FIRST LOOK! NEW 2019 Halloween & Christmas Release from Art Impressions

FIRST LOOK! NEW 2019 Halloween & Christmas Release from Art Impressions

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here. I’ve zoomed out a little bit
for the beginning of this video because I’m going to
bring in this big box. This is the latest release
from Art Impressions. I have yet to open it, we gonna open it with you guys on camera and get my first impressions and reactions and maybe some card ideas
I might throw some in. And I will admit only
like I have seen a glimpse of what this new release is but only because I went over
to the store just to see if the latest
release was in stock. And I didn’t look too deep so I’m hoping that most of
them are still in stock, but it looked like they
had received the release in the warehouse, so and get this open. Art Impressions, I think this
is one of my favorite releases like release times for them every year because it has all the
Halloween and Christmas stuff and Bonnie’s good at lots
of illustration stuff, and she’s the illustrator
of Art Impressions. She’s great at everything, but I think she really shines when it comes to the holiday stuff. I love their holiday release. Okay. Packaged very well, have
a little note inside, I’ll go through that later. I don’t know if it’s a private one or not. But woo, yeah, okay, we’re hitting it hard with the Halloween. I’m gonna take this off
camera for a minute, just so I can organize them
and then we’ll get going. Whew, there’s so much in here, I love it. I’m seeing some of the
things as I grab them. Love it, there’s so much in here. And as usual, they did send
along some of their catalogs. So I can glance through later for when I reference something. Okay, I’m gonna move some
of these off my mat here. And we’ll jump in as well as zoom in because we wanna see
these up close, right? We wanna see what these look like. Okay, looks like we’re
starting with new additions to their Watercolor line. I love this line. I don’t use it nearly enough,
I’ve only used it a few times. But every time I use it, I do love it. So this is the shoe set, I love the kind of like
vintage shoes I love it. This one is swing set, that’s so pretty. I love all swing sets that’s like that. I have a friend who had a swing like this on her front porch, it was gorgeous. Oh this is right up my alley
because I live in the desert. This is the desert set it’s so pretty. Love the house up there in the cacti. Okay, here we go, Christmas winter. This is the winter kids set,
How cute are those little kids and I like that you don’t see their faces you can keep them really kind of anonymous they could be any child
that’s kind of cool. And then mountain set, Love that. And I love they’ve
included some of the types of mountains that we
have in southern Utah. Let’s zoom in a little. look the plateau type mountains so cool. This is there water color line, i don’t know if this is all of them, I think it might be just from first glance at
my little stack over here but we’ll see. Okay, I think next is the
Bible journaling line, I’m going to zoom out because
these are pretty long. This one is wooden crosses
set, that’s so pretty. The two different types of crosses, that’s really, really pretty. This one is praise instrument set, Oh, I know who needs
this Jessica Frost-Ballas I don’t know if you guys know this but she not only plays the harp but she is also a music teacher and she teaches students
how to play the harp. So that’s gorgeous and I
love that it’s simple enough that you can really, if you
want it to keep your card very graphic, you could
just have the harp on it. But if you wanted it to
be very watercolor-esque you could do it with the watercolor line like they have suggested
here, really cool. This one is butterfly set, These are some really
cute simple butterflies, I love that and I love that
they’re completely empty on the inside so you can paint
them whatever way you want. You know you can add all the details or keep them very simple, I love that. This one is ornate frames set. That’s pretty I love how they’ve
watercolor over here too. I believe Bonnie does all
these examples on the side on the packaging, so pretty. This one is scroll set. So pretty, there’s a
few different scrolls, some ones that are more curled up and then kind of spread out and smaller. And all of these are
cling stamps by the way. That includes the watercolor
line, they’re all cling. I think they have these as cling because cling stamps in general, they grab on to like the
marker color that you use when you’re doing the water
coloring technique with these they grab on to the the
marker ink a little bit better than a clear photo
polymer stamp would. So I believe that’s why
they have these as cling and I think it’s a great choice because the quality doesn’t suffer no matter what you’re stamping it’s great. Okay, let’s get into, See these look like they’re
all the circlet stamps and I love this one, new
one for Christmas, so cute. I love this, gonna zoom in so you guys can really see the example on these. This is the Nativity circlets. I love this, and the whole
idea behind these cards is that you have a three panel card I don’t know if they have
it on the back here or not. But you have a three panel card and you stamp each one of these
stamps on a different panel. And they include a die that
cuts out all the spaces you need, so it creates like
different layers in the image it’s really, really cool. Its a fun concept Art
Impressions does a great job with interactive cards like this. So really beautiful. Next we have elk circlet. I like this one this is really nice. It’s pretty and I like that you’ve got like the three separate scenes like you could do a really simple one with just the the foliage and the trees and like before this one
has die that goes with it. Okay, oh, this is a cute
one, its the Christmas one. Wishing you and yours peace
enjoy this Christmas season and then a little bell so cute. I did a Christmas card I
think it was it was either the 2018 Holiday Card Series or maybe 2017 where I use the stamp, one
of these stamps that had the three circle designs, but I didn’t use them on a trifle card. I use them side by side in a row so that’s another way you can use these types of little projects kits you can use them on a regular card. So cute, I love the sleigh in here. Alright, just a few more we’ve got gardening circlet,
so cute with those birds, adorable and I love that the bird one actually cuts out quite a bit. Yeah you can see the die back here it cuts out the top and
bottom above the birds so this one is really kind
of dainty I love that. So you have like, you have
like the little garden shed or you know little house, got the table with the gardening tools and then some birds, so pretty. Oh, how cute is this? May your home be filled
with love and your heart with thanksgiving. That’s such a great Thanksgiving set. Love that, and you could
even use these images to make place cards for
your Thanksgiving dinner. I think that’d be really, really cool. You could use a similarly sized circle die and make little folding
circle place cards. I think that would be really, really cool. So fun, okay, I think
the stack is some more kind of interactive stamps and dies. This one is a flip card. So you have this on the front and then it has this little
kind of tab coming off the fold and then when you flip it open, then you see another greeting on the back, and the back of the mice. I think it’s so cute. This ones called pumpkin mice flip card. And all of these do include
instructions on the back of the little packaging card. And I like to keep the packaging, I like to keep the
packaging for these stamps. For other stamps sets from other companies I do take the stamps out and
put them in storage pockets. But with Art Impressions, I like to keep them in
their original packaging, because I like to reference how the images have been colored because
that gives me some cues on where I want shadows to be, gives me some different
color scheme ideas, things like that, it’s a
really great jumping off point for working on your projects. Oh my word This is adorable. Okay, barnyard animal cubbies. Okay, this is really cute. I love their cubbies line,
They’re time consuming because you are coloring
a lot of different individual pieces but in the end, I think it’s completely worth it. Yeah, look how cute this is the whole, barn yard house or whatever, chicken coop? I don’t know what to call it, farmhouse? And then all the little
animals you can have like, peeking out, a barn it’s
called a barn, Kristina yes, it’s a barn. You think I would know,
barnyard animals, yeah, I couldn’t think of the word. But these are such cute stamp sets. I did a cubbies card, I’ll have it linked up in the top corner with a big tree, I think it
was called woodland tree. And it was so fun and seriously
is one of my favorite cards that I’ve done in the last year. I mean, it was amazing, I loved it. One of those ones that takes a while but completely worth it. Here’s another cubbies Autumn owls, these are cute, I might
have to make a card with this right away because
I really love their owls. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this I think maybe I have but
my first introduction to Art Impressions as a brand was one of their older owl stamps. My friend Kathy Racoosin had it and she was coloring it in
all these different ways and I was just this is, this is amazing. This owl was so cute, great images to color from her impressions and so that’s when I kind of got into the Art Impressions stamp sets, I love it. I Love these two owls with
witches hats on so cute. And I love that it’s pumpkins
stacked on top of each other. So whimsical, love this
one Bonnie, love it. Okay, here’s another flip card with kitties wearing sweaters, adorable. I think I might need to
make something with this so cute, I love that. And it’s like the little cats are holding up the greeting
this is sending you warm wishes so cute, these kitties are adorable. Oh, here’s a wheelie, I don’t
think I’ve done any of these. But it’s basically they give
you all the pieces you need including the little brads
they give you all the pieces and the dies you need to
make an interactive card where you turn this little tab thing and it makes the character
like wheel around, hence the name Wheelie. So this is Halloween cat,
so cute, I love that cat. I think you could use the cat on its own oh it doesn’t have a leg on it. You’d have to do some masking
and stamping to give it a leg but so cute, I love that, I love the spider that’s
like freaking out on top because that cats going
real fast, love it. Here’s another Wheelies with a snowman. Oh cute, little mouse on top and the tree that’s like bent back
in the wind, so cute. I might need to do few of these because I want to experiment
see how they work. I’ve only seen examples, I think I saw the one of
these at the trade show back in January but I
haven’t made on myself So this would be a really fun challenge. And I know you guys like to
see them like put together a step by step so it’s a little bit easier even though they did give
you instructions in the back you can kind of see the words back here. They do walk you through it
but if you’re a visual learner like I am sometimes just
seeing it put together will be really helpful. Okay, gingerbread cubbies adorable. I love these little guys,
so cute, I love this. The windows popping out so
cute from our home to yours. And there’s one back here
in this window so cute. And I love with all the dies
every single die to cut out all the pieces is included so even the individual gingerbread men and gingerbread people I
should say the ginger people that all of them are included. Just a little greeting up here too, I don’t know if that’s
on the front, It’s not, You have an extra
greeting up here, so cute. Oh, I just saw there is
like more little gumdrops you can add gumdrops to the house. Oh, that’s where it is,
Okay they individually added the gumdrops in the example okay, so cute. It looks like there’s a gumdrop die too. So that’ll make it easy. So cute, happy mailbox cubbies,
oh my word that is adorable. I might need to make this one too there’s too many things
to do, I love this one. I love mail stuff like this, okay, so it has all the
mailboxes as the one stamp. I could do some masking put
this on an envelope for mailer, I think that would be so fun. Cute, I love this, so this
is happy mailbox cubbies. Okay, we’re nearing the tail end here it looks like I got a bunch of
these tall, clear stamp sets. The first one is called feast
mode, So many cute animals. I’m going to zoom in so you
guys can see these up close. And then I’ll just have to move them up and down so you can see
the entire stamp set. So this is feast mode,
these are clear stamp sets. So here’s what they look
like with the examples, ‘Tis the season for
pumpkin spice, I love that. This fox is so cute, I love
that he’s wearing a sweater and he’s holding like a
mug with presumably coffee, adorable. May your life be filled
with thanks and giving Hoppy Thanksgiving so cute, I love that. It’s adorable, okay, so this
one is called feast mode. Next we have a Christmas
set called penguin cheer. I love the little igloo that kind of jumping up and down or dancing penguin, deck the halls. Such great greetings, these
penguins are adorable. I love the little, when
they’re like sets of three critters or people or
animals, I just love those. Awesome This one’s penguin cheer. Another holiday one called
woodland holiday set. There’s that fox again, he is
so cute he just looks all smug like holding that bell so cute. The owls again I’m telling you
the owls are just adorable. Some bunnies, Hoppy Holidays and then look this like polar
bear with the fox so cute. Warmest winter wishes so cute. That one is woodland holiday. Next we have crazy antics set. Happy ant-iversary, ant
eater why the long face it’s just another birthday, so cute. Look at this, the ants
carrying the cake so cute. I love these eaters, they’re so funny who would have thought to
have an ant eater stamp set like that’s brilliant, so
funny and unusual, I love it, so quirky, so cute. All right for Halloween
we’ve got fright night set. Grab your cape, find your
broom, Halloween is coming soon. Love these little guys so cute. Is this a dog? It must be a dog right? Yeah, it’s got to be a dog,
it’s too big for a mouse. I think that’s a dog. There’s bats, spider web,
okay, this Halloween on a little banner that the
ghost is holding is so cute. And three sheets to the wind
and then you have these ghosts that are drinking, so funny. That’s the Fright Night set. All right, Hoppy birdy to you this is the hoppy birdy set. Oh my word these birds are hilarious sending you a birthday tweet, a little birdie told me
it was your birthday, let’s face it, birthdays
are for the birds. Is that bird holding a phone? Oh, sending you a birthday
tweet, got it, I get it now he’s tweeting sounds better. It’s a Twitter, It’s a bird
that’s on Twitter, so funny. All right, here we go, happy trails set. Happy retirement, you light up my life, Home is where you park it I love it. Happy trails, I love
these two in their chairs happy camper, so cute. You know anyone who has campers or RV’s this would be great set for them. That’s the Happy Trails set. Next we have enjoy the ride. I love that there’s like
a water bottle, So funny. It’s your birthday just roll with it, cruising by to say hi, I love this whole, This whole scene she’s on the back just like sipping her drink like hey, there’s dog on the front,
her purse is on the back, so funny, I love that. Looks like the little flag is separate, so you could probably add
it to this bike up here or you can add the flag to
the large image down here. Oh, This is cute, baby boy
set love that little bear or unless it’s a dog, welcome little man look so cute. Thank you for the baby
gift that’s perfect. so much joy in this little boy, how cute that is baby boy and then of course we had to have baby girl,
the elephants adorable. Sugar and spice oh my word
Look at her little clothesline, adorable. Sorry if these are glaring
trying to angle them so they’re not glaring so much. It’s a girl, so sweet, girl so cute. love her little face, she’s adorable. Once again, that is baby girl set. Okay, so that is the fall winter release from Art Impressions the
2019 fall winter release. Hope you guys enjoyed
seeing a quick walkthrough of their entire release
every single stamp set and project kit that they offer. big thank you to Art
Impressions for sending me This box, they’re so generous and they really appreciate
artists in the industry and really support us and
I really appreciate that. Bonnie is such a sweetheart
and cakes over our impressions. I see them every time I go to a trade show and they’re just delightful
and such great people. And I love supporting their company because they’re such a
great group of people just doing amazing things
within the industry. If you want to see any of these stamp sets or pick them up for yourself, I’ll have links down below
over to and you can pick these up. Some of the like more holiday
ones might go a little bit quicker just because you got
to grab ’em while you can. So if you are interested
in any of these right now, I encourage you to click over
and buy those right away. Thanks so much for watching
today’s video on screen I’ve got some Art
Impressions, project videos for you to catch how I
use some of the different interactive project set or just stamping with their stamps in general. I hope you’ll check those out. Give this video a big thumbs up if you like walkthroughs like this and don’t forget to subscribe and I will catch You guys at
another video very, very soon. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you guys next time.

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