Food So Good You Can’t Eat It

Food So Good You Can’t Eat It

[Majestic music plays] Every dish in your wildest dreams I can help you to create it. Except they cannot be eaten. [Record scratches] I can differentiate between real food and fake food. So my kids would sometimes challenge me (asking) “Mommy, do you think this is real or fake?” Usually for advertisments, they are fake. Producer: Will it taste good? You can try it because it’s still food. At least you won’t die. Maybe (you would get) just get a stomachache. [Laughs] Hi, my name is Yuli. I have been a food stylist for close to 20 years. My job is similar to that of a makeup artist. I do makeovers for food. This is not ice-cream. This is a combination of mashed potatoes and food colouring. If you use the real thing it will melt very easily because the shoot can take hours. If you think it looks easy to make but the effort that is needed to make it look tasty actually takes hours or even days to do. Some of the ingredients I use are edible and some are not edible. For the latte, I use hairstyling foam or shaving foam. For the cereal, I don’t use milk but I use white glue instead. I cannot tell you anymore because no one would hire me if you all knew my secrets. For every shoot, I will bring at least one luggage full of my cooking and styling tools. There are so many places that have been my kitchen. The rooftop of a building on the streets. If the shoot is quite challenging, I will practise. Maybe the longest practice session takes five hours or even a week. There was once my client wants me to make pavlova. Its shape is quite unusual. I used many art and craft materials until 3A.M. in the morning I still couldn’t find what I wanted. And suddenly (I thought) “Why don’t you use this recipe?” which required my kids’ Play-Doh and it worked! Oh my gosh. [Quirky music plays] Initially I didn’t know anything about being a food stylist. I didn’t even know such a job existed! (But) it was a beautiful accident. Before becoming a food stylist, I was a chef. I worked really long hours. It made me wonder if this was what I wanted to pursue in life. But I came across food styling and that was when I never looked back. You still get to cook but more than that. You create art on a plate. (One time) I was working on a project for my kids’ birthdays. She asked for an eyeball cake while my other child wanted a brain cake. (I thought), why do I have to do all of this? But I feel that you cannot discount your loved ones. Maybe my kids wouldn’t understand it but one day when they become mothers they will eventually know how it feels to make something for your loved ones.

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  1. amazing content, please keep it coming!! have always seen videos like this on food stylists but never from singapore

  2. I've worked with these people before. Best friends on set as you get to eat the rejected foods. Most of them does cook the food that is required for consumption shots up to par or at least for safe consumption. But I have worked with a team which in the interest of cutting corners, left the chicken insides raw. That was not fun

  3. really really love this neighbours series. Truly and example of Singaporeans coming from "all walks of life" and shows how colourful the people around you are 😀

  4. Interesting that what she is doing is still legal in Singapore. These practices have been outlawed in many developed countries for more than a decade already.

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