Flying Monkey Scroll Saw Art & Round Frame

Flying Monkey Scroll Saw Art & Round Frame

Hello Internet. I’m Matt Haas, this is Awesome
Wood Things. I made flying monkey artwork on my scroll saw… put it in a completely
round frame made out of plywood. I really like it. I bought myself The Wizard of
Haas dot com domain name. I’ll do some YouTube consulting with that. Want to see
how I made this? I’ll show you how… check it out. I used my lathe to clean up the end and
then put a groove in it which you can see here. I put the largest blade I had
on my scroll saw to get through the three quarter inch material. Feel free to
yell at me in the comments for not putting any video footage of my lathe in
this video. If you want lathe video footage, let me know in the comments.
This groove is important because it will let the flush trim bit do its job and remove
that extra material. This worked so well. I’m being very
careful. This is a dangerous operation so keep a hold of the workpiece and keep
track of where your fingers are. Then I put this monster rabbeting bit on and oh
my goodness this bit is a beast. It destroyed that wood did an awesome job too. Lots of sawdust. Love it. Spray lacquer wins the day with this one. Now for the assembly. Everything is just
tension. Although I did break out my pin nailer just to make sure nothing
goes anywhere… and I finally remembered what this tool is called: It’s a pin
nailer! I have an affiliate link in the description if you want one. Here’s the
final piece in emerald green and yellow brick road yellow. Thanks, Internet.

15 thoughts on “Flying Monkey Scroll Saw Art & Round Frame

  1. That's cool Matt, came out Awesome, don't worry about not showing your lathe work. and my uncle just gave me a pin nailer

  2. Nice project Matt. When I first saw the post with your lathe I thought for sure you were making a bowl..LOL. Your project came out great.

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