FINDING SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL to Hacker PZ9 Safe House & Getting Locked Inside for 24 Hours

FINDING SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL to Hacker PZ9 Safe House & Getting Locked Inside for 24 Hours

– Spy Ninjas! PZ2 has a paper with our
safe house address on it, and he’s delivering it to
Project Zorgo’s Headquarters! – He’s right there, he’s
right there, he’s right there! – Where, where, where? He’s crossing the street! Let’s hurry! We can’t let him get away. Let’s go behind this bush! – He’s over there. (growls) – [Chad] He just opened up that hatch! – He’s still holding the
paper with our address on it! – Yeah, we need to get that. – [Vy] He’s trying to squeeze in. – Oh, wait, wait! He’s closing the hatch! – He’s closing it!
– Oh, shoot. – [Vy] Let’s go, let’s go! – [Chad] Go, Vy, go, go, go! Oh, watch out. Go, go, go! – He went inside here. – [Chad] That’s so small! (struggling) Whoa! (yelling) – It just goes down. It’s like a hidden tunnel. This must lead to Project
Zorgo’s Headquarters! He’s gonna deliver our address
to the Project Zorgo leader! – Oh my gosh, we gotta get in there! – [Chad] Get in there, go! Daniel, can you fit? – Ah, no not at all. It’s for tiny people. Like PZ2. – [Chad] Aw, shoot. Yeah, the girls go in. – [Vy] Come on, Regina! – I can’t do it! – [Chad] Oh shoot! – Vy, you’re the tiniest one. It’s up to you. – [Chad] Yeah, Vy, you can do it! – [Regina] Come on, Vy! – [Chad] Come on, Vy! – Oh, I can totally fit in here! Super easily! – [Chad] Whoa, you can! Here Vy, take the camera. – Wait, is this turning
into a solo mission? – Yeah, you’re the only one who can fit! I’ll stay here and guard the tunnel, make sure no other hackers go in there. – Hey, and I’ll go after PZ9. He’s still out there roaming. – See you later, Vy.
– Good luck, Vy. – You got this girl!
– Okay, all right. Going down. – Good luck, good luck! – [Daniel] Bye! – [Vy] (groaning) I am definitely in a tunnel. Not quite sure where it leads. Hopefully it’s the right direction. I’m trying to follow PZ2 right now. (growling) Oh my gosh. Do you guys hear that growling? I think that’s him! I think I’m getting close! Oh no! I’m in the headquarters basement! He still had the address in his hand! – All right, my mission is to find PZ9 to figure out where he’s going. He’s right over there. Wait, he’s crossing the street. I don’t know where he’s going right now, but this seems as if I have followed him to some sort of apartment complex, and if I find out his address, that means I have leverage on him. (suspenseful music) (door opens) PZ9 definitely lives here. I’m gonna call Vy right now, tell her I have PZ9’s safe house address. (phone ringing) – Gosh, that was kind of loud! Regina? What are you doing? I’m in the middle of the mission! I almost got caught! – I found PZ9’s safe house address. We have leverage on him now. – Amazing news! – I’ll text it to you. – Thanks, don’t call me again! – I won’t call you again, sorry! – Since PZ2 is the only one
here, it’s the perfect chance for me to set up all this spy cameras all around the headquarters. (dramatic music) Quick, hide in this box right now. There’s PZ2 with our address! (dramatic music) What? Did he just use his foot? (groaning) I don’t know if
I wanna touch that note now. (clapping) Oh, he’s leaving! This is my chance to get the note! Oh shoot! – [PZ 301] Thank you, PZ2. – I recognize that accent from anywhere. – It’s that punk PZ 301! – Let’s go investigate around this area. There he is, there he is! Through the window. Wait, he’s like holding up a picture. It’s really hard to see, but if you guys could get a
clear image of who that was, that might be PZ9’s face! What is he doing? I think he’s going to the balcony. Oh! There he is, Melvin. This is daily life of Melvin. Planning, scheming. He’s holding another picture, guys. It, I can’t see it, but there’s definitely people on it. Huh. (gasps) Yeah, it’s a group of people! The heck? (groaning) Geeze. That has to be PZ9, Melvin,
and his friends, right? I didn’t know that PZ9
was the type of person that wanted friends, I mean,
he’s so mean all the time. I’m really shocked that he’s like, actually decorating his house
with pictures and stuff. Is he living a normal life
and we don’t even know? I thought he was just like,
trying to ruin our lives. (dramatic music) – He turned around. This is the perfect chance
for me to grab the note because I’m a stealthy, tiny, spy ninja. (dramatic spy music) (lipstick rolling on the ground) (gasps) – [PZ 301] What was that? How peculiar. How curious. Is this a lipstick? Could be PZ 409’s. Must’ve left it during some cleaning. – Oh good, he thinks
it’s PZ 409’s lipstick. While he’s doing that
and messing with that, I’m gonna go on the
other side of this table and grab the note that
has our address on it. – [PZ 301] Oh ho ho, this
does not look like anything a PZ member would carry. We need something fingerprint analysis. Down to the basement, immediately. I shall hold on to the lipstick. – Where is it? Where is it? Is it right here? (screams quietly) (groaning) (dramatic music) (blowing) (whispering) Oh my god! I hate Project Zorgo! – I heard something! (door squeaking) He’s coming! He’s coming! Abort mission, abort mission! (dramatic music) It seems like he’s going
to the hammock area. Does PZ9 even own a bed? Hide in the bush! (dramatic music) (gasps) He took his mask off! (gasps) I think he’s going for a nap. Maybe I can sneak to see
what his face looks like. Okay guys, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! There he is. A sleeping PZ9. Maybe if I like, pull up
his hood or something. Oh, hide! (dramatic music) PZ9 is right there. I gotta get out of here. This too risky. (dramatic music) (groans) (dramatic music) – [PZ 301] Attention all
Project Zorgo members, mandatory meeting about
the Spy Ninja safe house in approximately one minute. (dramatic music) – They’re coming in. Someone’s coming! – [PZ 301] Oh, PZ5. Pleasure to see you again. – [PZ5] I examine
fingerprints on lipstick. See who it belongs to. – [PZ 301] Make sure you
get the DNA on the outside. Who knows what kind of DNA’s on the blade. – [PZ5] Oh nein. – [PZ 301] Oh nein. What a peculiar little PZ member. – That hacker got my lipstick! There’s more. There’s more hackers. (dramatic music) (dramatic music) Oh my gosh, it’s the PZ leader! He’s so tall! (dramatic music) – [PZ Leader] Attention
all Project Zorgo members. In front of us is a gift. Brought to us by PZ2. – I gotta call Chad and Danny for backup! (phone ringing) – Hey Vy. We’re still guarding the hatch. What’s up? – There’s a bunch of hackers here! I’m down in the basement of the Luxor! – What? There’s a bunch of hackers? Oh gosh. – I need you guys to help me
like distract them somehow! Daniel, can you like, hack them? Cameras, fire alarm, humidifier? – Oh, I can hack the fire alarm. – Hurry up, there’s a
lot of them down here! And I’m here by myself! – All right, I’m about to hack the system. It’s gonna take a couple minutes though. – So hurry please! – Okay, I’m hacking it. Okay, we’re almost there. We’re almost there! Whoa, what? What the heck? My phone! My phone, it’s dead! Oh no, okay. Vy, hang in there okay? I just gotta find a charger,
and I’ll hack the system. – [PZ Leader] Hand me the piece of paper with the address right now. – [PZ 301] Give it to me. Hey, give it to me! – [PZ74] No, I got it. Hey Leader, I got it. PZ Leader, that’s not fair. – [PZ Leader] In my hands is the location of the Spy Ninjas safe house. – [PZ74] Oh, yeah. We did it! – [PZ Leader] We can take over
the house and make it ours. I shall open the paper and
see the exact location. – He’s about to open the address! – [PZ9] Regina! – [Regina] Oh, hi! – [PZ9] Hey. – [Regina] Oh, his face! His face? Okay, hi. – [PZ9] You trying to
see my face or something? – [Regina] No. Yes. Oh, what’s that? – [PZ9] A key. – A key to what? – [PZ9] My safe house. – You know, I’m actually looking
for a new safe apartment. What if you showed me your apartment? You know, to get a tour. – [PZ9] You want a tour of my safe house? – Yeah, yeah. – [PZ9] All right, let’s go. – He’s showing me, he’s showing me! I mean, he was just
really mad at us before. I wonder why he’s being
so compliant with me. I wonder if he still has a crush on me. – [PZ9] Watch your head, Regina. – [Regina] Really? – [PZ9] They don’t do enough
gardening here in this place. Hurry up, my arm’s getting tired. – Okay, okay. I’m confused. – [PZ9] How’d you find me here anyways? – I wasn’t looking for you. I just was looking for apartments, and then I saw you
sleeping on the hammock. – [PZ9] Yeah I usually sit on the hammocks ’cause I don’t have a bed. – Who would have thunk
PZ9 lives a normal life? We’re going into his house. Keep an eye out if you see
any pictures on the walls of like, pictures of PZ9 or
Melvin or whatever his name is. Okay, okay let’s go. Oh, okay. (door opens) – [PZ Leader] Let us take a look and see. Open the envelope. – He’s gonna find out where we live! – [PZ74] Yeah Leader, come on. Open it, open it! (dramatic music) (hard thud) (gasps) – Someone came in. Phew. That was a really close one, you guys. – [PZ Leader] PZ Funf. – [PZ5] Important news! – [PZ Leader] You did not salute me. – [PZ5] Sorry master! – [PZ Leader] What is the news? – [PZ5] This lipstick! – The hacker got my lipstick! (gasps) – [PZ5] I extracted the
fingerprints from it. And it belongs to a certain Spy Ninja. – [PZ 301] But I found it first. Just wanted to let you know. – [PZ5] Vy Qwaint! – That’s me! Vy Qwaint is me! – [PZ Leader] Was she here? In this location? – [PZ5] She’s here! – [PZ Leader] All of you, investigate. Look for Vy Qwaint. (suspenseful music) – They’re looking for me. This happened before! The last time I was in here, PZ9 almost crushed me
in one of these boxes! I gotta come up with a plan so I don’t get crushed again this time. Look at my spy essential kit here. I have this marker. A note. Maybe if I put like, fragile
something on this note, and put it on top of the box. Hopefully they won’t crush it. Fragile. (suspenseful music) Oh my gosh. The hacker’s coming close. – [PZ74] Woah, woah, woah. Hey, hey! – [PZ 301] What? – [PZ74] Didn’t you read the note? It says, fra-gee-lay. – [PZ 301] What does that mean? – [PZ2] It’s Italian! It means delicate! – [PZ 301] (chuckles) Just like yourself. (laughing) – [PZ74] Hey! Hey! – It worked! It worked! My note worked, you guys! – [PZ9] Welcome in. – [Regina] (gasps) Wow! Very snazzy. – [PZ9] It’s not much, but I just started my YouTube channel. Let me make sure everything’s locked. Welcome to the kitchen. – [Regina] Oh, interesting. Is this where you eat? – [PZ9] No, I just eat here. – [Regina] Oh, oh! Oh, Febreze! – [PZ9] Yeah, hey, yeah! – [Regina] Can I check it out? – [PZ9] Um… – [Regina] Hey, hey! – [PZ9] It smells good! – [Regina] Hey! – [PZ9] You don’t need to see it. You can smell it though. (sprays) – [Regina] Oh, okay, okay. Wait, wait. Oh my gosh. – [PZ9] What’s up? – [Regina] I was just
looking at the Febreze. – [PZ9] Well, here’s the kitchen. You’re already in it. – Very nice kitchen. Maybe I’ll inspect a little bit. See if everything looks good. – [PZ9] I mean, it’s just
like any other kitchen. The stove and microwave combo. – Oh, very nice. Wait, what was that? – [PZ9] It’s the microwave (laughs). How most people cook nowadays. – Are you sure? I think there was something in your hand. Okay, well let’s just move on. – [PZ9] All right, well, after you. – After you. We gotta find what was on this countertop! Oh, hey! – [PZ9] Don’t tell me
you’re gonna get lost in my super huge, huge mansion (chuckles). – [Regina] Yeah, yes. Mansion, definitely. – [PZ9] All right, come on. – I think I might just stay
in the kitchen actually. Check it out a little but more. – [PZ9] There’s nothing in this kitchen. – Where are you coming out of? Hey, ow, ow! What, what are you doing? Hey! – [PZ9] You wanted a tour. You don’t wanna eat. – Well, I always wanna eat. – [PZ Leader] The Spy Ninja
must have left already. – [PZ74] She’s not here. – [PZ5] If only there’s
(mumbles) spy ninjas. – [PZ Leader] Because we still have the address to the safe house, let’s continue with our plans. Any suggestions on how to
take over the safe house? – He ran out of ideas! He’s just taking suggestions now? – [PZ 301] What about we take
all of their spy gadgets? – [PZ Leader] Not good enough. PZ Funf? – [PZ5] Let’s live with them! – Living it? No! Disgusting. I’m not living with hackers! – [PZ Leader] That’s
a terrible idea, Funf. PZ74? – [PZ74] I say we burn it
down to the ground again! Yes! – Burn our house down? They did that to our
Los Angeles safe house! Can’t happen again! We don’t have anywhere else to live! – [PZ Leader] PZ6 shall lead the mission to burn the safe house down. Deliver the address to him. Where is the address? – [PZ5] Where is it? (suspenseful music) – [PZ 301] I can’t find it. (mumbles) – Oh no, they’re looking for
the note with the address! They’re gonna find out
where we live right now! Daniel, Chad? Oh gosh, they haven’t done anything yet! Daniel hasn’t hacked into it anything! – [PZ 301] Found it. Here you go Leader. – [PZ Leader] Thank you PZ 301. – We don’t have enough time. I need to think of something. I can’t let them attack the
Spy Ninja safe house again. I’m gonna just sacrifice myself. It doesn’t matter if I get caught because I have gotten out of the jail. Been trapped by them so many times. I can do it. – [PZ Leader] Grab as
many hackers as you can, and burn it down immediately. The address is… – He’s opening the note. All right Spy Ninjas, you ready? Three, two, one, let’s go! (gasps) (alarm beeps) – [PZ 74] That the fire alarm? – [PZ Leader] Everyone evacuate. – That’s the fire alarm! Daniel, Daniel did it! Oh my gosh. Oh gosh. (alarm beeping) (dramatic music) – The leader’s still there. He’s taking his time. Oh gosh. Okay, I think they’re leaving! Okay, the coast is clear you guys. You guys, here it is! Here’s our address! (dramatic music) Okay, I’m gonna take this with me. Gosh. Oh I just came up with a great idea! I’m gonna write PZ9’s address on here, so Project Zorgo will
think that it’s our house, so they’re gonna go and
raid his house instead! (dramatic music) All right, I’m gonna
call Chad and Daniel now! (phone ringing) Guys, mission accomplished! We did it! – Yes! My hack worked just in time! – Yeah, meet me back at the safe house. – Okay, see you at the safe house. – Oh, Vy! – [Vy] Daniel, Chad! – Whoa. – [Vy] I escaped Project
Zorgo’s Headquarters! And I switched out our safe house address with PZ9’s address. – Nice.
– Oh, nice! – Wait, how did you
figure out PZ9’s address? – [Vy] Regina actually
told me his address, and she’s there right now! So we gotta go meet up with her. – Oh, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – [Regina] What do you wanna show me? – [PZ9] Oh, the master bedroom! – [Regina] There’s like, a mattress thing. – [PZ9] Yeah, I haven’t
had any time to clean it. Look at this. It’s raining in Las Vegas. – Huh. You know, I actually really like the rain because you know, in Vegas
it doesn’t rain much, but the rain, a lot of
people think it makes them sad and gloomy, but it
actually makes me really happy. I mean, it’s the desert we live in. It’s nice to see a little
bit of water sometimes, you know PZ9? PZ9? PZ9! Wait, where are you going? No! (door slams shut) What? (yelling) No! No, I’m trapped! (screaming) (suspenseful music)

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