Faux Stained Glass Wine Bottle Lamp  | Glass Painting | Bottle Art | Christmas decorations

Faux Stained Glass Wine Bottle Lamp | Glass Painting | Bottle Art | Christmas decorations

Hello and welcome to my channel. In this
video I’ll be showing you how I made these colorful faux stained glass bottle
lamps using Gallery Glass window color paints and their liquid lead .You can make
your design as simple or as complex as you would like. So stick around if you would like to see
how this one was made. Begin by soaking your clear glass bottles overnight in a
bucket of water, the next day the label should come off easily if not use a
utility knife to scrape them off. Use an adhesive spray remover to remove any
glue residue.As I will be inserting a string of lights into the bottle I
drilled a half-inch hole using a diamond drill bit hole saw. I rolled some plumber’s putty and created
a well to hold water which would help lubricate the bit whilst drilling .Begin
drilling with the bit at a slight angle to get a nick on the bottle then move the
bit into an upright position and continue drilling until you are all the
way through. Remove the putty and wash out the bottle immediately then place it
somewhere to dry .Transfer your design to the bottle either by drawing it freehand
or using carbon paper in this method I printed out my design
and then traced it onto the bottle to remove the paper I squished it down a
bit with a ruler then turned the ruler in a clockwise direction and pulled it
out. To give the bottles the faux stained glass finish I will be using window
glass color paints and liquid leading by Gallery Glass. I used a small bottle with
a special tip for the liquid leading. Squeeze the bottle and move forward over
the lines notice I’m holding the tip about a half inch above the surface this
gives me full control on where to place the line the harder you squeeze the
faster you will be able to move over the lines. Stop squeezing just before you get
into contact with the other line ensure your lines are closed off as this
prevents the colored paint from spreading. After covering about half of
the bottle with liquid leading I usually place it to dry on the fridge for about
three to four hours. Once it is dry I then finish it off by
covering the other half and again placing it on the fridge to dry. Fill the
areas with the colors you desire. holding the bottle at this angle I did
not need to squeeze it as the paint ran out freely. Be careful not to overfill an
area as it will run. Use a tissue to clean up any runs. For
a shading technique use a paintbrush and other colors. Although the paint has a
milky opaque appearance when wet it dries to a transparent finish. It would
be difficult to paint the entire bottle at once if holding it in your hand
so to avoid smudges I would paint sections at a time ,place it on the
fridge to dry for an hour and repeat the process until the entire bottle is
painted. For larger areas you can paint the
outline first then fill it in.Once you have finished painting your bottle you
are ready to insert the lights. You will need a dowel with a hook on the end.
Insert a sufficient amount of bulbs to reach the top of the bottle reach in
with the dowel and pull the string of lights out of the top. Hold onto the top
bulb while inserting the remaining lights below. Add a bit of glue to keep
the bulbs from falling to the bottom of the bottle, and there you have it
a completed faux stained glass bottle lamp. If you enjoyed the video remember to
give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing. If you are interested in
other recycled glass projects check out my video links on the left. Well bye for
now folks and take care.

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