Faster 2 Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs – The Easy Press Advantage

Faster 2 Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs – The Easy Press Advantage

Have you ever completed a multi-color
application with your heat transfer film? We asked this question a lot and
seminars and classes we give throughout the country and the answer is No from a lot of
people. And a lot of customers have tried multi-color applications but they’ve just had a difficult time
lining things up and producing these efficiently making
money and delivering profit to their bottom line. At Stahls’ we engineer and develop a
variety of heat transfer films each with different performance
attribute. Today I want to highlight something called the Easy Press
Advantage that’s made possible by our
pressure-sensitive technology across a few of our key products. Let’s start by discovering Fashion Film
in the Easy Press Advantage for multi color applications over at the press. We’ve engineered our
pressure sensitives to heat apply in just two seconds with the hot peel
release and this makes it particularly beneficial for multi color applications. So we’ll position the Fashion Film design
down first for our background image in typical applications up other heat
transfer films would take upwards of ten to fifteen seconds to apply this layer. Sometimes shrinking and warping the heat
transfer film and also the garment. Making the alignment of the next layer
difficult. But with Fashion Film we apply for two seconds it’s fast and
easy and limits shrinking. Not only is it a quick application it’s also an immediate hot peel release.
Were the liner are practically falls away from the film not stretching the design or the garment
at all preparing for application for my next foreground layer. The second part of the Easy Press
Advantage is the crystal clear carrier that it’s created with here. This makes
alignments of the foreground extremely easy. If
you’re working with material with the frosted carrier alignment could be extremely difficult. After we align the foreground layer I’ll cover both together and I’ll press them
for the full recommended application. With the Easy Press Advantage you can
build layer on layer on layer simply tacking all of your background layers for two
seconds hot peel and then finish with the final foreground for the complete application. Once again removing the carrier hot and
we have a durable heat transfer with Fashion Film. That’s a simple two
color application where we have full overlapping layers I want to
show you another technique with Fashion Film as well our with that product. Fashion Film is a very nice matte
finish very soft on the garment intended for t-shirts a cotton/poly applications. Available in a wide variety
of colors including neons and metallics all at one manufacturer direct price
point. Now for my next sample I’m gonna load another garments also with the Fashion
Film application and the Easy Press Advantage helps to
get rid of a common problem which I call a mylar mark. So we’ll
start by loading our garment. I’ll just preheat it to remove the moisture
and wrinkles and you can see this design that has been created has a background
in Fashion Film black and also a foreground that’s gonna apply over top. So let’s start by tacking that background down for two seconds and then I could show you the foreground as well. So two seconds again a hot peel release never have to remove the garment from
the press to let it cool down or anything. Now when I go to line this foreground up it drops into place very easy but
what you see here is the mylar carrier going across
various parts of the design where it typically leaves it indent if I were to run this at the full fifteen-second application
and this happens with a wide variety of heat transfer films. So with the Easy Press Advantage
basically I want to get that carrier away as quick as possible. So I’m just gonna
tack this for two seconds as well and remove the carrier. Couple second
tack remove the carrier and you’ll see a
slight indent but the nice thing is I’m gonna finish
this off without the carrier on it for the for the full 15 seconds and its gonna give me a
nice clean design. So with the Easy Press Advantage not
only do you speed up production but you improve the quality of your
finished item. The great thing is that when you find
something that works we can engineer this across multiple materials since we’re a true manufacturer of heat
transfer products. Fashion Film is one of our most popular
materials but so is Glitter Flake which is still trending in popularity
and I would say has become a mainstay in the marketplace. The Stahls’ Glitter
Flake material allows for the Easy Press Advantage as
well which is great because a lot of folks want a multi-color bling application.
So I’m going to do the same design and just tack the background for two
seconds remove the carrier while hot a nice hot
peel release. Align my second color and glitter materials are a little
different they want actually leave a mylar mark at all so I can run this
application for the full 15 seconds. So a two-color
application with Glitter Flake or Fashion Film
takes a total of 17 seconds. Very quick very easy very accurate
that’s the Easy Press Advantage. And you’ll notice as I remove this
carrier the Glitter Flake product also has a crystal clear liner that allows for easy alignment and
registration. The last product I wanna show you today
with the Easy Press Advantage is one of our top sellers for athletic
team uniforms called Thermo Film. A lot of folks want to
complete multi colored name and number applications it’s very
popular in sports. With our threadable Hotronix heat press
we’re gonna load the mesh garment we’re gonna preheat to
remove the moisture wrinkles. Now Thermo Films pretty unique in that it only takes eight seconds to apply. Start with the background layer position it down and press it for two
seconds. Remove the carrier while hot now I’ll align my foreground and heat press it for the full recommended
time temperature and pressure which in this case is eight seconds. Notice all the materials crystal-clear carrier easy lineup fast
application for base layers and hot peel release. It’s that easy with heat transfer materials from Stahls; CAD-CUT Direct. So you’ve just witnessed three of our products
with the Easy Press Advantage… Cad-Cut Fashion Film for t-shirts and
cotton poly applications Glitter Flake for the full sparkle bling
result and Cad-Cut Thermo Film for team uniforms athletics jerseys. W e
have two additional products that work with this type of application which are
Fashion Film Electric and Cad-Cut Glow. So feel free to mix and match and experiment and start doing
multi-color applications in your business again. Start making more money visit cad cut
direct dot com.

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  1. You used a hot peel with glitter flake. The specs on your site say cold peel.  Has the product changed since doing this video or can I peel hot?

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