Family BEACH routine – Adley and Dad build a Princess Sand Castle in Hawaii

Family BEACH routine – Adley and Dad build a Princess Sand Castle in Hawaii

– [Adley] Dad, I’m gonna
look outside right now. – [Dad] Oh, it’s locked. (intense music) (Dad laughs) Screen door alert. – [Adley] Dad, let’s check. Whoa! – [Dad] Isn’t that beautiful? In the morning! That backpack’s so cute. Bye. (jubilant music) – [Dad] Thank you. For mom? – [Adley] Hmm. – [Dad] Do you know what that is? That’s California. That’s where dad goes all the time. – I want to go there with you. Me and daddy are going on the airplane, and so we got to get two toys for us. – I forgot. Every time we go on the
airplane we get a surprise. Oh my Gosh, should we get one? – Yeah. – [Dad] I think we’re gonna land. Whoa! The ground’s dirty, get up. Hey. We’re in LAX now, we’re getting on another airplane and connecting to another place. Yeah, they’ll see where we’re going soon. She had a baby rabbit. – It’s a girl! (airplane roaring) – Hey, no doing tumbling in the airplane! Hey, everyone’s laying on me. Everyone’s laying on me and taking a nap. Goodnight, goodnight. – I don’t wanna take a nap. – Oh really. (airplane roaring) – [Dad] We’re here! She’s so cute pulling her little suitcase. That’s us, we just landed. Now we’re in a car. Are you ready for fun? – [Mom] Ready. – [Dad] Hey, are you hungry? Should we go eat? – Yeah, right now. – [Dad] Yeah? – Yes. – It’s weird, Adley runs into
fans more than I do nowadays. They were so excited. She took her iPad out. Did you sign her iPad? – No. – [Dad] This is our house, do you like it? – Yes. – [Dad] Adley, we are right by the beach. – I want to go swimming right now. – [Dad] Okay, let’s put
all our groceries away. – Look under my feet. – [Dad] Oh yeah! – [Adley] We’re gonna stay here a lot. – [Dad] Yeah, a lot. Whoa, look how cool it is! – Look! Cool stairs. – [Mom] Lets go up em! – [Dad] Guys look, boogie board stuff! – That’s exactly what we need. – [Dad] That’s exactly what we need. – [Adley] Yeah, little table. – [Dad] Oh and a little table, and here’s the beach. Oh, in case you haven’t guessed, where are we Adley? – Hawaii. – [Dad] Yeah, Hawaii! – Penthouse numero uno. – [Dad] House tour. – Whoa, let’s go in our house. – [Mom] Oh my gosh. – [Dad] Whoa! – [Adley] I’m gonna check upstairs. – [Dad] Look at the chairs, Adley, there’s a place for your butt. Whoa, look at that light! – [Mom] Oh my goodness. – This is my room. – [Dad] This is your room? – Yeah! – [Dad] This is such a cute room. Adley look, you have
an outside room (gasps) and you can see the ocean. – [Adley] Check outside right now. – [Dad] Oh, it’s locked. (Dad laughs) Screen door alert! – [Adley] Dad, let’s check. Whoa! – [Dad] Isn’t that beautiful? – Yeah, I have a table on my side. – [Dad] She has her own little table. Another room. – This is your room. – [Dad] Is this our room? Okay. I think she just kicked
us out of the good room. Should we go get the
groceries out of the car? – Yeah! – [Dad] Let’s do it. – [Adley] Couch. – [Dad] A cool couch. – [Mom] I’ve never had
an orange couch before. – Oh my gosh! Look at this. – [Dad] A cool pillow. She’s stoked. – [Mom] Look at this counter top I dig it. – [Dad] Look at this secret door. – [Mom] Oh, we should play
hide and seek in here. (Dad laughs) We would actually not be
able to find each other. – [Mom] I know. – [Dad] Wow. – Now? – [Mom] No. – Now? – [Mom] No. – Now?
Now. You’re ready to swim. – [Dad] All right, where
are we going Adley? – We’re going to the swimming pool. – [Mom] She wants to go to the pool first. – Yeah. (Adley screams) – [Dad] You swim like a mermaid. – Is this fun? – Yeah. – [Dad] I like Hawaii. – Me too. – [Dad] Adley, did you
know you came here once when you were a little, tiny baby? – Yeah. – Guys, we’re in Hawaii. It’s gonna be so much fun. I didn’t go to Hawaii for the first time until I was like 28. – Same. – [Dad] Adley has come twice
and she’s only three years old. What’s up with those ratios, miss? – You know what, I think
we should keep it going, like a tradition, every two years. – And yes, Niko’s
definitely coming next time. We were just so worried
about him getting sun burnt, and being miserable, and
safe, and all that stuff. (they laugh) – Where’s Adley? Hey, where is she? – I was on his head. – You were on my head? – Yeah. – One, two, three. – Three. (lively music) – It’s 5:00 AM in Hawaii, me and Adley couldn’t sleep anymore, so we woke up to see what it looks like. Oh. – [Adley] Oh. – [Dad] Oh yeah. Looks pretty. – We should go hop in the swimming pool. – [Dad] Oh yeah? – Yeah. – A quick 5AM swim. It’s actually like perfect weather, not hot, not cold, not too sunny. We just finished eating some cereal, watching some movies. – I’m gonna go change. – [Dad] Okay, shh. Be quiet though, mom’s asleep. – We found a bug, I’ll show you. – [Dad] We went and got clothes on. – Look! – [Dad] And we found the
craziest bug in the whole world. – [Adley] Craziest bug in the world. – [Dad] Let’s catch him on here. – [Adley] We should put water in this cup and then catch him with the toilet paper. – [Dad] Oh not water, he doesn’t swim, we need to put sticks and leaves in there. – Whoa, whoa! – [Dad] Whoa! Get it, get it, get it. – Got it. (laughs) – [Dad] Okay, what should
we put in his house? – [Adley] This in his house. – [Dad] Okay. Here, maybe we should put some of that. Do you want to put that leaf in? – Yeah, for his bed. – [Dad] Okay, should we go catch him? Oh, and let’s put a rock there in case he wants to play on a rock. – Oh, I got you. – [Dad] Okay, let’s go get him. Hurry, is he still here? I don’t see him anymore. – I found him, he’s right there. – [Dad] Oh good job. Okay, I got an idea. Here, we’ll put his home right here. Okay, come here I need your help. – Okay. – [Dad] You have to vlog it. Come here little buddy,
gotta go to your new home. Get in there buddy. – [Adley] Whoa! – [Dad] Whoa! We got him. – I want to see, can I hold it? – [Dad] Yeah. – Whoa! – His little home. We got our first Hawaii
pet, and it’s a centipede, or a millipede, I don’t
know the difference but, it’s 5:30 in the morning
so it doesn’t matter. Okay, say bye Mikey. – Let’s catch more bugs. Put him with him. – [Dad] Oh and get him friends. – Uh huh. Like little baby for his babies. For his babies. Dad, should we go for a fun walk? – [Dad] Yeah, let’s go for a walk. – [Adley] I’m stepping on these rocks. – [Dad] Only step on the
rocks, don’t fall off. – [Both] Whoa! – [Dad] We almost got
sprayed by sprinklers. That was a close one. Should we go this way through the jungle? – [Adley] Yeah, through the jungle. Come on dad, let’s go! Oh no. – [Dad] I think we’re okay. Hurry they’re gonna turn on, let’s go! Hurry! Oh, the swimming pool. – Does this have water in there still? I’m gonna feel. – [Dad] Ah! – Ah! – [Dad] Did that scare ya? – Yeah. Leaf! I found a leaf for bugs. – [Dad] Adley! – What, what? – [Dad] I found a friend. Do you see it? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay, get the leaf! – You catch, you catch him. Come here. – [Dad] Come on buddy. – [Adley] Come on. Catch him. – [Dad] I got him. Okay, let’s take him home. – [Adley] Take him home. Dad, don’t run. Only I run. You walk and I run. – [Dad] Okay you run, I’ll walk. You’re so fast. Catching bugs out here. – [Man] Nice. – The bug is in his house. – [Dad] Good morning mom! – Good morning. – [Dad] We’re catching bugs, look. – Whoa. – [Dad] And we already got
one, and this is his friend. – [Mom] You’re taking bugs in the house? – No, we’re taking bugs in the house. – [Dad] They’re friends. – [Mom] How about their house is over here on the table, outside. – Mom, they can be right here. – [Dad] Okay. Maybe their house is right here. Hi little bugs. – This can be a big house. – She is having so much fun. We have been awake since
4:00 AM, but that’s okay, because we went to bed early. Our whole timing, sleeping
schedule is all gonna be weird. – Dad, we just found a lizard. – [Dad] He’s in here. Do you see right there
his foot and his head. – I see him! – [Dad] You see him? – Yeah. – [Dad] Should we try and catch him? – Yeah, try and catch him. – Mom! We found a lizard! – A lizard? – Yeah! Do you want to come and see? – [Mom] Yeah! – Come! – [Dad] Bringing the vlog! – You see him? You see his head? Come and see. – [Mom] I don’t have shoes! – Then go get shoes. – [Mom] (laughs) Where’s he at? – [Adley] He’s in there. Do you see his head? – I got a fancy house for him maybe. Is he in there? – Yeah he is. Catch him. – Okay, we’re gonna try. (Adley screams) Hold on. Where’d he go? I should have had the
bowl there just in case. Where did he go? – Don’t get hurt dad! – It’s okay, he’s a nice lizard. All right, we’ll keep
this ready so next time we see a lizard we can catch him. Okay. – [Adley] Come on let’s,
whoa, I found a bug. – There are so many bugs here. She’s in heaven. I don’t know why she
loves bugs but she does. No, not yet. Okay, ready? On your mark, get set, go! (they all scream) That was a bad idea. We’re going to the beach
now to look for crabs, we’re looking for beach bugs. – [Mom] Look, a seashell! Let’s try to find more. We can take them home. Here’s another one. – That’s a big one.
– Let’s give one to Envy too. – [Mom] Yeah! – [Dad] Maybe there’s beach
bugs over in these rocks. Are you gonna take your shoes off? Good idea, me too. – [Mom] Yeah, let’s take our shoes off. – [Dad] I still got my pajamas on. – [Mom] So do I. – [Dad] Adley’s the only one who got up and got dressed this morning. – This is so fun! – [Mom] There’s a crab, a crab! – [Dad] Adley, a crab! Look, there he is. – [Mom] Is that a crab or a spider? – [Dad] It’s a crab. – [Mom] Crazy, he like
blends in with the sand. – [Dad] So good. Bye little crab. – [Mom] Her cute little footprint. – [Dad] She is in heaven. Is this fun? – Yeah. – The best part about this vacation is we don’t have a ton of
plans, we’re not like, running to here and go do these
rides, and this theme park. We’re literally just wake up
and enjoy life, and explore. Have a best day ever. You know what I’m sayin? Adley, I found a secret area. Come here. Yeah go the hard way, don’t go around. Look! – Over here, what’s under there? – [Dad] It’s a secret area. Look, it’s a cave. – Let’s go this way. (dad screams) – [Dad] The water’s coming! I’m surrounded. – [Adley] Dad! – [Dad] Save me! Help! Save me! – [Adley] Come on! – [Dad] Let’s go, let’s go! Hurry, the water’s coming. Whoa! Wow. – [Mom] She is so cute. I think where those rocks are, that’s where we were. We just walked down
here and it’s all sand. So pretty. – Look at these footprints. – [Mom] You got baby footprints? – [Adley] Yeah! – Yay! We’re in Maui, I love it. This is so fun. You having fun? – We’re in Maui. – [Mom] Yeah. What flavor did we get? – Rainbow, and there’s ice cream in it. – Oh my gosh. This is a really cute place, and they have a lot of breakfast stuff, so maybe we’ll come here tomorrow with Shaun and everyone. – [Dad] Hi girls. – I got these toys, dolly
dress, and then I got sand. – [Dad] Oh, sand toys. – And then I got this. – [Dad] Oh, cute. – She got a souvenir already. – [Dad] Did you get me anything? – You only got one. – [Dad] I only got one? – Yeah. – And we got you a milk. – [Dad] Thanks girls, hop in. (blissful music) – [Dad] We’re home! (“If I can’t have you” by Shawn Mendes) – He’s a lizard! There’s a lizard right
there on the ground. – [Dad] Should I try and catch him? – Yeah, try and catch him! – [Dad] Look at that. – [Adley] Look at that neck! Whoa.
– That’s crazy. – [Adley] He’s so crazy. Whoa. – [Mom] He’s fast. – [Dad] He’s way fast. All right Adley, where are we going? – To the beach. – [Mom] To the beach! – [Dad] To the beach! Hey we didn’t bring our surfboards. – Uh oh. It’s okay. – [Dad] Okay, we’ll just
play with your other toys. Should we build a sand castle? – Yeah, cause I brought sand castle toys. – [Dad] Sounds like a deal. – Adley and I have twinner swim suits. – [Dad] What? – Look, look. Ta-da! Lift your shirt. – [Dad] Yeah mom, lift up your shirt. (they laugh) – Do like this. – I’ll do it like this. – [Dad] Whoa! – [Adley] Right here. – [Dad] Look at this big shell. – Oh, that’s a crazy shell. – [Dad] Oh, look a secret cave. You gotta come in here. Holy cow, we’re in our own cave. It goes all the way back there. – [Both] Whoa! – Look over there. – [Dad] This is our own cave guys. – Let’s get out. – [Dad] Okay, (laughs) let’s get out. Mom, that’s actually kinda crazy. It goes pretty deep back there. Hey look, it’s coral. – Carl! – Coral! Let’s go show the vlog. Whoa vlog, don’t fall. It’s a crab. – [Adley] It’s a crab? – Yeah, do you want to hold it? – [Adley] No. – No, don’t. Shaun, please don’t. Please don’t. Please don’t! – [Dad] I’m not doing
anything, I’m just showing you. – I need five feet. – [Dad] I’m just showing you. Ah, the crab! Look out by your feet. – Stop! – [Dad] The crab’s gone. – Okay. Don’t! – [Dad] Ah! (laughs) There’s nothing in my hand. – Where did it go? – [Dad] It was right here, watch out. – You stop it. – [Dad] Okay, you got em? Oh, grab that one. Okay mom, we’re gonna
go build a sand castle. – Let’s build it right here. – [Dad] This is the place. (happy music) – Yo, this is so much fun. Adley, do you like the beach? – Yeah. – [Mom] Hey, can I see your castle. Here comes some water. – Yes, here comes water! Get the dolphins ready. It went all the way to the space station! It worked, yes! Adley, look at our pool, look. There’s water in it. It worked.
– That’s so awesome. – Can be the whale’s house, by the crab. – Okay. – Right here, like that. – Okay, show the vlog how it works. Where does the water come from? – First, it comes here. Goes to here, then here. And then here, and then
here, and then here. And then that’s the sand castle. – [Mom] I love it. – Can I pat this one? – Yeah, pat that one. – [Mom] So good. – I’m gonna make a sand castle please. – Okay. Flip it over. – Whoa, this is super heavy. – Pull it up. Good! – [Mom] That looks good. – I got some decorations. – Where are the decorations going? – I’m gonna put this right here. – All is lost! – [Mom] You just smashed it! – That’s where the
decoration goes, right there. Where do you want to put this? – [Mom] Oh, put it on the castle. – Here. – Oh, I like that, oh
look it’s like a rainbow. – [Mom] That looks good. – Now we’re done with this. – Okay, we’re done. – No, I need one more castle. – Where do you want the last castle? – Let’s build a lot. – Okay. We’re done, one more castle. Let’s build a lot. – [Mom] That looks so good guys. What are you doing? – Digging my dad. – [Mom] Oh my gosh! On a scale from one to
10, how wrecked are you? – All the way wrecked. My body boarding career is retired. – [Mom] Yeah? I saw you out there,
almost die, three times. – The waves got really
big, like way too big, like ten feet tall, and
then they just threw me into the sand and sand’s hard. I thought it would be soft, it’s hard, and I just got wrecked. See look at our castles
that are all beat up because the waves got it wrecked. – Our castle is now destroyed and Branson’s out there getting wrecked. It’s been a fun beach day. – I’m done burying my dada. – [Mom] Oh my gosh! – I don’t even care. – [Adley] Please stand up. – [Mom] Please stand up dad. (he screams) – I’m a sand monster! (Adley screams) We gotta go rinse our sand off. Branson! – Oh! Adley get back! Oh my gosh! He just got destroyed. We’re gonna stay back here, huh Adley? – Yeah, we can stay back here. – [Mom] You just love the beach? – Yeah, I do. – This is her first real beach. First time building sand castles, first time playing in the waves. Last time she was here she
was a itty, bitty baby. Now she’s a big girl. Loving life. Daddy’s gonna try to body surf, watch him. Oh, he missed it. – I don’t think we told the vlog, there’s sea turtles in here, so you’re just swimming
and you see little fins go. – [Mom] That’s so cool. – It’s really cool. – [Dad] We’re gonna surf. – Adley’s gonna try to surf one, if you couldn’t hear Shaun. (waves crashing) (they cheer) – [Mom] Good job Adley! – Good surf, girlfriend. – [Mom] Good job. Are we ready to go back, eat dinner? – Yes, I’m starving.
– Yes! All I’ve eaten is sand
for the last five hours. – [Mom] Let’s do it! – [Branson] We’re racing against time. – [Dad] And Branson just
had the brilliant idea to roll out the drone. Look at that sunset. Oh my gosh. – Yeah, yo, and this is gonna
save us some drone footage. – Definitely, go. (lively music) (record scratch) – [Dad] No, for reals? Where you at? – I don’t know, dude. – [Dad] Is it good? Was it just the camera freaking out? – Dude I don’t know,
but I gotta get it back. – [Dad] Bring it back, it
might be more windy up there. – [Branson] Can you see it? – [Dad] Yeah it’s up there, is
that, no, that’s an airplane. Bring it back and land it, it’s clear out above the water right now. – [Branson] I know, I just
don’t know where we are. – Oh, it’s right there straight ahead. See it? Yeah, look at that right there.
– How high? – [Dad] Now it’s going
up to the top cloud. The gimbal just gave out, it looked like the whole
drone was coming down. That was scary. – That literally made me poo my pants. – [Dad] , Yeah same. (drone engine) (Dad laughs) – [Dad] It didn’t crash. That got close. That got, wow. (joyous music) – [Dad] What do you
think is in these holes?

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