Finger Puppets : Finger Puppets: Bat

These are the materials we’ll be using to
make our fun foam bat finger puppet. You’ll need some black fun foam, a little bit of
dark brown fun foam, and a tiny bit of red for a mouth. You’ll need some googly eyes,
some paper to make a pattern and some nice, thick clear drying craft glue. We’ll start
by making a pattern for our bat. And if you take a piece of paper and fold it in half
and cut it in this shape. When you make the wings, you cut little concave bits, and then
make sure that the bottom is rounded enough so that when you open it, you have enough
space to put two fingers, like this. After you make your pattern, you’ll cut it out.
And just hold the paper to the fun foam and cut all the way around the pattern. I’ve cut
out my fun foam from my pattern that I made, and if you have any rough edges you can just
trim them off. And now we’re going to place the holes. So what I do is I take my two fingers,
like this, that’s the way they’re going to go in, and just push real hard with your fingernails
to make indent in two spots. Now you can fold in half, right where that indent is and cut
the holes. Just cut a half circle shape, like that, for the holes. Now if its not big enough
for your finger, this is for a child’s finger, it’s a little bit smaller than my finger.
I’ll make it big enough to fit me so I can show you how it works. Just trim out a little
bit more if you don’t get the right size the first time. And then try to make a matching
hole on the other side without breaking through, and don’t get too close to this hole because
you don’t want for it to break on you. And I’ll go a little bit bigger. Try and match
that other hole. There, now we have out hole. Now, we’ll glue on the face, and you can cut
kind of a squiggly, circlish shape, like this for the face. And we’ll glue that down. And
then add some googly eyes and I’ll put a little glue there for a mouth. So, we’ll place our
googly eyes right there and you don’t have to worry if you use a little bit too much
glue. Use a clear drying craft glue so that when it dries you won’t see any of that excess
glue. And put the mouth, and then when you’ve put your two fingers in there this is a fun
little puppet for children.

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