[Fire Emblem: Heroes] Rulers of the Laguz Banner – First Impressions

Hey everyone! welcome to my video
so on friday we are getting new units, and they are the first beast units in the game
they are all from the tellius games we are getting Tibarn as a red flying beast
Leanne as a colorless flying beast Reyson as a green flying beast
and Nailah as a blue infantry beast we are also getting Naesala from the next
grand hero battle all 4 beast units in this banner have the
same transformation mechanic if at the start of their turn they are next
to only beasts or dragon allies, or if they are alone, they transform to their beast form
otherwise, they go back or stay in their human form so Tibarn comes with Hawk King claw, which
lets Tibarn double whenever he initiates combat on a full health enemy
and while he is transformed he gets extra attack and movement
he also comes with draconic aura, chill attack, even attack wave
and the new sturdy impact, which gives extra attack and defense when initiating, and prevents
the enemy from doubling him Tibarn seems like a really strong player phase
units he’ll probably have really high attack but
mediocre speed so his weapon and A skill will help him double
enemies, and protect him from getting doubled the extra movement from his beast form seems
really strong on a flying hero too he’ll probably be a great user of galeforce
+ heavy blade Leanne comes with Heron Wing, which heals
close allies a the start of her turn and while transformed she gets extra attack
and movement she also comes with sing, mirror stance, flier
formation and hone beasts Reyson comes with the same weapon, sing, steady
posture, and fortify beasts Leanne and reyson are pretty similar
they are our first singers with 3 movement, tho they won’t be as strong on every team
they seem to be enemy phase units too, Reyson will probably have higher defense, while Leanne
will have higher resistance Reyson also seems the most likely to be demoted
on this banner, so that’s pretty exciting still, facing 3-movement dancers in arena
seems pretty awful Nailah comes with Wolf Queen Fang
it reduces her special’s cooldown, and buffes her stats by the number of close allies
and while transformed, she gets extra attack and the wo dao effect of extra damage when
the special triggers she also comes with moonbow, distant counter
the new null C-disrupt, which negates stats effects and things than don’t let her counter
and the uninheritable glare, which applies the gravity debuff to close enemies after
combat Nailah seems to be the beast version of Ayra
or Karla relying on her special to deal a lot of damage. she’ll probably be very fast too
her kit makes her a pretty nice enemy phase unit, being able to even work as a counter
to brave veronica and glare will let her run to safety after
baiting enemies she’s the most interesting unit in this banner
in my opinion we don’t now anything about Naesala, but he’ll
probably share the extra movement effect of the other flying beasts
we should know everything about the new units tomorrow morning, after the datamine comes
out i really hope Naesala comes with some interesting
skills too i won’t summon from this banner on the first
day, but i’ll spend some orbs trying to get Nailah and maybe Leanne after i get the summoning
tickets from the forging bonds event That was it for the video! thank you so much
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