Ficus Bonsai tree. Creating pads and layers. Experimental session plus time-lapse

Ficus Bonsai tree. Creating pads and layers. Experimental session plus time-lapse

Hello dear bonsai friends out there, i am Peter
Welcome to my bonsai channel this Video is about creating layers and pads on my ficus bonsai One year ago I i have pruned this ficus.
See the before and after pictures Ficus are the best choice for bonsai beginners, they forgive a lot of mistakes especially when kept in the house. I place them in the garden as soon the temperatures are reliable above 10 degrees Celsius .So let’s see the last year condition and the result of after the following treatment First I have tried to handle the damage caused by the previous wiring. Scratching the bark a little was a good solution. The ficus bark healing was excellent. have started a experiment caused to my visit to Vietnam some years ago. The beautiful trimmed ficus trees are all over the city’s. On this foto you see the the view from under the pads. The clever Vietnamese people use wooden grids to maintain the pads. This give me the idea to try it in a similar way on my ficus bonsais. I have used some wire grids. On this ficus I have applied them 5 month ago. Additionally I wired the grid downward. Now it’s time to remove them. the foliage stays in shape, so 5 months of wiring should be sufficient i use the old wires again to tie down the branches. To achieve a better appearance I remove leaves and little branches which point down or to far to the upside. i leave you alone for a few minutes, enjoy my work or move forward Please leave a comment, thumbs up if you like it I am not a master nor a teacher, just do it my way I have lots of ideas about bonsai, do not miss them
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19 thoughts on “Ficus Bonsai tree. Creating pads and layers. Experimental session plus time-lapse

  1. Precioso su trabajo…..!!!! Me encanto ….y las rejillas excelente idea lo haré seguro!!!! mil gracias por compartirlo💖

  2. Nice tree. But branches from the 2nd to apex is not proportion. The air root at the apex gonna cause tapering in the long run.

  3. ich hab ja noch unter anderem eine Chin. feige und würd die gern zurückschneiden trau mich aber nicht so dran :(…Da war in der haltung gesagt man sollte die chin. feige duschen also wanne und ab duschen kalt "eher lauh lauh warm" normal tauch ich 1x woche meine bonsais aber bei der chin feige bin ich mir unsicher was hälst du von duschen ? sollte ich nicht lieber tauchen ?

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