FINN Polymer Clay TUTORIAL! Collaboration w/Cristhian Crafts

FINN Polymer Clay TUTORIAL! Collaboration w/Cristhian Crafts

Cristhian Crafts will show you how to make Fionna! Link is also in the description box & at the end of the video! Start by rolling a large piece of clay into a long cylinder. Slightly flatten one side. Curve the other side. Shape two pieces of clay into cylinders & attach them to the top of the flat side. Blend the ears onto the body. Remove excess clay if needed. Smooth out the ears. Slightly bend the front of the body inwards. Outline an oval for the face. Then gently press down on the outline. Take two pieces of wire and fold them into a Z shape. This side should be longer than… …this side. Cover them with clay and smooth them out. These are the feet…and this part will attach to the body. Roll out two long pieces of clay and wrap them above the feet. Insert the legs into the lower body. Form two flat rectangles and wrap them around the thighs. For the arms take two pieces of wire, shape them into any position you want and cover them in clay. Make three cuts at the end of each hand for the fingers. Attach one arm on each side of the upper body. Form two rectangular shapes, wrap them around the shoulders, and blend it in. Take a medium sized piece of clay, shape it into an oval and slightly flatten it. Stick a piece of wire into Finn’s back & attach the backpack. Use extra clay to secure the backpack. Roll out two long pieces of clay, wrap them around the arms, and attach the ends to the backpack. Form a tiny oval & attach it to the upper part of the backpack. We’re going to make a stump for Finn to sit on. Form a cylinder and pinch the bottom to form the roots. Add texture by creating lines on the clay. Bake! (follow your clay’s package instructions). Paint the shirt and sleeves medium blue. Paint the shorts dark blue. Paint greater part of the backpack, the button, and half of the bottom handle dark green. Paint the top part of the backpack & top half of the handle light green. Paint the shoes black. Paint his skin cream. Paint two black dots for his eyes, and a curved line for his smile. Paint his hat and socks white. Paint the stump brown. Finally, add a thin layer of glaze.

11 thoughts on “FINN Polymer Clay TUTORIAL! Collaboration w/Cristhian Crafts

  1. I get so excited when I see you post a new video!!!
    You never disappoint, keep those videos coming!!!! :)) :))

  2. Kaizahr! Te quedo Genial Finn! Parece como si fuera una figura de colección , me encanto este tutorial y sigue así que haces muy buenos vídeos! Saludos!

  3. Noice. Looks freakin' amazing! What's your favorite episode of Adventure Time? Mine is the Jelly Jiggler episode. Or the pillow fort/world episode…

  4. Hey amigo,te puedo hacer una petición? Mira,te quería preguntar si puedes hacer a "Sanic" lo agradecería muchísimo si lo haces
    Pd: te ganaste un nuevo sub n.n

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