Flosstube 04 Cross Stitch Stash, Save the Stitches, Print on Demand Designs, and Gingerbread Crafts

Flosstube 04 Cross Stitch Stash, Save the Stitches, Print on Demand Designs, and Gingerbread Crafts

Hi friends it’s Amanda Mae with Ardith
Design and I’m here to talk about some counted cross stitch today. This is my
fourth FlossTube episode, and I am so excited to be here I’ve got a lot of fun
things to share with you today and once again there’s Maryland thunderstorms so
I apologize for the lighting and for potential shadows I did my best to film
and Mother Nature had other plans so if you’re new to my channel welcome thank
you so much for stopping by and if you’ve been here before welcome back
again I’m Amanda I am a crafter of all things
albeit knitting and crochet still has me a little mystified but I love counted
cross stitch I dabble in some quilting I am a digital artist and I do print on demand (POD) t-shirts. I want to show you a little bit of what I do I’m gonna insert
in art time-lapse at the end of this video of one of the autumn projects that
I’m working on and I’m gonna just concentrate today showing you a little
bit of my hau,l my Save the Stitches, a project that I have finished and have
available I want to show you some of my t-shirts and then we’re gonna do a
little bit of Christmas craft stuff so I want to get started today with save the
stitches because I’ve got a couple really fun pieces all of these pieces I
saved in the last I want to say two years and two of the pieces I just got
this week and I’m really excited about alright so the first piece here is on
perforated paper I saved this piece almost at the
Pennsylvania border in a store and I actually saved it for being crushed I
was there just to write that just at the right time which I was so thankful for
it’s got the quintessential tomato and it says I love to so it’s got the black
singer sewing machine the quilt hanging the quilt room
and of course all the crafty goodies I’m not sure who designed this but it’s got
looks like the custom frame and then the back stitching you can see I think the
design is really neat and I I’m gonna keep it for my craft room because what
says more crafts like a craft room craft alright I got this piece I I will say
that I have a little affinity towards owls so I grabbed this piece and very
retro unfortunately I mean you can still sit
you can see the staples on the side here but I thought it was super fun again the
back it’s uh it’s a little rusty crusty but I grabbed that a couple years ago
and here’s a matching piece another put a bird on it which i think is really fun
and it’s on linen and the frames are and then this piece I was really excited
about I saved this piece I I’ve mentioned
before that I really want to save pieces so they don’t get thrown away get thrown
in the dumpster this piece I literally saved from the dumpster well the
gentleman was taking it taking the garbage out to the dumpster and has he
was going out to the dumpster I was coming in and I saw it on top I grabbed
it and then I made a donation for it so this is a piece in it’s dated 1990
by Shirley and it’s a religious piece it is it’s been professionally framed and
unfortunately I think my fingers are just getting it kind of kind of hit it
but this is on linen and it has a religious message on it but I had to save it there there really
is no excuse for clean untarnished needlework to be thrown away and it is
my mission here in central Maryland if I can and if I’m financially able to save
I’m gonna save the needlework if I’m there so here is again one of the pieces that I
saved this piece I got last week and it was in the jewelry section and I’m not
sure who made it but put little crosses on it look at that cross stitch trying
to focus here sorry well it’s not focusing I apologize a beautiful
necklace it’s I it’s got the rose it’s got the chain unmarked undated and of
course can I fit it over see it’s so pretty I would I’m not like afraid to
wear it I don’t want anything bad to happen to it I mean this is like perfect
landing zone when you’re eating so I feel like this is something that I will
hang on the wall kind of not a Sun catcher but just a really pretty
ornamental piece rather than wearing it I’m afraid I’ll actually ruin it if we
try to wear it all right those are my save the stitches for this week I like I
said I kind of try to save all the needlework or needle art stuff that I
can and I save a lot of crochet pieces or knitted pieces and I usually clean
them and re-gift them. I did get a couple really fun hankies this week
actually no not this week couple weeks ago and I saved them number
one if it’s a hankie and it I usually I usually I usually pick it up I I just
love kind of that bygone era of handkerchiefs and someone needs
something and you you give them a handkerchief I just love that idea right
now I mean we’re with the the throwaway tissues which are
great I mean I use them I Kleenex I think I hold stock in Kleenex in the
wintertime but it’s something about that hankie that I just love so here’s
one and it’s got the beautiful stitching and the lace work on it fantastic and
then this one oh my goodness now see I don’t know how to do this but I
absolutely love it look at that beautiful look at that all around the
edges now I know this is wrinkled I know there’s some staining and that’s
unfortunately, wrinkles and staining would this depending on who’s working at the
second-hand store at the rummage sale the church sale if it’s dirty a lot of
times people will just throw it out so these are really cool I want to show an
example of a really–how do I say… soiled… I don’t know if that’s the right word but a
stained handkerchief and how you can actually like cut out the good piece and
use it on the back of crafts and stuff or cover it with an appliqué
embellishments to hide the imperfections that perfectly imperfect
of course you don’t clean it first and then reuse it I mean I think that’s
sustainable you’re using vintage- vintage textiles in your art and I mean you
can’t go down to a big-box store and buy this right I mean it’s something worth
saving and treasuring I just love it okay I want to move on to some of my
haul and patterns that I have found that I would like to stitch or put in my
stash for stitching later I am working on some of my own designs right now
which are taking up most of my stitching time so these are the these are on the
back burner but they’re still really cool and again in my stash so here’s
some of my haul this is from the cross country stitching
magazine and I’m not sure if anybody here follows Pam and Steph, Just Keep
Stitchin’ they are amazing amazing people I cannot wait until Monday when
they post their videos but Pam absolutely loves the game boards and I
saw this and the first I was like oh my goodness Pam look at that I mean I
wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already stitched that but it’s a game board and
I really like it because it’s got kind of the quilting motif on the country so
I now I only time I see a game board I think of Pam and Steph so that’s gonna
be part and put in one of my project to-do lists
another FlossTuber is doing the “12 days of Christmas” and I apologize I forget
who is doing it but I found this pattern and I think it’s really awesome I love
all of the motifs on it I’d I probably won’t finish it with the with this
finishing but I really like this pattern it’s an insert counted cross stitch by
the Better Homes and Gardens and I’m looking for a year I’m sorry I don’t see
a year but it’s it’s a it’s like a little leaflet that I got this one has
been in my stash for these two patterns have been in my stash for a while but I
wanted to show them anyway because a lot of people say they’ve caught the sampler
bug and I’ve caught the sampler bug so these have been in my stash and I really
I think I’m gonna I’m gonna start them the Bright Needle charted designs this
one sampler and then this is another one it’s the Dutch Horn Book and I really
like the way they finished it and it’s got the little key and all the fun
letters so this is a again these are the BRIGHTNEEDLE Designs and they’re out
of Virginia sure if these are out of production or
not but I do have these in my stash and then I love Halloween Halloween and
Christmas are my two favorite holidays and then after Halloween and Christmas
it’s Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day I just love all of the pink the red the
hearts the outpouring of love you don’t have to have a partner or a significant
other to love Valentine’s Day and what it I don’t know I I guess I’d get
wrapped up as an American I do get wrapped up in the commercialism of it
all I do love seeing the stuffed animals and
every store with the hearts of love but anyway so Valentine’s of my third
favorite holiday so Halloween then Christmas and for me Christmas starts
November 1st when I start putting up my trees I put up usually seven Christmas
trees all themed and then uh so November 1st is when and I celebrate all the way
to the new year and then I take my stuff down new year usually New Year’s Day I
take my decorations down and then immediately goes up Happy New Year stuff
and Valentine’s so my three holidays again are Halloween which I believe
Halloween is 364 days a year but that’s another story so I do Halloween
decorations and then the day after Halloween I take my Halloween stuff down
and I immediately start my holiday winter stuff I have
Yule goodies I have some Hanukkah stuff that I was gifted and I I do but I
have multiple holidays and science fiction themes represented I do have a
Doctor Who tree which is an out my outer space tree and hopefully later this year
I can show you and do a tour of my of my trees okay I’m sorry I’m getting off
topic all right so Halloween my first favorite holiday so I have
2017 Just Cross Stitch issue last week I showed you the current issue the new
issue that I just got when I went to Virginia Beach so this is last year’s
issue and dadada it’s in the Goosebumps folder because I
love all things stationary oh my goodness oh I think I got a little happy
there I got coffee on my wall that’s not good I’m throwing my stuff around
everywhere oh my gosh oh, “She who dies with the most fabric wins.” I believe
that’s a challenge accepted alright here we go
the Halloween issue 2017, Goosebumps, and I love this pattern I have been wanting
to stitch it but I don’t I think I’m gonna just do the TV console I’m not
gonna do the revenge of the creature on the inside this design is so so
mid-century to me I love it and Mad for Minders on Etsy I believe
their store they specialize in the TV needle minders and I think I’m gonna
need to get a couple of them and stitch this again I don’t know I’ll put in the
center maybe a science fiction 1950s movie maybe on the inside maybe I need
to chart some sort of science fiction thing to go on the inside and have like
a collaboration design going I’m not really sure but that’s the might one of
my favorite patterns out of this magazine that’s in my haul. I also have the Christmas stockings in Cross Stitch
again I love Christmas and this pattern that I liked
it’s reminded me of KittenStitcher and her discussions of sampler stuff so this
is the pattern that I really like I have not started it yet but I really like the
roses and the motifs on this and this is by Barbara Baatz the colonial heritage
sampler and it’s in the Cooler Design Studio
book next in my hole I got these two magazines this week the cross-stitch
collection this is an older issue but I believe it’s got like figgy pudding
excuse me figgy pudding and the it’s got some really cute little patterns in here
I like the the Christmas card stuff and the sew up stuff I really like the
little bird and the stockings [thunder sounds in the background] oh my gosh the Thunder is really gnarly all right
so now bring us some figgy pudding so here is that this is that I think is
really cute with the purple I designed a couple years ago a Yule wreath and Yule
Log bûche de noël art and so anytime I see Yule Logs or figgy pudding I think of
some of the designs that I’ve done that I really I would like to translate into
some cross stitch patterns for the nondenominational winter celebrations I
think that a lot of us can embrace the holiday spirit through food and whether
it’s the iconic gingerbread or gingerbread houses the bûche de noël or
Yule Log cake or the Whitman sampler chocolates but there’s so many ways that
we can celebrate and if it’s not through food and sugar and gluten through
decorating and through handmade cards and that’s one thing about the
cross-stitch community that I’ve really found tremendous and that is people
sending snail mail people passing the stash people making these cards I mean
look at that that is amazing so in my love for Christmas and winter treats I
did pick up and this is part of my haul and
no it’s not counted cross stitch but it’s crafty and I thought of Snug Harbor
Crafts and Pam and Steph (Just Keep Stitching’) talking about the Nilla wafers and gingerbread houses
so I wanted to show you this book that I have in my collection of making
gingerbread homes and now this is mine this is not a library book and on the
back I was cracking up when the floss the other floss tubers were talking
about the nyla wafers where have I seen that before and it’s on the shingles and
I just I think it’s really neat so I have the book and then I have the cast
iron really heavy gingerbread mold I mean this sucker weighs like five pounds
it’s heavy it’s gnarly and then I have this one which is a barn that I got and
it’s been in my collection and it is something that I’ve always wanted to
make but it’s got a little bit of rust and I don’t I’ve been too nervous to try
to clean it and use it this is the barn the barnyard look at these little look
at this I mean it’s got the little pig and the cow and the duck and the goat I
mean get out of town how cute is that oh I love gingerbread houses I made my
first gingerbread house ever last year and let me tell you this has been in my
this I have I have physically had this in my possession for like five years
okay and I’ve never used it I’ve always wanted to make a gingerbread house I’ve
never had the opportunity and last year I made it a priority to make one but I
ended up buying a kit because I was working so much with with designing ,and
doing commission work, and having an eBay store fourth quarter is usually
pretty intense so it’s hard sometimes to step away and you know cook for five
hours on a whim when you’re working so I did make a gingerbread house and I made
it using one of the kits from Aldi, which is a grocery store here and they
sell kits I want to say I spent like eight dollars on the kit and it was well
worth it and I I I made it up and it sat and decorated my dining room and it was
awesome so this year I think I’m gonna really make it a priority to learn how
to do this I mean I have the book I have the supplies I don’t have the Nilla Wafers but I’m getting there all right this is the other magazine I picked up
this week. Look at that umbrella! and I was
cracking up because I saw this on like stitch Superman so in my mind I’m
thinking oh it’s gonna be like the animated Superman or it’s gonna be you
know something superhero-ish I don’t know I don’t know the right word like
kind of corny cheesy cartoony cartoony that’s the word I was thinking it was
gonna be cartoony oh no it’s not cartoony it’s I can’t show shoot I can’t
show it because it it’s literally his face sorry I can’t show the chart I
thought it there was a rendering so they literally charted his face I’m wondering
how he they got licensing for that it’s so fun anyway I’m just cracking up and I
like to be they have these really cool sleep masks and these are by
Jennifer Ellory apologize if I said your name wrong Jennifer I just put at the
eyelashes I loved eyelashes I thought they were some fun and interesting thing
I don’t know if any Americans know this or not I did not learn about this until
I actually lived in London and the paper is different paper sizing in the United
States versus the UK is different just like we use inches instead of the metric
system using centimeters you know “Cuz Math,”
but I just you don’t realize look at the difference in the paper the sizing is
different so this is a standard eight and a half by eleven American magazine
and this is a British magazine and do you see that difference in size so
that’s something to keep in mind with my digital patterns and my digital
downloads that I have available I do I do have it formatted for eight and a
half by eleven and I would love some feedback from people across the pond how
that prints out for you guys and gals well stitching friends excuse me how it
looks I know what the formatting is A4, alpha and then the number four, I’m
not sure how how it turns out printing overseas using a digital
download so something you know they say the more you know all right another part
of my haul are you know you can’t have it enough hobbies the other part of my
haul is fabric and applique quilting kits and I’d love to show you I I think
I said I dabble dabble dabble dabble dabble in quilting I I dabble I’m not I
didn’t say I’m good at it but I started this is one quilt that I
quilt top that I started and it is obviously not finished
obviously not ironed but I’m just kind of going along for the ride very cowboy
a little kid playing so something a little cookout I just think is really awesome I
just love that kind of roasting on an open fire thing making your coffee
I don’t wear cowboy boots but I just think it’s so cute!
and the little guitar so I started this quilt and you know because I need more
hobbies and one thing that I really wanted to learn how to do is applique
and the last couple years I have gone to the local quilting stores and picked up
their Row by Row Experience (sewing) packs and I have a lot of the Train packs this year
I believe the theme is music I did not get any this year but I did purchase
some winter themed kits so I have little little First Frost and I purchased these
with the idea that I’m gonna learn how to applique and take a class and I have
it so this stuff is in my stash and I love it and hopefully one day so this is
it’s got the the fabric I got this the runner the seasonal runner I want to
just make it and stop making excuses I got this last month um but it’s it’s the
pattern is to use with wool and I I’m highly sensitive to wool so I’m trying
to figure out how to do it like with homespun or something so I need to get
over myself here is another appliqué.
It’s Vine and Berries and I really like this and I believe Missouri Star Quilt
Company they just did a tutorial that I watched
on how to do this and I need to rewatch it again how to do this the floral
applique but what I liked about this was the shape of the runner this is a and
then this is the frosted flakes this is the other block that corresponds here
I just really like it I love snowmen and the fabrics you’re really cool and they
like the embellishment packs it comes with the beads and the whisper I’ve
never worked with whisper and I’ve heard a lot of your feedback on whisper so I’m
definitely not sure I’m gonna go that route or not so that’s my haul my
quilting haul my cross stitch haul a little bit of Christmas talk I oh I want
to tell you I again thank you so much for everyone’s feedback on my Flanders
Field Poppy using colonial knots I ended up charting this and this pattern is
available for sale I I’m gonna have it available electronic and print form and
I charted it for the colonial knots and the beads but after watching Priscilla
and Chelsea I feel like I need to take on another craft hobby and I feel like I
need to do punch needle with this to this design fits in a four inch
embroidery hoop so I think the patterns released for the colonial knot part but
I’m gonna see about translating it also in to punch needle because you can’t
have enough hobbies right I mean really so again thank you all for your kind
words about that. Alright… I wanted to show a couple of the t-shirt designs
that I have done over the last couple years when I first started doing print
on demand t-shirts but before I show you I want to give a little bit of a
backstory I am a millennial I’m in my early 30s and I grew up in California I
learned how to type and do all the computer stuff so I’m that weird
in-between like I am I grew up with AOL I grew up with dial-up Internet. I hit puberty and there was dial-up internet, so I learned how to
type and everything and that’s when a lot of the transfer magic t-shirt
designs you know you could go to a big box store and buy the printer you load
your printer you do draw design in DOS or on Windows 1998…draw and design in the Paint Program, print it out, and then iron it onto your t-shirt and I thought that
was the cat’s pajamas I thought that designing t-shirts was the coolest thing
ever so I designed my first t-shirt in second grade and I used puffy paint and
then I did the iron-on transfer thing I want to say like fourth and fifth grade
and I always wanted to learn screen printing
well that wasn’t in the cards for me and that’s okay but I always loved t-shirts
and I always wanted to design stuff so that was always kind of in the back of
my mind I was not encouraged to go that route in school again which is fine but
it was always one of those back passing interests of mine so when I saw these
little craft things a couple years ago I had to buy them because it remind us it
reminds me so much of my childhood so here’s a transfer magic iron-on film so
you can make your designs right this is sponsored by Crayola so that you know
made me think of you blank to this and then here’s you know that you do the
decorative sweatshirts again applique puffy paint stenciling had that again
look another craft goodie look at that gem! Look at that sweater!
Now I I love love all of this stuff and I love
the Christmas sweaters and so when I got into college I started doing ugly
Christmas sweater parties and I made hats and I hosted parties so this was
more than a decade ago I started doing the ugly Christmas sweater parties kind
of an ode to this and my friends loved it I loved it and then I continued it on
now I embellish and sell ugly Christmas sweaters in my eBay store, but I also
took my love for designing and the screen printing idea and making t-shirts
and I finally was able to make it a reality
and they call a lot of the Millennials or people in my generation are saying
that were hipsters and we’re part of the Maker Movement, and I don’t know if I’m a
hipster I’m not I’m not gonna take that label but I will take the label of being
a Maker, and the print on demand (platform) has really afforded me the opportunity to
translate a lot of my art into physical products so I wanted to show you these I
think I said before that I Cindy Sorley’s group I she I joined her group
about four years ago she put me in and was one of her private groups and I
ended up designing her t-shirt for her group and they wore it to eBay Open (conference) and
a lot of the eBay events so this is pretty much the very first t-shirt I
ever designed for Cindy’s Online Selling Tips, a family atmosphere of learning my
again my very very very first design that was made into a t-shirt so that
shirts floating around then this was the first and I mean the first design that I
ever put up on Amazon on the print-on-demand site and I was inspired
by the Bison becoming the official mammal of the United States. Our
national bird is the American Eagle and then they designated the bison as the
national mammal so I did a sketch art and my store is one lucky pug and I love
pugs like I I’ve rescued three pugs in the last decade two of them have passed
away they passed away of old age so I drew this in honor of one of my pugs and
the sketch art there’s a pug here and there’s a bald eagle with the flag and
then saying welcome well you know welcome to being officially recognized
as a national mammal so that was again my very very very very very first design
and then I love food and I love punny food and I love science fiction so I
designed this shirt kind of inspired by Stranger Things. I wore it to a buffet
what’s a buffet of it anyway I designed this for a food thing… a food outing that
I went to and it’s the upside-down waffle and if you know anything about
Stranger Things and the dimensions so here’s the waffle and then here’s the
plane that we live on and then down below is the the other plane so that’s
that’s my food shirt anyway I wanted to share them I I never said I was the best
artist but I love being able to design and create and I’m excited to share my
cross stitch patterns and my my journey now with counted cross stitch and
quilting and you know “I’ll make all the things” so I want to say thank you again
thank you for tuning in you can subscribe to my channel that would be
awesome you can follow me on Instagram I’m @ardithdesign on Instagram. I have
a Facebook page, and that’s Ardith Design. My
YouTube channel, Ardith Design, you can shop my eBay store which is oneluckypug dot com and then I have a Gumroad store which is Gumroad dot com /ardithdesign. Oh I’m blogging now too! I’m at ardithdesign.blogspot.com Again friends, thank you so much for joining me.
Be well. Stitch well, and I’ll see you next week. Thanks! [time lapse art sequence begins]

7 thoughts on “Flosstube 04 Cross Stitch Stash, Save the Stitches, Print on Demand Designs, and Gingerbread Crafts

  1. Omg Amanda I love appliqué! I’ve never done a kit before! Somehow with quilting I’m able to just follow my gut and go with it! I really love your cowboy quilt. I understand how hard it is to finish a quilt my second one still isn’t done xD but I did just finish my third. I think I just prefer smaller projects. The second one is a twin size and I’m completely overwhelmed by it. Top is done. Bottom not quite yet. I wish I could do that kit for you. Especially love the last one with the flowers and vines. The background fabric really makes the pattern for me. Have a wonderful week ~Tifa

  2. The sewing save the stitches is so cool. I also have an affinity for owls. I love your ideas for reusing old textiles. I might have to start saving the stitches too. I've never seen a gingerbread house mold before. My family makes a gingerbread house every year but we just have a pattern we use to cut out the pieces.

  3. Thank you for the great video. Your quilt top is going to be lovely. I think your saving the stitches is commendable, I love the little sewing room one. Cute picture at the end.

  4. Don't be nervous about cleaning the cast iron! It can take the handling, really! Kosher salt and steel wool or the green scrub pad, and a bit of water. Then season with vegetable oil. Here's a good video to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ4p6anpy0s

  5. Hi! There are a lot of videos on YouTube. Missouri Star Quilt Company is one of many sources. You need to start with something small first. I have many interests, but try to focus on one hobby at a time. I learned the computer in 1988. So I know about the computer long before the internet was out for everyone. There were no pictures back then. Just so you know. I love vintage handkerchiefs too.

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