Flytrap (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Flytrap (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create another legendary skin Flytrap from Fortnite. This my third video for this week, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I think I have too much time. We started the week with a livestream and I really enjoyed it and I showed you my first steps into this character into a Flytrap. But what I enjoyed the most was that I had the opportunity to answer your questions, to you all. They weren’t all clay related. You wanted to know how old I am, where I am from and so on and I think it’s really great to get closer, to connect and I think next week, there will be another livestream. I don’t know yet which day, but I will let you know. But let’s create the Flytrap from Fortnite. It’s the new legendary skin and I added some new perspectives to this video that you can also see what it looks like when I’m working on my table. We first start with the aluminium wire, with the armature. This is pretty much the same as in all videos of Fortnite and I’m always saying the same. But, well now we are mixing the clay and I was not sure about how much blue I should use for this main… …main color for this skin, so I was very careful. You see me wrapping the clay around the wire. I thought this would be nice to see because normally I skip this process in showing in the tutorial. And I think this color matches the skin of Flytrap quite perfectly. Let me tell you when I first saw the character, the skin of Flytrap, I didn’t really like it very much. For me it looked like some kind of a devil, but when I spent some more time and I read the name “Flytrap” I knew it was a plant, because for me the flytrap is one of the most fascinating plants in nature. Well normally trees and plants are moving very slowly and you can’t see it with a human eye, but with a flytrap which snaps when it wants to catch the fly, I think this is just fascinating. Yeah! Now well, let’s jump back to the creation. I just finished coating the wire with the main color, the base color and now we will work on the muscles, on the chest muscles, for example. Here you see some more bones through the skin. I still think that this is still a costume, but I’m not sure about that. Well all of the Fortnite skins are costumes but this one just looks so real. Well and Leviathan I don’t think this is a costume because there’s a fish and an aquarium where normally the head would be. So let’s add the thumbs to the hands. I wanted to create the same expression with what the skin was introduced with and I like this one, the posture because he looks like saying “Look at me! I’m the Flytrap!” Yeah, I think you get what I mean. Now some nail clipping and head clipping. And now we are attaching a very thin layer of this green. And now some more details these are supposed to be the ribs. Yeah. Well in yesterday’s video I asked you to tell me… There was a giveaway, a very ugly and boring giveaway but I asked you to tell me what you would do with this piece of clay and I would announce the winner in today’s video. This is what I told you. And so I read all of your comments and there was one comment which I liked most and I will announce this as the winner: Eduardo Maldonado! You were the first one to mention the memories which are in this piece of clay and I thought this was a really nice comment. So thanks a lot. Please get in touch with me and you will receive this piece of clay. Now we will work on all the plant details. This is some kind of thorns of the Flytrap right at the shoulders. So this actually is a shoulder pad. It also looks very similar to the tendril, to the harvesting tool, the ax. somehow I did manage to create it as well. Sorry. Yeah, well… If one of the creations of one of the skins is too complicated like this one. Normally, I’m just happy I finally managed somehow to finish this piece of clay, this skin and I don’t have that much energy left to create the tendril for example the harvesting tool But some of the skins I have already created like the Bright Gunner or the Red Knight were not that complicated so I decided to also create the ax as well. Now we are working on the pattern on the back side. First I thought about creating the red part or coloring these patterns with clay. but that would have been pretty difficult if you are going to create this one. You could go with a very thin layer of red clay, but I used acrylic paint, red acrylic paint after oven hardening, and this was way more easy. Now my clay extruder! You know this one from my Shopping Cart tutorial from yesterday and it’s pretty…. No, it’s not a great tool, but sometimes it’s very useful if you need a lot of strings. All these tiny worms can also be made with your hands, so I will link it in the description if you want to buy this one, but you don’t really need it if you want to create all my creations. Now we are working on all the veins and there’s a base layer of veins, red ones, which I’m adding right now. And after that we will put another layer of veins. Well, I guess these are supposed to be roots, because it is a plant. Now, this is bright green, I think it’s called apple green, and we will use it for all the roots. Just cleaning the clay extruder and we are filling in the green clay in order to create many many many roots. And it looks just fascinating when the clay gets out of the tiny hole. Here we go. I have some really exciting news to share with you. And I haven’t talked about it in any of my videos. I’m going to be a father again. Yes! My wife is pregnant, pretty pregnant right now and we are waiting for the big moment. Maybe it’s two more weeks. Maybe it’s three more weeks. I have no idea. This is no apology for not creating that much videos in the future, but I think my frequency in creating content will suffer in some way, because having a baby can be quite challenging. But we did it before me and my wife. Our first son is turning 3 in two weeks, so maybe the baby is even coming on the same day. I really hope it’s not. Because well celebrating birthday is one of the greatest things in childhood and when I think about it if my brother would have his birthday on the same day as me I think it would have been quite different than it had been. My parents always created a very special day for me and also for my brother on each day’s on our birthdays and I think it would have been quite different if both our birthdays would have been on the same day. But maybe some of you have siblings who are celebrating birthday on the same days, please, let me know. I’m quite curious. Would you prefer celebrating by yourself on one day or is it just great to celebrate together and inviting all friends to one big birthday party? So just let me know. I’m really curious about that. Meanwhile, we are creating the eyes and we already finished this. There is yellow instead of the iris. Well this is the iris and some green for the eyebrows. And that’s it for different colors other than red for the head. This bright green will be for the blossom, which is also the trap, the flytrap, which is… You know what I mean, it’s closing when there is a fly inside. And it contains out of two pieces I’m creating with a very thin layer of bright green clay, and this one was quite difficult. I didn’t show you but this was my second attempt to create this blossom, this fly trap blossom. And now after getting it into shape, we will add some red to the sides. There are four stripes for each side as decoration. Removing some of the green clay to get some space for the ears. And this is the beard, the Flytrap’s beard. And now the thorns on the blossom of the Flytrap. That would be funny if you could use this in Fortnite as a weapon so that your head would have another special attack to turn down enemies Now we can put this thing into the oven! Freshly baked Flytrap from Fortnite. All we have to do right now is use some acrylic paint I mentioned it before. I’m just mixing the bright red color which is matching the clay, the clay red color and I’m painting all the patterns on the chest and later we will also paint the pattern on the back and also on the legs. This was really challenging because I didn’t have a very thin brush for that. So there are also acrylic pens. Maybe this would have been the better choice, but somehow I think it turned out okay. It’s not that clean but it worked. This is the last working step. I’m using some more green acrylic paint for the thorns on the blossom of the Flytrap head, because I wanted to create a tiny tiny color gradient and I think it looks really nice. Okay, this was the last working step, and I guess that’s it! The Flytrap! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as always. Leave me in the comments what you think. Well this palm is quite strange. Somehow it moved. No, no help me! Help me! It’s a Flytrap! It certainly creates a trap! Nooooo!!! No! Not the dirt! And so that ends another great Polymer Clay tutorial. Wow, working on the captioning took forever. Anyway, have a great day!

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  1. I have an annoying twin sister and I hate celebrating our bday together cause we always go to where she wants….

  2. I have to share my birthday with my 2 brothers. I had to share practicly everything with them. I would rather not share a birthday.

  3. Why don’t you make DJ yonder or Calamity or Tracer or soldier76 or the Raptor or The Starter pack skin with a blue mask and glasses Just flipping make one of these…………………Sorry if I was mean……..But pls make one

  4. Why don’t you make DJ yonder or Calamity or Tracer or soldier76 or the Raptor or The Starter pack skin with a blue mask and glasses Just flipping make one of these…………………Sorry if I was mean……..But pls make one

  5. Who wants to make these but can't because they don't have clay and they have no money and they don't have a job and their parents won't give them money so now you have to wait until your birthday or Christmas to get money from your grandma then you buy clay but you rage while making this and go buy something else.

  6. I like all your tutorial… very amazing… do you mind if I make on my own using your tutorial?
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