Filipino Christmas Tree | Unique Philippines Arts and Crafts

Filipino Christmas Tree | Unique Philippines Arts and Crafts

so check out this amazing craft
Christmas tree made from the leaves of the Jackfruit tree Malagayang pasko sa Pilipinas o
Mula sang Pilipinas Merry Christmas from the Philippines
you see this tree that I’m standing next to is a jackfruit tree and it actually
doubles as a remarkable craft Christmas tree the leaves when they dry, they dry
really crisp, and they don’t deteriorate, they don’t really get weak they stay firm and
maintain their shape of color the homemade Filipino jackfruit leaf Christmas tree
You can kind of see that there’s glitter painted on it, star , homemade star this
the old bird’s nest on top of the tree not sure if that’s a tradition Pasko or not but it’s
pretty cool thanks for watching if you like this
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it’s Manila baybee

9 thoughts on “Filipino Christmas Tree | Unique Philippines Arts and Crafts

  1. Filipino creativity to find ways to use everything is always astounding. I never saw this use of jackfruit leaves before, but it's very impressive! She is resourceful! Merry Christmas and Maligayong Pasko!

  2. I see your girl has some obvious and not so obvious talents.😁
    Merry Christmas 🎄and Happy New year 🎉

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