter anymore as long THEIR side wins…
    Economy and corporate strategy 101: the only objective of a corporation is TO MAXIMIZE SHAREHOLDER VALUE…this is what everyone learns at any business school.
    What does that mean? Increase earnings or cash in order to increase dividend payments owned by shareholders NOT EMPLOYEES…i.e if we cut corporate taxes, more cash is available that will go to either capital investments or payments in higher dividends to shareholders or both. This DOES not go to employees…somehow republican voters have all swallowed the kool aid about trickle down economics…
    This is why corporations outsource, relocate or cut workforce leveraging automation: cut labor costs in order to increase cash flow to benefit the Shareholders NOT the EMPLOYEES…

  10. Agreed "Squeaky Vegan" … Didn't work in the Regan Years! Yet they insist it does, proves they are a bunch of self loathing Liars! Cov Fe Fe !!

  11. BERLIN (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s expected move to “de-certify” the international nuclear deal with Iran is driving a wedge between Europe and the United States and bringing Europeans closer to Russia and China, Germany said on Thursday.

  12. Sure the stock market is tied to the country’s deficit, if he taxes the crap out of the recipients of said stock market gains… Trump is in the bottom 5% of the population for his business acumen & deal making abilities… How did this happen, that Trump is POTUS? He has no talent for leadership nor for business… Trump knows how to tweet, gossip & make trouble with lots of noise… Oh & he does have somewhat of a penchant for creating mean-spirited nicknames, much like a “mean girl”… What a loser…

  13. I look forward to watching liberals and the delusional liberal media continue to melt down
    each and every day until the end of 2024. I also look forward to watching liberal news anchors
    in tears on election night in 2020 when Trump is re-elected. PRICELESS. Now who's laughing?

  14. Is it just me or do they sound like one of those infomercials of the 90s, I know they are trying to walk us through, but i feel like im dumb when they explain like this …

  15. He is not a CEO, he owns a family run business that has failed at everything outside of real estate and to stay above water he screwed over investors and tax payers.

  16. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    People are just now starting to find out how dishonest and disgusting (FakeNews) @NBCNews is. Viewers beware. May be worse than even @CNN!

  17. The deficit "ballooned" as a result of Bush starting 2 wars (Iraq & Afghanistan) and he did not include costs in the budget. Obama, the puppet, added those 2 wars while he was in office.

  18. Obama increased the debt by 10 trillion dollars. That is more than ever and a 100% increase in his presidency.

    But wait….

    If you look back the last 30-40 years, (almost) EACH president increased the debt:

    – George W. Bush: Up $5.849 trillion (+101%) from $5.8 trillion
    – Bill Clinton: Up $1.396 trillion (+32%) from $4.4 trillion
    – George H.W. Bush: Up $1.554 trillion (+54%) from $2.8 trillion (4 years)
    – Ronald Reagan: Up $1.86 trillion (+186%) (!!!) from $998 billion
    – Jimmy Carter: Up $299 billion (+43%) from $699 billion (4 years)
    – Gerald Ford: Up $224 billion (+47%) from $475 billion (3 years)
    – Richard Nixon: Up $121 billion (+34%) from $354 billion (5 years)
    – Lyndon B. Johnson: Up $42 billion (+13%) from $312 billion (5 years)
    – John F. Kennedy: Up $23 billion (+8%) from $289 billion (3 years)
    – Dwight Eisenhower: Up $23 billion (+9%) from $266 billion
    – Harry Truman: Up $7 billion (+3%) from $259 billion
    – Franklin D. Roosevelt: Up $236 billion (+1,048%) from the $23 billion (12 years – but that's war)
    – Herbert Hoover: Up $6 billion (+33%) from $17 billion
    – Calvin Coolidge: DOWN $5 billion (-26% DECREASE) from the $21 billion (6 years)
    – Warren G. Harding: DOWN $2 billion (-7% DECREASE) from $24 billion
    – Woodrow Wilson: Up $21 billion (+727%) (!!!) from $2.9 billion

    (Source: https://www.thebalance.com/us-debt-by-president-by-dollar-and-percent-3306296)

  19. Low interest rates & the need for yield are driving the stock market. Multinationals & investors are betting on the world, mostly India & China, for growth. The repatriation of retained earnings abroad & tax cuts will go to buybacks & dividends, benefitting the majority shareholders.

  20. They are forgetting that corporations >-by Supreme Court ruling! < are "people" too. So "people" are getting a tax cut… smh

  21. You should have a Trump fact check show every day. Almost everything that comes out of Trumps mouth is a lie! He is just a con man. Trump supports just eat his shxt up. Sad!

  22. Except companies and rich just got a tax cut. companies only paying 20%tax? STFU go work in the uk before you complain. personal incomes can pay over 40% tax above 32k. Companies are more complex.

  23. Cutting US corporate taxes benefits shareholders, especially the very rich/large shareholders. Those extra corporate profits then often leave the country to off-shore banks and to fund investments in foreign companies, investments in foreign real estate or other things that produce no benefit whatsoever for the average US citizen. But corporate tax cuts would help the very rich become richer as they would be allowed to pay even less of their fair share of taxes. What does this mean for most US tax payers? It means that all those US tax payers who are not rich enough to benefit from the corporate tax cut, end up shouldering an even larger portion of the tax burden that the federal government needs to fund daily operations. The rich get richer, the middle class shrinks and the poor stay stuck in low wage jobs or become unemployed as jobs are sent overseas to be done by cheap foreign labor. Trump is the pro-rich president and wants to do things that result in more profits and less tax payments for himself and other rich US citizens. Unfortunately for the very rich who pinned their hopes on Trump and the GOP majority Congress creating more and more sweetheart legislation for the very rich, Trump is so erratic and incompetent that he cannot work with Congress to get passed the kind of pro-rich legislation he has promised to the very rich. It is looking like Big Money can't buy all the favorable legislation it wants after all.

  24. Because Trump's narrative is to show that the stock market increasing will in effect reduce the deficit and he believes that his base will be impressed that he made this happen. BS. It's just a bunch of millionaires making more money and he gets his cut from Wall Street. Remember that Trump all his life measures success by how much money he can make through business dealings. He doesn't realize that Gov't deficit is money borrowed by gov't.

  25. want to cut costs? Why not begin with all the unnecessary spending Trump's cabinet/staff costs we the tax payers in travel costs and all the secret service agents assigned to Trump's own kids and the extras it takes when Trump decides to entertain or hold meetings at his private home or golf course including the added expense his golf course charges our US Service agents for golf carts to follow Trump, while he plays golf! Make his family, cabinet members/staff pay for all these extras including Trump, himself when he does not use the White House for his meetings and entertaining as presidents should be doing. Make everyone of them repay the tax dollars to us they spent in their luxury traveling and the Trump family's winter time vacation costs they had we the American Tax Payers pay for.

  26. I think #45 REALLY REALLY does think he knows economics because he has numerous businesses and a country club, when actually he forgets he running a nation not a country club.

  27. Bankruptcies, failed business ventures, failed marriages and now his paws are on our economy. This is where vaudeville would bring out the big hook.

  28. I'm glad that MSNBC now has the guts to point out falsehoods of this despicable president. Of course, Trump is likely to be misinformed, confused and delusional, so it's not clear that it is a lie – he may well believe it to be true. In any case we should impeach the dotard!

  29. It's so hard to believe that this orange stained individual is our president. He's a hateful person who wishes to turn Americans against each other. Did we forget that we're United? Because all I see is him separating the union and wanting us to fight one another. He brought out the racist out to the open and has since then supported their actions. He hates the illegals but married 2 and had children with them. He's a hypocrite and the wrong person to run this country. He's way over his head and should step down. He hates running this country anyways

  30. HOWDY,,,feel free to comment at '''''trump university edna branch'''..we are not fake,,we are real. we have ARMED LAWN MOWING for a campus sport.. we have a banjo  choir.. we teach stick art

  31. What at 15 seconds in you lost me dude. The only way to reduce debt is to increase the money that goes to gov.? No No, that's only increasing the gov.'s coffers. (which will enable them to settle the debt quicker)
    There's a difference between reducing debt and settling debt. You reduce debt by cutting expenditure dependent on financing (debt) or by financing your expenditure/asset acquisition yourself.
    Mass media at work again selling a lie.

  32. Federal income tax.. uhm who will pay more.. Those currently paying 10& 11 %??? All others will pay less if the brackets remain the same.

  33. Trumpy idea i think is lower corporate tax and the companies will give some of that back to the workers in increased wages. lol…. Bless him I am sure they will lol…. yes he is a moron.

  34. Kinda funny to note that trump chose the lowest bound for both of the wealthier tax groups and the average for the least wealthy group.

  35. las dettes spnt creer pour vois astiner.ostiner .payer .comment comment.imprimer.remplicer les coffre .jusqua la porte.la bourse est le probleme.crisser ca toutes dehors

  36. It's really sad and frustrating,that whenever the president said something crazy and phoney,they have to fact check it..How much more harm are u guys waiting for Trump to course?before u all will realize that the country is heading towards a dangerous path.Not a day Trump won't say something observed,as if the WH is a playground or a daycare center.it's sicking.

  37. Trump is a grifter, that is what he does. He knows that if he can convince low to middle class Americans that they will be given "$4,000" dollars he can trick them into supporting his scam. It's the way he has conducted his business forever. Lie, Lie, Lie. Cheat, cheat, cheat. Swindle, swindle, swindle.

  38. Joe Scarborough could take a page from this show in how these two interact with each other.  He NEVER disrespects her whether she interrupts him or not.  HE actually stops talking if she interrupts, because he knows and acknowledges that she is an equal.

  39. Too bad you didn't do that with Obama care…or "the stimulus package, or Fast and Furious, or the IRS scandal, etc, etc.

    You're a one trick poney.

  40. "That my f-…..president, is a lie."

    She couldn't bring herself to call Trump a friend even through a common phrase! Instead she used president, a technically true statement, as repugnant is it is.

  41. Trickle down has NEVER WORKED EVER, it's been done over and over seems the GOP is insane, when you repeat things over and over and expect a different outcome each time you are insane. It's all for himself his family and rich buddies and in general richest among us.

  42. #OBAMASECONOMY #STOLEN BY #FOXNOOSEtrumpSTATENEWS, AND A FEW #RUSSIAcashREPUBLICANSENATORS, trumpian compatriots of #putinsGRAHAM O' #TRUMPISTANsoufCarolinuh. it tell's itself, fossilized trump.

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