FLOOR is LAVA Challenge! CWC vs Vy Qwaint vs Justin

FLOOR is LAVA Challenge! CWC vs Vy Qwaint vs Justin

this is the finishing first don’t hit
that oh no it’s in the play and I’ve got Justin and Vy right over here it is
almost 3:00 a.m. you guys and we’re gonna do a the floor is lava challenge
at 3:00 a.m. ninja-style as you can see we’re all
dressed up in our ninja outfits okay anyway it’s a guy the floor is lava
check it out oh and then and sometimes it’s gonna change from lava to the floor
is guava juice so we’ve got to stay on these things and not fall in the lava or
the guavas then we’ll dry we don’t want to do that no wait no no don’t want to
drown in guava juice we’re gonna start up here we’re gonna jump down onto these
rocks we might need to use the pool table to get past all the lava and then
we get here we have to dive through the hoop we’re gonna have to grab the CWC
backpack bring it with him because we got three items we need to collect you
guys treasure hunt you got it we’re gonna come down this
corridor here it’s gonna be timed so we got to go fast and then we have
stars yeah we’re gonna take these stars and we’re gonna throw them way
down there and you got to hit this emoji balloon he loves that idea you
got to pop him or knock him off the garbage can right guys and then you get
to save this guy a little fruit ninja watermelon needs to be rescued
yes so you gotta rescue him throw him in the bag and then you come on your way it
down another corridor Oh what do we have here a new setup of park work boxes
first we have to hit off this top cylinder with a pair of none chuck then
you have to hit off this box and then that box to save another guy who’s in
the box you save him if you see them you see backpack and then you come down this
way to the three am scary corridor it’s so dark
yeah weave your way back and forth pass these cones until you get into the final
room or the next to file room in here we’ve got another emoji enemy set up you
have to pop in with your choice of ninja lesson which is Black Panthers claws
Wolverine claws or the ninja word you pop him and then you save your sensei
you gotta throw him in yours then you have to climb up the stairwell through
the corridor right here poor poor cool you gotta watch out because it’s another
lava floor over there you have to go from pillow to pillow without one more
time yes and then through the hoop to the finishing cone right there with your
backpack and then you save all three of your friends it’s gonna be time and you
only get like five minutes tars so if you don’t pop the balloon or remove the
balloon then you lose the point really means one star so she is that good that’s how good you are kick bump kick
bump all right so let’s get on with the
competition all right I am up first ninja wild clay smack talking like I
start the timer tick tock Oh lava and don’t want to land in the
guava Oh in just Dara’s let’s see if I can do it Oh Oh so I lose 10 seconds for not hitting the emoji balloon. I should have came from here and have this unzipped already Oh I’m my buddy here in my backpack into
the three dark hallway got my black panther claws ceiling or emoji Oh sensei I got my sensei here Oh No save sensei don’t fail him okay guys how did you think I did I
thought it was pretty good what do you think be pretty good hi I
like it when you roll through the hoop yeah that was pretty cool thanks Rock
man you keep landing in the lava I know last one’s tough I would dock you points
for hitting the first thing that you rescued with the nunchucks that’s a
steep price to pay for getting rescued you got a you got a whack him out of the
box you got a freedom from the bot is there’s no chance no way to do that no I
guess that all right which one of you wants to go next you guys I know that’s
the last all right up next we’ve got B if Vy ninja Qwaint but you got to
watch out for that lava down there and it might turn into guava lava who’s
scarier mmm all right Vy are we ready to start the
timer yeah you’re so good we need two more obstacle all right here we go this
is a long one this is a long one all right what’s you’re gonna do now you
can do it you almost face planted right in down there you timers still counting
away way down there Oh Oh yup nah come on oh you’re good go-go-go so that’s – whatever how many
seconds I don’t remember all right you got your emoji she’s putting it in the
backpack I had the same problem none chuck right there yeah
oh yeah Bruce Lee Rigby Bruce Vy where’s the guy there he is all
right you got him all right all right what lesson you gonna choose
the word the claws or the day you got it girl stablished album up the stairs oh it’s like a ninja pose
huh you gotta go back through this is the
finishing part don’t hit that lava oh no it’s guava it’s turned into guava
juice yeah yeah all those people you say is
pretty heavy you got this girl you got this oh whoa oh you almost lost your
balance there can you make it to this cone right here
stealthy oh I missed that very nice very good job beep you saved
the day we’re gonna have to check the time on that afterwards to see who did
it better me or B we don’t know but it’s not over yet oh right we’ve got just I’m
gonna show you guys how to rescue things oh you are huh I’ll show you the correct
way in a rescue mission 101 maybe with a
kick right before I start my rescue mission that’s not really fair we can’t
let you talk smack to her like that though right so it is that’s how it is
all right well let’s let’s get let’s get this started Justin are you ready
the floor is lava he’s down here she’s gonna chop you up touch the lava that
was close yeah what the check that was a close one well guess what I didn’t feel it you
didn’t feel the heat oh yeah don’t bring your backpack now
the ninja stars you can do it oh I know no one can destroy him Wow ninjas are always me that’s right yeah they always clean up after themselves
don’t it now 3 a.m. 3 a.m. you can’t be quiet through here what what are you choosing that
Wolverine claws balls all right steer well oh you don’t oh and the hoops down get a job Justin
how you feeling tired like I’m not 22 anymore oh I know you know that you’re
23 exactly yes a little bit older now sipping this thing up I don’t know they
kept it kept mysteriously zipping itself up while we were playing well the half
man is so weird the ninja 3 a.m. go I think we should play the we G board
alright guys we’ll give this video a oh that was good Justin good job you
saved everybody everybody we all good so you say you saved the watermelon you
save the sensei and you save the green dragon god I was in here somewhere hold
on a second do you mind holding my first to our watermelon sensei and the green
guy where I don’t know where did it fall out maybe fell in the lava did it come on who’s that you hear that sound sweeter
that’s how I like the door yeah why the door why would the I have that locked no
you have an intruder well I walked it it’s not locked
I totally liked it what’s what’s out here it’s always locked the doors always
yeah we never what the heck wait dude no guys no dude no I know we we were all
inside with you dude there’s no way we would’ve done no dude no you heard the
door slam we were all in there with you over here
is you know yes definitely lock it I guess it couldn’t beat the 3 a.m.
challenge without something weird like that happening maybe we should play that
we G board that is really weird but okay well it’s 3:00 a.m. guys and I
think we better end this and clean up and make sure all the tourists Park
Blocks this truck doesn’t have an insurer this is no max burger we we’ve
got all week we’ve got all three now yeah you’re not touching the third one
all right guys let us know what you think that was with the 3 a.m. I mean it
was the door obviously but I don’t know why it opened it closed
we might need to chop that thing up video oh yeah alright anyway guys leave
a comment down below we want to know who you think won this challenge not just
based on speed but it’s based on ninja style which lessons
I don’t you mean like styling of the ninja outfit no that’s not it that’s not
exactly what I meant I meant ninja riding style it’s not that mad to
horse so well then so we went here for you guys down below we’re gonna be
hanging out down below for at least an hour after this upload also give this
video a thumbs up if you like these weird extra videos that we do what are
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we’re gonna see you real soon and if you want the CWC backpack click in the link
below alright guys we’ll see you in the next video real soon

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