Flat Shoe Fashion Designs : Ballet Flat Fashion Designs

Hello everybody. I am Laurel the fashion expert
and I am showing you all how to draw different types of flat styled shoes. The ones that
we’re going to do right now are, it would be a pair of ballet flats. And these I have
put on my design they’re ballet flats with an oversize buckle. But this is another one
of those things that you could say I don’t want to have a buckle on them I want a bow.
So do a bow. Or you want them plain. Or you want to have some other piece of something
put on there. It’s up to you. This is just my specific version of a ballet flat with
something embellishing it. So let’s do my version because it’s my show my rules. So
we’re going to do a ballet flat with an oversize buckle right now and let’s get started with
that. As a good starting place like I always say let’s draw in our sole. The first part
right there. And since they’re a ballet flat they’re going to have just a small, might
have just a teeny tiny rubber sole obviously so you don’t feel the street underneath your
feet because that would not be very comfortable. And then flats, hence no heel. So you just
have a little bitty, little bitty bitty chunk part right there that acts as your heel or
lack thereof. And then fill in what size you want your actual shoe to be. And remember
we’re doing a buckle. And you’re going to be refining this a zillion times. So right
here I have this drawn where there’s no line, you can see the buckle, and you can see the
shoe. Your first attempt isn’t going to be so nice because you don’t know exactly where
you’re going to want your shoe to end. Where your buckle’s going to begin. So you’re going
to have a bunch of scrawling on your paper. But go in and refine in as many times as you
need to. And we’ll just see how this one turns out. We’re going to draw our big buckle and
then coming out of the buckle we have strap. And the little metal prong part of the buckle.
And then we need to finish the toe cap of the shoe. And there you go. There is a ballet
flat with an oversize buckle.

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