Fix inkjet printer paper feed problems – feeder roller cleaning

Fix inkjet printer paper feed problems – feeder roller cleaning

Hello and welcome Today I will show you how to fix your printer
when it won’t take paper. If this happens to you… You go to your printer
you try to print something and when it’s trying to do the actual print job
it will not feed the paper. The sheet of paper won’t go inside,
the feeding roller is just slipping on the page
and it’s not taking it inside the printer to start printing. Here you can see a close-up. The actual rollers…
they do spin. It’s just that they’re dirty from dust and
old paper. They become more slippery than they should
be and they stopped working. Here, I’m trying to help the printer
by pushing the paper inside. You see… it goes up a bit but still,
the feeding rollers don’t work enough to do the job… to take the paper
inside. It’s very hard for them, eventually
it does take the paper but after trying a long time. And here you can see my color cartridge is
not in a good shape at all. Trying with multiple sheets of paper. Just thinking that this might help the actual
feeding process. I just want to tell you that before all this,
I tried the roller cleaning process and the back-plate cleaning. In the software there are a few options for
this which they didn’t do the job for me. Maybe for someone who has less dirt inside
their printer it might work,
but it didn’t for me. The rollers are spinning but the paper stays
where it is. The paper goes inside only when I help it. Checking the condition of the transport rollers… These are the ones that grab the paper after
the feeding rollers take it. These ones seem pretty clean so
it’s only the feeding rollers that have this dirt problem. If you where in a professional environment,
you would have roller cleaning pads that are literally pieces of thick paper
more like carton and they have glue tracks on them
so that the rollers would be cleaned while this paper
is fed thru the system. And I show you how I almost destroyed my printer
by just using double sided tape instead of the
transport cleaning sheets. I’m putting on a regular piece of paper,
2 strips of double-sided tape. It’s a bit too much actually. If you want to try this, you risk damaging
your printer but it will clean your rollers. If you do this, you should put it only at
the beginning and you put it with the tape on the upper side. Just print a bit of text and this happens… Now that was a bit of panic. I unplugged the printer eventually. Took the paper out. You can see it’s…
apart from almost destroying the printer which is the reason why I have to warn you
that you that this is really important. You only do it if it’s your last option. But the rollers have left traces on the paper
so you see that it’s really sticky. It’s too sticky actually… if you can
find double sided tape that is less sticky than this,
that might actually work better. You see the tracks of the rollers. That means that those rollers are really clean
now. Some strange noises from the printer
the first time I started it after this. Then it went back to normal. I’m just gonna do a few tests. Putting just a few sheets of paper and
printing to see how it works. The printer immediately took the paper
and printed it as it should be. Just trying to do the same test again just
to make sure that it still works. And it really does work… Just like new! I don’t recommend that you do this with the
double sided tape, it was a mistake actually to try it. If you find transport cleaning sheets
made especially for printers those will be perfect,
they have a bit of glue that is not too sticky. It’s just sticky enough to collect the dirt
on the transport rollers. Or you can improvise like I did but
use the double sided tape that is less sticky than the one I had. Thank you for watching and…
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    Thanks to Matt Graham, another tip:
    When doing this, open the back of the printer so it’s easier.

  2. I used my ruler and tape the ruler with a normal tape because I didnt had a double sided tape and cleaned the roller, and it worked. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

  3. I wanted to almost throw my printer out of the window until I saw this video.
    It worked for me.
    The printer occasionally clicks a bit hard but now he takes the paper.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. My Canon MG5650 has error 1003. I cleaned the base rollers with alcohol and now it picks up fine. My unit is missing the vertical drive rollers; the gears stripped and they fell out. Biut still it works. At least when clean. It sounds mad to me that you would deliberately get glue inside the paper path. I got my cleaning alcohol from ebay as a chemist refused to sell it to me. it has many uses as a cleaner.

  5. Bhai…mera hp laserjet 1022 model jo he…wo…on honeke baad…. continuosly chal raha he…band nahi ho raha he.aur paper v pick nahi kar raha he…aur red light dikha raha he..kya kare bataiye

  6. Thanks! That worked for my mx537. One tip is that you can open the back of the tray to prevent the second rolls from pulling the paper up.

  7. it's really worked for my printer…thank you so much for your fabulous method yet simple and easy… 👏👏 . Another printer saved😁

  8. Thank you Sir, I saw your video and it fixed my problem nicely. I was lucky to be able to access the rollers so I could feed the paper with sticky tape through manually with my fingers while the printer was powered off. It's a very clever simple solution that many people would not think of.

  9. Hi dear Sir the same model printer near cartridge roller shaft gear picking nobe not working please suggest me

  10. Yeap, better use cleaning cards or paper. Cards are about $8 and paper is about $1 per sheet ($10 for a 10 sheet pack) at Amazon.

  11. Super, je commençais à désespérer de ne pouvoir nettoyer les premières roulettes d'entraînement. Merci beaucoup.

  12. you can make the double sided tape less sticky by repeatedly pressing some material like denim (jeans) on it, or some cloth that doesn't leave bits of fluff.

  13. You have save my life. Thank you. At the begining it sounds like plastics crashes, i push more the paper pusing key ok. Now i am affiliate to your chanel. If i can help you in something, just ask. Generaly humans are not inteligent. Great to meet you. I am versed in religion on my chanel. See you soon.

  14. Thanks! Cleaning the rollers is the definitely the way to go. I used a metal ruler with double sided sellotape and with the printer turned off I pushed it back and forth under the rollers. With your other hand use a long flat headed screwdriver to hold down the mechanism which holds the rollers (basically like an aircraft undercarriage) to ensure you get a tight fit when you squeeze the ruler between the platform below and the rollers. Worked for me and no risk to printer.

  15. WORKS 100% Thank you very much,mate. It really works just fine. The printer does not have any issue malfunctioning or something, you just need to be a little careful during the process of inporting the double tape-paper. Thank you again. P.S. Canon Pixma MG3150

  16. Good idea. Thank you very much for this useful and do-able tip. I have the same printer & same problem. I tried to do it with two pieces of double sided tape applied at the end of card paper parallel to the paper edge (unlike your which was along the track of rollers) because I was scared of paper get jammed inside. I did it manually with printer off & then felt a bit confident to run the paper through the printer, switching it ON. To my utter shock, paper went inside smoothly but completely rolled over on one of the rollers bars,close to the outer tray due to the scotch tape adhesion. I did not take the risk of dismantelling the printer to reach that roller bar,so what I did was to cut the paper several times with a sharp cutter (risking the rubber of roller bar) & taking out piece by piece with a long tweezer. I removed the cartridges though. It took me almost one hour to take out the shreds of paper stuck in there. Then I cleaned the roller bar with alcohal. Finally the printer was OK & it worked perfectly taking in the papers smoothly. My advice: Do it manually, while printer is OFF.

  17. Hello, I had the same problem and tried sand-paper…. don't do it !!!
    1) Cut microfiber kitchen cleaning cloth into A4 size.
    2) On one side make it wet were were the paper feeder role will touche the cloth.
    3) Rub a drop of detergent into the wet area on the cleaning cloth.
    4) Put the cleaning cloth on one A4 page and put it into the paper tray of the printer.
    5) Run at least 5 printing jobs (you always hav to reset and restart the printing job.)
    6) Turn the cloth with A4 paper 180 degree and run one print job for drying the role.
    7) Now… your printer should work again !!

  18. OMG, this really worked!!! I was so frustrated!! If you already are on your last nerve, just fast forward to 4:30 minutes in. First I had a paper jam, then the printer just kept mangling each subsequent page … DO THIS … Use one piece of card stock paper and a couple strips of small double-sided tape on the card stock. This is the best part … LOL … jam this paper in and out to relieve tension (if you were frustrated like me, haha) and the dirt on the inside roller comes off on the tape and then the roller has traction again!!!!! It literally takes 20 seconds (unless you have a ton of frustration to get out!!!!!) FYI DO NOT put that sticky paper on the floor if you have nosy cats …. yep, mine stepped RIGHT ON IT before entry!! Thank you so much for saving the printer from the trash and me from angina!!!

  19. Excellent video to get the Canon printer working…

    …albeit I did have to try various methods as listed:

    1. Thin cardboard with horizontal double-sided sticky tape – this didn't work despite numerous attempts

    2. Sticky tape on a ruler with a screwdriver placed on the bottom undercarriage roller – this didn't work despite numerous attempts

    3. My last ditch attempt was to follow this video verbatim which resulted in the paper being chewed up and ripped where the sticky tape was. So I had to carefully remove the bits of paper using a tweezer and now the printer picks up the paper.

    My conclusion:
    The dirt is beyond the underside roller and placing the sticky tape on the paper as per video managed to attract more dirt than the other two methods of cleaning.

    If it weren't for this video I would have ended up scrapping my Canon MG2170 and buying a new one. Many thanks…

  20. Why does this video feel like a proper documentary about the 'life of a printer'. The music at 3:25 really started having me concerned about its well being.

  21. Thanks man! I didn't try your method since double tape isn't available but it was urgent for me to clean the rollers. With your video, I suddenly got an idea. What I did was: I made the end of a blank paper a little bit wet with water and a bit of alcohol. Just some drops of water on my fingers then spread it on the end. I saw some dirt that the wet end of the paper managed to remove. Then I decided that I should still clean it more, so I put some alcohol on my fingers and slightly wet the ends of another paper. And more dirt removed.

    The result: feeder roller became more smooth. I don't have to put only one paper one by one whenever I need to print many pages or copies. 🙂

  22. Thanks for the tip!
    I was actually able to reach my printer's rollers with a q tip and some alcohol.
    I wiped them for a couple minutes, let the alcohol dry for about ten minutes, and it started printing just fine!

  23. What is that white lever with the spring attached at 4:15. Rarely snaps back in my printer causing the paper to jam

  24. Thanks, man! it really worked I tied a 10 cm ruler with a spoon and at the end with cotton with some Perfume onto it. worked as if it were new.

  25. Thank you so much! We thought we were going to have to shell out for (yet another) printer! Tried your method and it did the trick. Many thanks for taking the trouble to make and post this video!

  26. Thank you, thank you! I cleaned the feed rollers with alcohol on a Q-tip attached to a bamboo skewer to easily reach the rollers. My Canon G4200 is back in action!

  27. I would like to offer a far better way to fix the printer roller problems that I learned 30 years ago working on Copiers and Typewriters. Use Rubber Renue with a cotton swab directly on the rollers and let it soak in for a while. First scrub the rollers with the cotton swab and then just let it sit outside for at least a half hour because there is a lot of VOC's and it will stink up the place.
    MG Chemicals Rubber Renue 408A or it may also be called Rubber Renew.

  28. I have a pixma mx475. For double sided tape i got post-it notes turned it upside down, sticky side up and taped it to an A4 sheet. Sticky enough for this task. While printer was off, pushed it in and out of the roller. Also the pad the rollers sit on gave that a clean too. Thanks for the video great help.

  29. I had the same issue. Rollers inaccessible. And I found using the sticky side of photo paper is less dangerous. Just be sure to hold the paper so it doesn’t feed through. It will jam. But I was able to clean my roller heads by doing this a few times

  30. You’re a superstar! Thank you! Have been hand feeding paper for a while now….Didn’t have double-sided tape so just taped down 3 strips of regular scotch tape sticky side up and used qtips with alcohol on rollers…(must wait for it to dry!)..working beautifully!

  31. Hi. I just clean out rubber feeder paper on my printer canon mg 3670 but i didnt use double tape cause i worries, but i used Wet tissue that i put in the paper A4 then i push it with ruler till the tissue under the rubber feeder paper, then try to print out but i hold on a paper & tissue till the rubber feeder paper turning. I tried it 2x times. Then take out papper & tissue. After that try to print out. It's working.
    Thanks for this video,

  32. What a wonderful solution – thank you so much! Rather than double-stick tape, I used regular narrow cellophane tape, almost the width of the paper, and taped the ends and the center down very near the beginning of the paper. Then I pressed my hand on it a few times so it wouldn't be so sticky.  It went through v-e-r-y slowly, but it came out with dirt on the tape, and now it feeds through just fine.

  33. Excelente, mejoré un poco la técnica usando cartón y evitando usar el mecanismo de la impresora en el arrastre, solo metí y saque el carton con doble faz, hasta que salió limpio, muchas gracias

  34. Worked a treat but maybe not make us watch 6 minutes just describing the problem before telling us the solution please. We already know the problem, Thanks anyway though.

  35. Thank you! I bought a printer from a garage sale and was about to chalk it up for a loss until I did what was on the video. It worked. I didnt have double sided tape so I tape three pieces sticky side up vertically and attached them with tape horizontally at the top and bottom

  36. This fix the most front feed printer problem. it seems stuck but when the roller cleared from dust it will feed the paper. i have to do the tape twice to make the roller feed papers smoothly. thanks for the video!

  37. The Tape method worked well, but the paper with the tape got horribly stuck in the printer so it took me an hour to clean it (very brutally😅)
    It works well when you let the printer draw the sticky paper for a few cm and then unplug the power so you can safely remove the page.

  38. Some great advice (!) but over 8:00 is too long for this video. Everything you said could have been done "right to the point" in half the time.

  39. If you have a Canon Mg2522 do NOT take out the 2 short phillips head screws on the top near the rear(left and right side hidden under the outside of the rear tray)Once you lift the top of the printer up you will pull 2 weird sets of wires out and you will never get them back in because they are too short to get back in.I eventually found something metal that dropped down inside and pulled it out but was too late as i already took the top off and gave up on trying to reconnect impossible wires.

  40. I have a Canon MG5220 And the problem with it, was it was taking too many sheets of paper, when printing from the rear tray.

    I fixed mine by resetting the paws that catch the paper in the feeder ( They are supposed to be upright, in front of the larger roller, not laying down, behind it.)

    the paws are attached to one axle, so resetting one will do the other.

  41. I like your video because it shows the feed rollers spinning and not picking up the paper. I have an MX472 which is very similar in design. I cleaned the front feed rollers using a cotton swab, alcohol, tape, and a stick. I taped the swab to the stick because I couldn't get to the feed rollers any other way than through the paper feed slot and I couldn't reach them without the stick. I vacuumed out the printer as well. Once the rollers were cleaned they picked up the paper.

  42. Usei uma régua, durex, um cotonete e álcool.
    Preguei o cotonete na régua com durex e molhei a cabeça do cotonete com álcool. Depois, enfiei a régua pela parte da frente da impressora, até aqueles rolinhos que puxam o papel pra dentro, e consegui limpar a poeira que estava acumulada lá. Depois disso, funcionou perfeitamente 🙂 Thanks for video!

  43. Ended up taping some alcohol wipes to a ruler and sticking that in under the rollers while the printer was doing its cleaning routine. Once the rollers dried out, they started to pick up paper like new. Thanks!

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