86 thoughts on “Flower Envelope Card, Flower Envelope DIY, Flower Envelope card tutorial

  1. we all have to start somewhere I don't have lots of tools so when I found you I was in love thank you and keep up the good work

  2. sooooo good but can u prepare a simple no more materials like origami paper and alll a simple birthday chart for my class

  3. you should have used a light color paper like white or baby pink.. the markings are hardly visible after a while and it gets confusing … or u could use different colored pencils to mark

  4. thank you it is easy to make when my teacher told to make this envelope card it was very hard but when i saw the video it was totally different! it was easy

  5. It's too easy and simple
    I wanted the same
    Something Easy and simple but creative for my Personality Development book
    Thank you so much😘😙

    If you have any more different ideas to be sticked in notebook
    Or any design for borders then pl inform me

  6. I don't know why this was recommended to me, or why I watched the whole thing, but that was really cool and I thank you for sharing it.

  7. I know i am a few years late😂 but i Think this was very good and i’m making it for my Best friend and putting it inside of an explosion box

  8. l know l am very late but l am putting inside the scrapbook of annivesary of my mom and dad mission sucessful!!

  9. VERY EASY MOTHERS DAY CARD ► http://bit.ly/mother-day-card

    Please SHARE my videos with your all friends … Thanks in advance.

  10. I'm actually making this for "my story" scrapbook so I can see it when I'm older and maybe even show my future kids

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