Faux stained-glass fox – Use your Scrap Clay Challenge – Day 4

Faux stained-glass fox – Use your Scrap Clay Challenge – Day 4

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts. I’m
Mihaela from Learn Polymer Clay and I’m back with more inspiration for your work
with polymer clay. This is day four of the Use your scrap clay challenge and
for today I have prepared a tutorial in which we are going to play with silver
foils, stencils, alcohol inks and stamps and we are going to achieve a faux
stained-glass look. I hope you will like the tutorial and I hope you’ll be
inspired to use your scrap clay and declutter your work area. Let’s dive into
the tutorial! So I’m working with a scrap clay that I have previously mixed and
passed through the pasta machine on the second largest setting of my pasta
machine and then I folded the clay in half because I’m making the back and the
front of the bead in the same time. So I’m using a stamp to texture the back
then I flipped the piece over and I’m going to use a flower stencil that I am
going to press into the polymer clay so I’m taking the time to press the stencil
into the polymer clay and then I will apply silver gilding foil I will remove
the excess foil and save it for other projects of course and then I used my
fingers to gently burnish the foil into the polymer clay inside the stencil and then you’ll just have to remove the
excess foil all around the stencil, the design in case you notice there are
areas where the scrap clay is showing through you can use small pieces of foil
and decorate these areas as well and then you have to gently remove the
stencil making sure that the foil stays on the polymer clay. In case you
notice that the foil is lifting you should put down the the stencil and
press again on the foil in these areas and then lift the stencil gently of
course and then I used my craft knife to define
the areas all around the petals. I want to have negative areas around the petals.
I want you to have the scrap clay showing through. So I’m just removing the foil in
between the petals and I will do this all around the flower and then gently remove these
scrap bits of silver foil and then when you are happy with the look of the piece
you’ll just have to use alcohol inks. Use the colors of your choice. Anyway when
you are using alcohol inks and foils you are sure to get an amazing result. This
is my opinion and because I’m making a fox design I decided to work with red
Santa fe and Sun-bright yellow I think it’s called
Sun bright and I will start by coloring the center of the flower with yellow and
then I will mix a bit of yellow with a little bit of red and then I will put
more red and I will mix these two colors in different amounts to have
different variations of orange and I will color all around the base using as
you can see a brush. On second thought I think I could have colored only some
only some petals not all the petals and I think this would have ended up with
a beautiful design as well. So there are a lot of variations that you
can apply to this idea but I I got so carried away with the coloring
part that I colored all the petals all around the flower. Then you have to
let the alcohol inks dry and then I prepared a fox stamp and I’m using black
Stazon ink and a fox stamp and I am going to apply this stamp on top of the polymer
clay but this time I’m not pressing too hard on the stamp because I don’t want
to have an embossed look like the one I achieved for the seahorse. This time I
just wanted to use stamps in the usual way meaning just to make a pattern on
top of of the design and then I noticed that the Fox ears are not inside the
flower so I had to come up with a solution for this and then I applied a
little bit of silver foil in that areas and my first idea was to use inks on
these foils and to to color them with the same color combinations but then I
liked this contrast between the colored silver foil and this part of silver foil
that are just silver that are not colored and this is when I realized that I could
have done the same thing for the petals meaning I could have colored
only a part of the petals not all of them so as you can see I’m using my my
craft knife to cut a little bit of the foil and then I’m using a dotting
tool to press the foil into the polymer clay. I tried to color to apply foils in
some areas but then I decided that I didn’t get the effect that I wanted and
I will use foils to decorate the end of the tail to add more interest to the
design and for those parts that are not colored in black ink as they should have
I decided to use black pigment ink and a brush and to color these areas. You
can use a permanent marker , you can use a design marker , you can use black acrylic
ink and the brush. There are a lot of possibilities to add a little color the
design and then I just used my craft knife and
cut all around the Fox shape and then I removed the excess clay and
as always when cutting with the craft knife you have to be you have
to smooth off the edges and then as I said I used black pigment ink and ta toothpick and I enhanced the lines on the design and you can use this
technique to draw on top of foil decorated polymer clay pieces you can do
that on top of the design I don’t know there are plenty of possibilities to
play with black ink and make something beautiful and I really like the contrast between
the black and colored foils and I also decided to color a little bit
all around the piece to make it look even more interesting and then when you
are happy with the look of the piece you can put the polymer clay piece into the
oven for 40 minutes and bake it at the temperature recommended by the polymer
clay manufacturer. When you are making the front and the back of the bead in
the same time you should not bake the polymer clay piece directly on a glass
tile or directly on a ceramic tile. It’s better to wrap the tile in parchment
paper and put the piece on top of parchment paper and you won’t get a
glassy look on the back of the piece and then I applied Diamond glaze which is a
product that works very well for me and for others here where I live but you
should check if this product works well in the weather conditions where
you are living. So this is the finished piece. I hope you liked the
tutorial . I hope you were inspired to use your scrap clay and I hope these are
techniques that inspire you to create more using polymer clay. Please press the
like button if you liked the tutorial! Please share your impressions with me
and stay tuned for more inspiration for your work with polymer clay! Thank you!

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  1. Your fox turned out really nice. I’m always looking for new ideas to use up scrap clay……this is a great idea! TFS

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