Flosstube 65 Primitive Homespuns LNS Shop Tour + Interview with Cross Stitch Designer

Flosstube 65 Primitive Homespuns LNS Shop Tour + Interview with Cross Stitch Designer

Hi! How are you? good?
hey everyone this is Kathy and she is the owner operator of Primitive Homespuns Needle Shop and here is Frederick Maryland two locations it’s amazing Hi hello. I’m Amanda Mae. I’m Theresa
Meloon from Delaney Woods Treasures. Cathy Makers from primitive homespuns.
will ania works how exciting it’s an exciting I came and crashed a
cross-stitch class before they get to learning about making a beautiful
pattern and how to put it together but I wanted to come down here in its
beautiful location in Frederick Maryland and talk counted cross stitch oh and
this is the beautiful piece that they’re gonna students are gonna be making today
and I’m gonna go ahead I’ll link it below that the pattern and not the
pattern but where you can get the pattern to stitch up this lovely piece
and complete with antique buttons yay so did you design this I did this is called
bunny in the briar I love it and I have lots of old buttons that I collect and
decided that they needed to be displayed all right I love it I have jars in
charge I know who say yeah what do you want for
Christmas paste button yeah just way if you’ve got especially special buttons
yes you can put it on something so beautiful as that I love it
grandmother’s buttons guarantees buttons I love it so much and so this is a flat
finish that everyone’s gonna be learning today yeah awesome Kathy so how long
have you been here and doing doing fiber art so we started our limited shop in
seven a little over seven years ago and I added wool probably two years in
started my own separate will shop and new workshop three years ago and moved
over here a year ago yeah yeah so we’re a banding very fast and carrying all
kinds of cross stitch punched needle wool applique real cooking and felting I’m 2019 was the year I want to learn
punch needle so I put Kathy on the spot and I’m hopefully the next year it might
be 2020 but I’m a learn punch needle yeah I’m gonna do it we can do there
make all the things I love all of the wood the finished wood products that you
and your dad man and fiber cane and although the beautiful things and we’re
lucky to have him and his creative talents it would it just makes
everything really special when you can display it on a piece like that it’s
wonderful yeah yeah one of man’s designs I couldn’t help myself
it’s so gorgeous and it’s the piece with the doll and saw is what it’s called
it’s called saw sampler right 18 42 42 song I’m gonna I panned to do and I’m
gonna show it what how did you find the sampler did it come out of the ether
people reproduce they actually reproduced it man yeah I’m Gareth chance
she’s hiding in the background the designer sampler and I loved it I wanted
an auction you wanted at an auction oh that’s exciting
yeah was it like a local auction were you actually there I’m getting there I
was online oh okay auctions but it was online Oh fun yeah okay I was thrilled
to win it and rechart it and sell it it’s a beautiful I love it I love how
you displayed it I walked immediately over two minutes and Kathy’s dad’s box
just yeah it just sets it off yeah it makes the piece pop I I think it’s
wonderful so they can I’ll have the links to order the pattern and order the
box and all the good stuff is there anything you want to tell lock to about 20 20 you know I’m I design it’s very
organic when I design I just let it happen so there’s no there’s no plan for
tomorrow there’s no for next year it’s just it happens when
it happens and I’ve been designing since 2016 and hopefully I’ll continue and I
just find it you know fun like hobby but it’s a business at the same time yeah
they make brings you joy help it’s also women love carrying charge yeah I saw
that collection downstairs and you also have a store next door to this way two
doors up the street we have our primitive and colonial I kind of kicked
my husband and his shop two doors down so I could take over our larger space
and so we have a whole line of furniture and that’s amazing we can shop for home
stuff shopper then come upstairs here and take classes
yeah and buy fibers and then we’re in downtown Frederick so then you can go
out to lunch so this is like a little desk ocean yeah literally is yeah yeah
yeah it’s a fun time and we’re getting into the holiday season first weekend in
November is our Christmas open house and from there like through the holidays
it’s really good so you’re gonna have a Christmas open house yeah first weekend
in November well I thank you so much for being on thank you so much for coming in
and doing this here is the wonderful trunk show by thread work primitives nan
Lewis and de Looney woods treasures which is Theresa malloon Theresa just
interviewed with us here and this is the beautiful work by nan look at the
finishing of this the here look at this Halloween and then
here is the box with the doll that we were discussing the box is made by
primitive homespuns it is so beautiful Kathy’s father makes these boxes you can
call and order them look at the stockings here for the loony woods
treasures gorgeous I love the red stocking here is really cute Halloween
ornament flat full finish with it’s so pretty that the bodies are a little tiny
but I could have stated the needle shop all day long I was so excited to go and
meet Kathy the proprietor the owner operator of that and I’m going to insert
a video of her shop I’m I’m just so happy so I want to give a couple
shoutouts so first and foremost shout out to Kathy and I will have her
information below and I’m gonna insert the shop tour in the interview and also
to Teresa here’s her beautiful card and I ended up
picking up her one of her designs which I’m gonna show you so here we go and I
got to meet the wonderful man and she has thread work primitives
she was so nice and so lovely and then I got to meet a couple other stitchers and
it was really cool hi Brenda hi everyone it was really neat I like I said I
wanted to stay all day but the littles had other plans what did I get at this
shop well I was able to shop for just a few minutes I kind of was running around
like a chicken with my head cut off I took in my thread list I took in my
ex-girlfriend I took in some my my black bird design stuff that I wanted to get
kitted up and the time got away from me so I ended up picking up two patterns
I got B which B which gene this is by Teresa and so I met her look
at that beautiful design perfect for Halloween
I love the typography that she used I love the bubble cauldron so I had never
seen this before and it was stitched on dames of the needle from the cauldrons
32 count peeps lost sheep linen and using Gentle Art oh that’s wonderful so
I got this and then I got this oh my gosh so I had never seen this before and
it’s a Cathy barek and I’m a sucker for a good deer and look at those swans on
the pond and the sampler letters here and I love the little birds here on the
side so I saw this and I immediately grabbed it I think this was the only
copy in the shop but you can always call and see this was stitched with silks
I’ll probably finish it with DMC and it’ll be gorgeous
so this is a Deary and Darlene I don’t see a copyright date on it but it’s 186
by 156 so this is quite a large project for me to think about doing it is
picture this plus linen and needlepoint incorporated silks but I won’t be using
silks I don’t think but I again I think it’s really pretty
I love just this bouquet here and the birds with the nest it looks like it’s
lovely and I know these are horses but at first glance I thought they were
little donkeys so cute so I got those two things and then I got a couple packs
of thread when I had gone so in 2018 I had gone down to my first ever
needlework shop and that was dying to stitch in Virginia Beach
and I met an one of the owners and I was still fairly new to stitching and I had
gone in with my list of favorite holiday thread colors floss colors from
Priscilla Blaine her favorite colors I had been watching the videos and she had
done a list of her favorite colors and I had gone in it I had bought the
Halloween or in the Halloween issue 2018 and then I went in and bought several of
Priscilla’s favorite colors well Anne had said to me that her favorite red and
of dyeing to stitch her favorite red at that time of course it’s been a year so
that could have changed was the week’s dye works Cayenne red now I picked up
liquorice red I picked up old barn red like I picked up a bunch of different
Reds and she said no cayenne is the place to be it’s moving Caliente right
so I had picked up one skein of the cayenne for my first ever needle
workshop well as you can see I’m almost out of it
so at primitive homespuns today I went ahead and picked up two more skeins and
in my and thank goodness the color matches I was afraid of dialect after
the fact I mean I’m running around I’m like
losing my phone and my phones like I was having issues I would when you’re so
excited that everything else kind of falls away so I have these colors that
I’m using I so I’m using cayenne and then I’m using two of the limited
edition gentle art colors that I got from my just cross stitch design my
ornament design contest they the the price package I got a set of the limited
edition thread from gentle art and they’re no-name which means they just
say limited edition so I can’t color match these
and so I I decided to use them in this new project and what project is that
well I decided to pull out Blackbird designs home for the holidays and I
actually started stitching this project as I was listening to the kindred
stitcher Lisa Smith talked about her blackbird design collection and all of
her charts and things that she has stitched so I felt I felt very Blackbird
asked you know I’m like listening to black wear it while stitching in black
word while watching Blackbird the whole thing so I started blessings be dine and
it’s out of this the book home for the holidays and I love this piece and
because I’m an impulse starter I had none of the called four threads none of
them zero zip I didn’t have the call for linen did I nope so what did I do
well I impulse started with the limited edition in the Cayenne I only had half I
only had half of a thing of this cayenne and I’m like playing thread chicken haha
so I started and I started it on a mystery piece of linen I don’t even know
what count of linen this is people I don’t know but I loved it and this is as
far as I have gotten I made a mistake here on the tee it should actually be
moved over a bit so I’m gonna have to take that out but since I knew I didn’t
have a whole lot of red I decided to forgo the mistake here and start working
on the center wreath motif so here are the colors and I am in love this piece
of fabric I got actually at Goodwill it was in a bag of fabrics from the
stitching post that looks like it got had donated this one was not in a baggie
that was marked stitching post I got like a 1 Belfast 32 count linen that was
this was unmarked so what I have learned in my short time as a count
and cross-stitch designer is it very difficult to use number one no-name
fabrics like mystery fabrics or your own hand dyed unless you’re planning on
dying it again and the mystery thread and floss so these limited edition
gentle arts are phenomenal and gorgeous and beautiful I don’t know what they’re
called I couldn’t replicate them if I if I
email digital art and said hey I’ve got this green and this brown I mean it’s
hard to be descriptive so I can’t really design with this fabric that I got from
the thrift store for these limited edition flosses but I can you know with
my pattern book that I bought stitched something beautiful that’s not
necessarily linked to my design work and it feeds us all so I feel like it’s a
win so this is my project I feel like I’ve gotten really far with it I’m super
happy with it one thing that I appreciate about Blackbird designs are
bourbon Alma have a really nice color palette but there’s there’s enough how
do I say it though this pattern only calls for four colors and they’re
Christmas colors so you can switch out whatever red-green tone that you like I
had a darker fabric so I could choose different colors I’m not tied to a chart
that has 140 colors and then switching out 140 colors I have four colors to
deal with so it’s manageable to do a flask toss and with all of the beautiful
colors out there Victorian motto week dye works color and
cotton you can really with a limited color palette it’s easier to do a thread
conversion so I appreciate that here we are at thread work primitives and we’re
gonna do a little tiny shop tour I was not able to get into every nook and
cranny of this gorgeous and precious little shop so you’re gonna have to come
on down to see the rest of it I spotted some black board designs all of the
wooden components that you see here are made by Kathy’s father and I love
them you can call the shop I they do custom work they have stuff in stock my
gosh so beautiful now Kathy has a lot of wool felt applique and a lot of wool
projects she does have of course cross stitch that you’re gonna see but if you
are into wool this is the place she also has punch needle and oh my gosh all the
things so precious she specializes in the primitive aesthetic so she’s got
Theresa Kogut you’re gonna see some Kathy barek and des Looney woods
treasures la-dee-da she has look at that scarlet
house all these beautiful things many patterns that I had never seen before
of course heartstrings sampler II and I really appreciated how she curates her
shop it’s beautiful the color palette the models
oh I start looking there is those cute things oh of course I spot Kathy Barrack
again there’s feliz navidad back there i see from blackbird i start thumbing
through my kid is attempting to pull stuff off the walls to show me no don’t
touch anything so here are some really good a good variety of the primitive
style and she’s got stuff again on the walls all the things look at those those
beautiful little ornaments and here is some of the stitching on display now
last year I had gone to Kathy’s shop and it was located where her home
furnishings store is right next door in a historic building it is oh my gosh
it’s a log cabin it’s gorgeous I will insert a photo of it
so she’s got the two shops the home store and then here the needlework shop
that she manages and oh here is a look at these beautiful trims and threads I
saw some chenille I loved all the things you know where you just want to pick up
the whole basket and just go right to the register but I had to contain my
excitement just keep looking she had a nice collection of the picture this plus
as well as our in our reproductions linen and some other finishing fabrics
up on the wall very beautiful I like to see fabric in real life and that’s the
great thing about going into a shop is you get to see the threads and the
fibers and the cloth in real life she has a beautiful collection of wools
upstairs on the bolt as well as wool scrap pieces to purchase so we’ll go up
the stairs and you’ll see a little bit of that as well
it’s the wall that had punch needle and then going up the stairs
there’ll be bolts of the wool fabric and wool scraps and wool pieces you know off
the bolt that you can purchase oh look at those little scissors and the wool
felt applique framed here again beautiful woodwork and finishing look at
that flag I love this piece look at that oh so beautiful here is going up the
stairs on the brick there’s a beautiful quilt that I saw displayed at the four
counties quilters guild where I met Kathy look at that historic ceiling you
know an old building by it’s beautiful ceiling and rafters right again
this was such a beautiful shop it is located in the historic downtown area of
Frederick Maryland Frederick is known for major events in the Civil War and
known for the you know star-spangled banner’ and it’s got a really
interesting assortment of people that live in Frederick it is geographically
located pretty close to Washington DC as well as Gettysburg Pennsylvania so if
you are a history buff and like American politics in American
history this is the place to come see the beautiful architecture eat some good
food of course shop at your needlework shop and just enjoy I want to thank
everyone at a primitive homespuns for allowing me to come in and do a tour and
talk with me about counted cross stitch it was such a great time and I truly
appreciate the people that I met again I was so excited losing stuff putting my
phone places it shouldn’t be my kid was jumping around and enjoyed looking at
all the beautiful wool stuff here is the outside of the needlework shop and then
the log cabin is where the home furnishings store is thanks so much oh
and I’m gonna add my little gag reel here at the end Thanks
hi baby yeah did you draw my notebook for me today you’re gonna show me what
you drew my brand-new notebook I took it and Loki and Luna yeah say hi my name is
Luna pug oh she can’t talk okay can you go ahead and stand like over
here baby no sweetheart the sooner you stand over there the sooner I can finish
my video you know it would be super helpful that is if you stood over there
no I

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