79 thoughts on “FoamCore Advanced Basics Tutorial Guide FoamBoard model making: modeling tips & tricks for Designers

  1. Great videos Eric. A lot of your techniques are very useful in model railroading. I've learned a lot from the videos I've watched so far.

  2. I'm really enjoying theses foamcore videos, brings back lots of memories of working in and running graphic arts shops in the 90s. We used a lot of foamcore and gatorboard of course for mounting artwork but also for package design proofing too. I can remember the specialised tools we had, Xacto and Olfa made most of them like bevel cutters which were essentially a block that held a blade or two on an angle. We also had a huge Xacto panel cutter and various heat and cold mounters. There were other adhesives too, one came as flat sheets or rolls of a material that looked like a dryer sheet which was dry and not sticky at all until you hit it with heat gun or tacking iron another was rubber cement that was good for foam to foam and lastly 3M '77' that awful spray stuff that got everywhere but could occasionally do wonders. I like seeing your personal design work best but these tutorials are fun.

  3. Hi ERic. New subscriber here. I want to make fiberglass instrument panel for my boat. I like seeing your skill at make forms. Is it possible to fiberglass over these forms for a strong structure? Thanks for your efforts.

  4. Eric, I built a radio controlled airplane out of foam board and got such good results that I want to see how far I can take it. They fly well, and are light and cheap. I have "technique challenges" and have subscribed to see if I can increase my product quality.

  5. I don't often comment on videos, but you hypocritical pretentious attitude to those who don't do as you do is very off-putting.

  6. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your videos. Do you have any suggestions for someone like me to get started practicing skills I’ll be learning once I transfer into a university? I’m a comm college student now and they don’t have any classes that have anything involve in industrial design, only my gen eds.

  7. How do you cut through it so easily? I find I'm putting so much pressure on the knife just to get through it, and I lose precision. Brand new knife blade too..

  8. Eric I like your refined approach to using these useful materials,we can all learn something and I certainly have watching your excellent video,there are some excellent tips for model builders here,subscribed and will check back into your archives too,thank you for sharing your knowledge sir.

  9. Do you have a preference on what material you use to make models? For example, are there better materials to use for models with more complex forms? Or is it basically up to how skilled the maker is that makes the difference

  10. I don't know what artist tape is but I imagine it's similar to the brown paper packing tape? What a great idea for finishing off the ends of foam board! That tape would work well also for making raised panels, on the surface. … I'll have to try that!

  11. Sir, very nice video but I have a question, if I wanted to have a thinner cylinder, would i score thicker or still 5mm ??

  12. For the life of me I can't understand why ANYone would thumb this unique video the
    wrong way? this is nothing short of great for beginners & pros alike. I'm looking to
    build my 1st RC Plane & I already see how I'm going to design the body for strength
    & to make it lighter. This is a, "WoW" moment to my ideas for building with foams.
    I'm off to look at your other stuff….. thanks

  13. Hello Eric just found your channel I plan to get some foamboard and cut the random triangle arctic shape iceberg kind The size of the foam board will be around 10cm thick and 10cm what is the best practicle tool to cut random shapes A hot wire knife, or blade sculpture kit

  14. Cool stuff Eric. I started folding foam board nearly 7 years ago for RC planes. Even so, it's been a little more basic than your techniques shown here. So I appreciate the ideas.

  15. i have no idea what foam core is and will probably never use it but this was in my recommended and now i feel like a foam core expert 😀

  16. if anyone has suggestions for making the edge of foam core board look more finished, I would appreciate it. The cut is fine I just want it to look more attractive so that people don't know they're looking at foam core board 😂 thank you in advance ave a beautiful day ❤️

  17. Very nicely done because you have some serious skills! Thanks for sharing. What is the silver piece that was attached to your silver ruler and where did you get it? Thanks for replying!

  18. I’m not sure whether I’ll use foam core but at the very least I can fall back on these excellent videos to give guidance. Subscribed 👍🏼

  19. For smoother, easier, large radius curves, simply peel off the paper that covers the foam on the interior and shape from there. The foam is flexible and will stretch and compress.

  20. To make curved surfaces, remove the internal paper layer and then squeeze the foam between the border of a table and your hand, rubbing it up and down will give it a cylinder shape, but cones are also possible.
    Sorry for English.

  21. Awesome video, these are coming in quite handy for the RC trainer I'm making for myself, thank you! Quick question, would adding glue to the V-cuts be a good way to increase the strength of the part?

  22. Was just wondering – how do you work out the measurement for the length of the foam board you are curving around for the cylinder to make it match up with the circumference of the circle? Would much appreciate your help for this. Thanks 🙂

  23. It was in my recommendations at 10.27.2019 I watched it and I'm happy to see I do it the right way for couple of builds 🙏
    Epoxy is used by me because the foam has to be strong enough for RC BUILDS

  24. Nice Video!
    You make a good instructor…between the sound of your voice & the tips within the instructions…it definitely a good combo. I will never see foamcore the same again…It never dawned on me to sand it…makes for a clean edge.
    Thanks Dude🌟👍

  25. Not sure how this ended up in my feed but I'm doing a project in my solids class where we have to make a bridge out of this stuff, some wood doweling and some fishing line, as an industrial designer do you have any tips for making a super strong structure out of this material?

  26. Having spent 15 years working in a school shop class environment, you are demonstrating good woodworking skills in the use of foam core. Those v’s in the curved part can be achieved with solid wood by making a series of kerf cuts, which allows the outside to bend easily.

    Nice tutorial! Thank you.


  27. For the cylinder, rather than the scoring, wouldn't just peeling the paper off the inside allow it to curve easily?

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