Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint Cards

Welcome Everyone! It’s Jennifer McGuire and
I have to once again apologize for my scratchy voice, but I’m still sick and I’m hoping to
beat it very soon. This video shows some fun cards to make with your kids or for your kids
or for pretty much anybody. It actually takes your finger print and turns it into fun little
critters. Now there are many possibilities for this and many things that you can do with
them. I’m going to show you a bunch of them today in this video and I’m also going to
give you some tips how to get the best images from this. Okay, so first you want to start
off by doing your fingerprints. So, my son did these with me and he is 8. We did some
playing around and we learned some things. Here you’ll see that he’s using his pointer
finger, but I actually found out that it’s better to use your thumb. So, I recommend
using your thumb. Another thing I recommend is to use a pigment ink. The reason I like
the pigment ink is because it wipes off your finger very easy so it doesn’t stain you’re
hands. But also you can wipe your finger off and move on to the next color very quickly.
Dye inks are going to be difficult for that. We’re using a few pigment inks from Mama Elephant
and a few pigment inks from Avery Elle, but you could use any pigment inks for this. So,
Colin did a few of his finger prints and he going to go and finish his own cards. He’s
actually going to make a set of note cards to give to his grandma for her to give to
her friends. I’m going to make some too. I use my thumb print here. I wanted to show
you, this is the stamp set that I’m using here. This is from Clearly Besotted. It’s
called In Print and I think it is so clever; it makes all these different critters. All
you need to do is stamp this right on top of your thumb print or your finger print with
black ink and you have your little critters ready to go. I just think that is so much
fun. Now, I will tell you a few other things that I discovered when doing this. When you
press your finger down don’t press down too hard or wiggle too much. It just kind of looks
like a blob of ink and you lose that finger print look that makes it so fun. So, you just
kind of press lightly. You might want to experiment with your ink pads and see what works best
for you. Now, if you don’t want to use you own finger print you could use the fake finger
print that is in the stamp set too. Now, there are a bunch of different images in this set,
I just picked some of my favorites and went ahead and stamped a bunch of them. You’ll
notice that I didn’t do this in the center of the paper, because I wasn’t sure where
I was going to go with it and Colin was kind of stamping his finger anywhere on the paper.
So it really doesn’t matter, we will trim this down later on. Now it’s time to add the
sentiments. I added some of the sentiments from the stamp set itself from Clearly Besotted,
but then I also incorporated some from other sets. This You’re purrfect is from the Clearly
Besotted In Print stamp set. Now, this stamp set that you’re seeing here is actually from
a Simon Says Stamp stamp set. I really liked to incorporate sentiments from other sets
together just to get more life out of the stamps I have and I thought this sentiment
worked perfect with this little cat also. Now this is another set from Simon Says Stamp.
This one has the message that says It’s your Pig Day. I thought that it worked great with
the pig finger print. But you could definitely use the sentiments that are on the Clearly
Besotted set themselves if you wanted to. Now I ‘m doing all the black stamping with
the Hero Arts black dye ink. This is my favorite black ink. I think it’s nice and crisp and
super black. But you could use any black ink for this. For the little dog image I decided
to use this Ruff Day? stamp, which is from another Simon Says Stamp stamp set. So I’m
really pulling in a bunch of stamp sets together. I’m trying to be better about reaching to
old stamp sets and using those sentiments with current images. Just to get more life
out of my stamps. Okay, for the little bee I decided to just draw a quick little dot
for the trail. Little dots for the trail and I left a little room to stamp the sentiment.
The sentiment for this one is from the Clearly Besotted set and it just says Bee Min. I actually
think this would be a perfect Valentine for kids to give to other kids in school, because
they can do their little thumb prints and make the cards quickly on their own. To trim
our images down I’m going to use a circle die from the My Favorite Things Circle Stax
1 set. This is just a circle die that is slightly bigger than our images. Just going to run
these through the die cut machine. You can see that it didn’t matter that I didn’t center
up on all these pieces, because I can just go ahead and put the circle die around them
very easily. Now, I wanted these to pop up from my card so I have some white Fun Foam
here and I’m going to take a circle die that is smaller than the one we just used and run
this through my die cut machine. You’ll see that I end up with a white Fun Foam circle
that will give us dimension behind our stamped circle. I thought it would be fun to use Lawn
Fawn’s 4-Bar note cards. These are 3.5 x 4 7/8. There in a bunch of different packs of
different colors of polka dots and different colors of wood grain. I thought these were
perfect for these playful little cards that we are making. I also like that they are top
folding and they also sell envelopes for these. It’s fun to do small cards sometimes. Now
I’m putting adhesive on the back of each of our circles and adding the Fun Foam circle
behind it to give up dimension. This will give us an even raised dimension that will
look nice even after it’s gone through the mail. Now when you die cut the Fun Foam it
will flatten out some so you’ll see that my circle are pretty flat here, but after it’s
come out a few minutes later it will kind of pop up and you will get that great dimension
and it holds up super nice in the mail. Also that Fun Foam is very inexpensive. But if
you prefer you could also use foam tape. I plan to give these cards to my kids throughout
the year and to some of their friends, but I think it would be great design for quick
Valentine’s Day cards for kids to give to their friends. Now, I did decide I wanted
to add some Googly eyes to this. I’m going to use my favorite strong adhesive, which
is the Multi Medium from Ranger. Now I am trying out a new product right now. I’m trying
it out for the first time. This is the Fine Line applicator. It comes in empty bottle
with a super fine tip that’s not supposed to get clogged and I have filled it with that
Multi Medium. That is what you see here. Now, I am just starting to try this out, so I can’t
say yet much about it. I don’t know much about it, and I can’t say yet whether or not I love
it. But I promise I will tell you after I’ve used it for a few weeks. But so far I’m impressed
with it, because I can put out tiny little dots of this adhesive and that cap keeps it
from getting clogged. I’ll talk about that in a moment. So you can see I can put tiny
little dots out and I can add my Googly eyes. I will say that because this very thick you
really got to squeeze that bottle to get it to come out, but I also think that could be
a good thing, because it doesn’t kind of come out uncontrollably. But if you have hands
that get sore easily you might want to think about that. But I promise I will talk about
this applicator in future videos. Right now I just got to play around with it and see
what I think of it. As I mentioned you can do tiny little dots of adhesive with this
applicator, but one of the best things about it is the way it closes. You can see this
lid, you just clean the tip off and then you put that pin that’s in the cap right into
the nozzle. This is to keep it from getting clogged. I haven’t had any problems with it
yet, but again I just got it. I decided to finish off a few of these critters with little
bows, so I stamped tiny little bows and cut out from this Simon Says Stamp stamp set that
you see here. Now, I’m adding these with Glossy Accents. So this bottle actually has Glossy
Accents in it. This comes out very easily and I’m, again testing this one to see what
I think of it. But so far I think I like it. I can’t get over how cute these critters come
out. Now, if you are good at drawing you could by all means just draw these little critters
on your own finger prints, but I’m not good at doing it. It was really fun and quick for
me to do with my son using the stamp set. Now if you are interested in the products
I used here, they’re all linked below in my YouTube description. If you have any questions
or you want to see more please head over to my blog at I appreciate
you stopping by and I hope you are all having a great New Year and we will see you again

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  1. i liked it but its more like love it. I make cards for foster kids going to summer camp so they can get lots of fun mail. This idea will be perfect for some fun easy cards. Maybe I can get my brother involved. 

  2. Hi Jennifer!  Happy New Year to you also.  This stamp set with the fingerprints is just what I've been looking for to make cards using my or someone else's prints to personalize them.  The little fingerprints pictures were popular back in the early 70's when people would draw a little figure around them.  These are very cute.  Thanks for another excellent tutorial.

  3. Jennifer I love your work; you are so talented.  I am new to card making and have some money to spend.  What would you suggest would be the most important things to have for around $100.  It goes fast so I don't want to use it unwisely.  Thanks for your help. 

  4. This reminds me of the Ed Emberley fingerprint drawing books. My daughter and I used those when she was little to help her learn to draw. I love this stamp set. Fun for adults and kids.

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  8. BTW, I use the fineline applicator and love it. Hint: after you use it, wait a few seconds to allow the glue to go back into the bottle then gently squeeze the bottle in an upright position. This will allow the air inside to push any remaining glue out. Then just wipe the tip off and insert the cap pin and close the bottle. I have had no problems with my bottle at all.

  9. THESE ARE SO SPECIAL.  Would be great to send to grandma and grandpa's too.  Your presentations are so inspiring.  Thank you.

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    Note the word you tubers, not haters please 😉 

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