Fate/Grand Order Ruler(Astraea/Luviagelita Edelfelt) Noble Phantasm Custos Morum English sub

Astraea:I’ll hand down your verdict. Astraea:This is how light is your virtue. Astraea:And, this is how heavy are your sins. Astraea:Now, are you ready? Astraea:Custos Morum!! Astraea:Let us weigh your sins. Astraea:My jewelbox is this night sky! Astraea:Your sins are as many as these stars! — Astraea:This is just an extra. Astraea:Custos Morum!! Astraea:How about this! Astraea:Yes! Astraea:My jewels… Astraea:here is the finisher!

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