Flat Shoe Fashion Designs : Moccasin Fashion Designs

Hey there, I’m Laurel a fashion expert, and
I am demonstrating and showing stuffs for drawing different kinds of shoes. The ones
that I’m going to show you right now are flats. The first style is going to be a Moccassin.
This can be a soft-soled Moccassin, a driving loafer, pretty much the point of it is that,
it’s a comfortable soft shoe and if you’re using in a collection, you’re going to use
it to symbolize or there’ll be significant of the fact that this is a leisure based activity,
whatever you’re designing for. So, I am going to show you now how to draw a pair of Moccassins,
and we’re going to get that going. The first step in my plan of action when I draw shoes
is to outline the bottom of the foot, that’s just sort of makes me put my pen on the paper
and start going. You can do whatever makes you feel at ease, but this is the best way
I found to do it, outline where your soles are going to be. And then, these are Moccassins,
so the bottom part right there, is going to be like a little, flattery, leathery, vinyl,
nevi-gripping part, so, that’s why there’s different little squares all along. And you’re
going to have the grip, I guess they’re called grips, you’re going to do those up until the
ball, end of the ball, ends up to the in-step. Obviously the in-step doesn’t touch the ground
in the way the shoe is shape, so there’s no need for them there. And this is there flats,
there Moccassins. We just have a small little heel, and then they are loafer style shoe.
So we make our toe cap up to the top of the foot and then bring it over and down and that’s,
that’s the pull on part. Then you have right here, this is the seaming on the top of the
shoe, which separates, in 3-D separates the top of the shoe from the side of the shoe.
And so, you have your main line of separation and then the dash lines, are representational
of the stitching. Because the stitching of Moccassins and driving loafers is visible.
It’s a thick industrial thread stitch. So, we want to create a toe cap and then do our
stitch lines on both sides, because obviously you have to have stitching on both sides.
And then, we leave this part, don’t forget if you’re doing a loafer, this part, you’re
going to have a little indention there, otherwise it ceases to be a loafer. And then I just
did some design lines as far as the heel goes and as far as the top of the loafer. So there
you are.

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