Fastest Hoverboard SPEED TEST!! ⚡

Fastest Hoverboard SPEED TEST!! ⚡

(door creaking) – What are you doing? (confetti blasting) (epic drum hitting) (laughing) (bottles rattling) – Dang, look I’m all
handsome and clean shaven. Working on a new project. I’ve kind of dropped
some hints to you guys, but like this is the biggest hint. We’re going into VR. Like I’m turning into
augmented reality stuff. We’re filming it today. Holiday’s getting on the call right now. We have like a director that’s gonna direct me how to act when I’m in VR. It’s the same thing as the cereal thing I did the other day. We’ll, drop more hints, and
you’ll get it eventually. (door handle creaking)
Really cool project. – [Holiday] Ah cool, what’s up man? How are you? (cardboard crunching)
(Shaun grunting) (heavy breathing) – If you’re going into VR, you got to go into VR in style. Oh dang. You dig it? It’s like tie die,
reverse tie die kind of. Button up shirts are
only for when I speak. I’m kinda thinking this one or this one. What do you think? Brandon, which one? – [Brandon] Gray. – Brandon says gray. We’re doing it. Now we need pants. We got gray pants, blue
pants, or black pants. Brandon which pants? – [Brandon] Black. – Brandon chose black. Brandon I only have one box of shoes. Should I wear ’em? – [Brandon] Yes. – He said yes. Brandon, I only got one
hat, should I wear it? – [Brandon] No. – Not wearing a hat. Just kidding, I have to wear. (Brandon laughing) I’m gonna change. Hey, look, we’re changed. We did it. We look more handsomer. Okay, we actually need this camera to film the augmented reality stuff, and then we’ll send it to them, and they’ll put us in the virtual reality. So, I got to use the camera. Bye guys. I’ll put a couple clips in there for ya so you can get more hints as to what’s going on. Check out this setup
we got going right now. So, we’re gonna be filming
on the screen screen. They’re gonna give us direction. We’re filming on the vlog. They’re looking at it through this camera, and the giving us feedback through there. This is next level. This is what the future looks like. This is what kids will do
in school in the future. (upbeat music) We are still filming in virtual reality, and Chicken here is equipping
his new drone (laughing). Style points. – They put a specific
like belt loop in there. – You need to get it like to the drill, and like the legs are loose. You just whip it out and like. – [Shaun] It’s like you
flip open the patches like. Do, do, do, do, do. – Throw it up in the
air and just (grunting). – Alright, Chicken’s gonna take you guys on the drone journey, because we’ve been filming in here for like four hours. Best ever with your pal Tall Chicken. – That’s me. First stop, we’re at The Capitol Building. I did my research. I’m not being irresponsible here. There’s no like, what is
it called, no fly zone. (upbeat music) It came up with a warning saying that there’s a helipad, which makes sense. It’s The Capitol Building. So, I immediately just
turned around frickin B-lined it straight back here. So, only slightly awkward. Hopefully I didn’t cause any government officials to be late. I don’t think I did. I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I think we’re okay. Lesson learned. Look how cool that is. Do you see that? Look at that. Oh, yeah Mr. Crab. Oh, there it is. Don’t judge me. Okay, it’s just some canyon
in the middle of nowhere. This canyon goes way far up here. So, I’m thinking maybe I
can go up a little further, and get something a little unique. (upbeat music) Well, that was cool, I
guess, but now I’m curious as to where this road
leads, because I’ve seen a few people drive by,
and I’m just curious. (upbeat music) Oh, they were just here for a bathroom. That’s all. That’s all they came for. They just needed to go potty. Wow, alright. I guess I’m done here. Time to head back the other way. – Guess who’s here? It’s Adley. You want to say hi to vlog? – Hey. – Say hi vlog. Hi vlog. Look at Adley’s knee. Remember yesterday when
she got bit by something, or stung by a bee, or something happened? What is that? – [Jenny] Is it an owie? – Do you guys want to do
the live stream with me? – Yeah – Yeah, we’re doing have I never, ever. Will I, have I? – Never have I ever. – Yeah never have I ever. – I think she’s. – [Jenny] Sounds like fun. – She’s poopy. Let’s change you. Let’s change your bum. – [Jenny] Not it. – Eww, you’re gross.
(Jenny laughing) – [Shaun] Oh, we have mail. Let’s see what it is. Ooh, it’s really heavy. Should we open it? Wow, that is heavy. (Shaun grunting) Owe. – [Holiday] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I saw something today. This Playstation gaming T-shirt. – [Shaun] I wore that yesterday. What? – What’s this? – [Shaun] Oh yeah, best
day ever box cutter. (cardboard crunching) What the heck is that? – [Jenny] It’s a Gyroor. – [Shaun] It’s a Gyroor? – [Man] No look, no look, Gyroor. – Oh my gosh, I thought
I was making fun of her because she spelled gyro wrong,
but it’s actually Gyroor. – [Holiday] Smart scooter. – [Shaun] No, it’s an F1 Gyroor. Let’s get this Gyroor out of here. Yeah, what is this thing? That looks like a tie
fighter from the future. (crowd oohing) Seriously, what is this thing? – [Man] That thing is 90 pounds. – [Jenny] I get first. (crowd oohing) – [Man] That’s actually a weight room. – [Shaun] It’s a gym set. Adley, do you want to do it first? Come stand on it. Should we turn it on? Oh, it’s got like a fan right here. – [Jenny] A fan or speakers? – [Man] I think it’s a speaker. – Put one right there and right there, right there, right there. That was crazy. – So, the people that sent us the iCarbot. – Oh my gosh, the ultimate
briefcase machine. – Same people that sent that. – Really, it’s the same company? – Yeah, yeah. – This is actually really cool. Hey look, Holiday’s holding a briefcase. – It won’t go, but I am holding briefcase. It’s just too bad it won’t go anywhere. – The racecar hoverboards
out for the live stream. – Welcome to the live stream! (shouting and cheering) We’re playing never have I ever. So, go ahead and leave some questions. – [Man] Have you ever dropped Adley? (Shaun laughing) – Let’s tell the story. – [Man] Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you. – Yes. I got it. Fastest hoverboard in the world. We’re all gonna race it so you can get the fastest time. We got fiberglass, race
wheels, fans or speakers, I don’t even know. Zoom, zoom, zoom. Let’s race it. Alright guys, time trials. Fastest time will officially be the owner of the fastest hoverboard in the entire world. Hey, they chalks still
there from last races. Alright, same rules. You start over on that
line, and then as soon as you cross this line you get your time. Fastest time owns the hoverboard. May the best futuristic
hoverboard athlete win. I don’t know how this works, but rock, paper, scissors for who goes first. Ready? You in on this? – Sure. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – [Shaun] So, we’re, yeah. It’s between you two for first. – Scissor, shoot. (clapping) – [Shaun] Dang. That is Albert Einstein over there. He’s been interning most of the summer, and he’s killing it. This is your intro to
Mr. Albert slash Alex, slash Alfred. Basically any name that
starts with A, that’s him. No worries, we’ll move. They’re doing XFINITY
stuff to that building. So, the new race track is over there, and once you cross that line it’s time. Andrew, you’re up. – Alrighty. – [Shaun] Are you filming? – [Parker] Good night. Rules are we’re starting
at this water drain to the first parking lot down there. You get two tries. If you crash, you can do a redo. – [Shaun] Go. Woah! – [Parker] Baby’s first hoverboard boys. – [Shaun] Two, one, go. – Come on Anderson. – Anderson, time. Where’s he at? – [Man In Gray Shirt] 9.51. That’s not bad, 9.51. – [Shaun] Go. Come on (clapping). Going steady, bro. – This kind of reminds me of my last race. – Time. – 20.85 – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – [Parker] Get outta here. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Yes, last and best of all, the game. This is strategy. I’m gonna see what everyone does, and improve off of that. Three, two, one, go. (cheering) Time. – That was the problem with me. – 12.24. – 12.24 Abraham is in the lead. I’ll be your filmer. Do you want to me to? You’re goin’ barefoot? Dude, that’s gnarly. Digging those toes into the asphalt. Really high up on my things I don’t want to do this summer list. Worst idea ever. – You got to commit to the art, guys. – [Holiday] Two, one, go! – [Shaun] Oh, spooky! – Time, second place. – [Shaun] 11:37. How did Apollo get nine seconds? Alright, Boogie. It’s all me. – [Parker] I’ve never seen a bigger lose, lose
situation than this, dude. Like, you’re expected to
win, and if you don’t, you lost to Albert. – Pro strategy, ready? You turn it off. Let it recalibrate. Fresh calibration, extra fast. – Two, one, go. (cheering) – Come on. – Time. – He’s straight mobbing it, Dude. (shouting) – 7.58. (screaming) – Thanks for doing the internship. We’ll see you next summer. I’m the fastest hoverboarder
in the entire world. Alright boys, well, good races. You all did great, but ultimately I got the fastest hoverboard in the world. See you tomorrow. – So, Shaun thinks we’re going to a house meeting right now, but we’re not. We’re going to the space station. I invited all of his
friends for a game night, and he has no idea. – [Cameraman] What are we doing? – Shaun’s birthday. (cameraman gasping) – Pre-birthday birthday. – [Cameraman] Pre-birthday party. We got friends. – [Jenny] There’s Shaun. He’s a little worried,
’cause we took separate cars, but I think he’s looking at
me in the rearview mirror. (door creaking) – What are you doing? (confetti blasting) – Weird. – [Cameraman] That was
like the most anticlimactic door opening ever. (laughing) – I’m like why is Parker’s car here, and then I will open
the door a little bit, and you’re just like. (laughing) What is this? – [Cameraman] We’re just
here to play games dog. – I am way down to play games right now. – Big, like the big characters suck, because they have no mobility. Body shot. – Parker literally went like this, uh, oh. – Oh, game and set, yeah. – [Jenny] Did you guys lose? – I want to see some stats. – [Jenny] Losers. – Turn that off. We’re in the Mario Tennis finals. We’re doing picks and bans. This is professional stuff here. Jenny, Hayden versus Pookie, Brandon. Good luck. Please. – We won. – [Shaun] Jenny, you just won game one. So hold on. Just to recap. Jenny just beat two of
my video game friends in a video game. I guess we’ll just keep watching. One more point. Pookie and Brandon get it, they tie. If Jenny gets it, she wins. (screaming) Jenny pulling in the victory. I just feel like this needs to be documented right now. Look at that long goal. If only there weren’t
four defenders over there. Jenny already has a point. Good job, Babe. First one across this wins. Chicken. – Oh, hold on. No, no, no, no, no, oh. – [Shaun] Nope, woah. Holy crap. On my birthday, almost. Alright who’s up, Hayden? – Hold on, I got it. – [Shaun] There you go, nope. Holiday is going on the unicycle? Swag, dog, swag roller. (plastic crunching) Oh. Felix Trapper, Rocket League Pro. One wheel, rookie. Pookie, just give me something. Oh man, I love that music, Pookie. Trust. Is this real? This is real. This is real. It’s happening. (screaming) – Let’s go. – [Shaun] Swag roller, dog, wow. Oh, oh, is this season four? My season four Rocket League Pro? Felix Trapper. Oh my gosh. Dude, get over here, rare crate. Holiday hopping on the bike. Holiday takes the bike across. Literally the last time I said. We got to get outta here,
and he just does it. We got to switch to salty
three V threes on Smite. Nothing can ruin a friendship quicker than a quick three V three joust on Smite. Update, 12:30 a.m. (bell ringing) (laughing) Chicken is
literally losing it right now. (laughing) – [Parker] That was like a double laugh. – Chicken, do a volcano when he’s funny. (Chicken grunting) Everybody’s gone. Just the die hards remain. Me and Brandon. One drop, Battlegrounds. We got it. 35 left, birthday drop, it’s gonna happen. (upbeat music) So Holiday, how many books did you finish reading while
Brandon was racing down. – Two and a half.

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