Festive Designer Kraft Paper Rolls by Stampin’ Up!

Hello everyone, this is Alisa. Today I’m showing
off our Festive Designer Kraft Paper Rolls. These are a fun and versatile product. Let
me tell you a little bit about them. In each package you get two rolls, one each of two
designs. Each roll has two sides, which is great. One side is the plain kraft, and one
side is the printed white design. That makes it really versatile for you. The great thing
too, is that each roll is eighteen inches in width and then about five yards in length.
So there is a lot you can do with it. Let’s talk about how fun it is to use. You can do
so much. Well of course you can wrap with our wrapping paper. I wrapped this box using
the plain side. Makes a cute plain gift, but there is also more you can do. You can wrap
with the printed side, to make a really cute gift. Which I did. There is also another
fun thing you can do. I wrapped this gift with the printed side, then I cut a strip
of the plain side and I punched it with the Confetti Stars Punch to add a cute tag. Isn’t
that cute? So let me tell you some other fun things you can do with the paper. You can
always roll it out and cut it to create a place mat, which you can stamp, you can write
people’s name on, and embellish anyway you want. You can also, if you want, turn it to
the designed side, roll it out a create a table runner for your seasonal décor. There
is so much fun stuff that you can do with the Festive Designer Kraft Paper Rolls. Contact your demonstrator
or visit stampinup.com. Thanks for joining me and happy creating.

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