79 thoughts on “Fold heart – very easy way – how to make a paper heart – folding

  1. well explained… thank you for your video! it is super cool for my collection!!!

    by the way… recently my sister was born and I decided to make for her an origami card… and I found a lot of new ideas on coursmos.com… try… there are interesting origami…

  2. Thank you for that I was looking for something I could make for my nan for her birthday today and because of you I think this might be the best she has has

  3. thanks! this really helped me out! now i wanna make a red one so i will have Frisk's soul. That's from a game called Undertale :3333

  4. I know how to do it now it look so easy I can do it all by my heart I did it with my cousin called Cyrus

  5. You are amazing and I did it it turn out perfect 👌 !!!!Thanku for your work🤗😚😜😝😛😏😈😹😼😽👍

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