Fairytale Art Series Repaint – Making a Moonlight Wisp, Wings, Wig and Mods

Fairytale Art Series Repaint – Making a Moonlight Wisp, Wings, Wig and Mods

This fairytale video is brought to you
with the help of my patrons. Hi guys! Welcome to another fairytale video. I
will modify Lagoona Blue and make a Fairytale wisp. I have always imagined a wisp to be in
blue colors and that is also why I chose Lagoona. I wanted a custom hair color
and I dyed alpaca fiber in turquoise and pink. This time I wanted to try to make a glue based wig and Mozekyto’s tutorial
helped me a lot. I left the link below. I chose a stretchy
fabric with a color that fits to Lagoona and I started building the glue
layers. And I was trying to get rid of the wrinles,
so that the cap would fit perfect. Because of this I think the first coat is the most important. I was trying my best. I really enjoyed making something
different than a reroot, but next time I will use a bigger brush. I actually made a few caps until I
trimmed one the right shape. I even cut a round one like for a ball-jointed doll but I didn’t like that you could see the hair plugs, so I used one that covers
around the ears. Once it was ready,
I started gluing the weft on and I was placing them in a similar way
to a sewn wig. And I added a few extra strands for
highlights. I finished gluing the wefts
and I used my flat iron to settle the hair down and to create the part line. And I also had to cut it
because it was messy and I did a dry cut. I wanted a long hairstyle,
so I didn’t cut off too much. Before the repaint I made some
modifications. I took off her fins because they don’t fit with what I have in mind and I used epoxy to fill the gaps. I also modded her ears. I want them to look slightly like elven ones. And I filed off any imperfections. I cleaned and sealed her face and then I
started repainting. I want her to have adreamy and calm expression
and I drew her eyes halfway closed. I wasn’t really sure how I want her
eyebrows and I sketched them slightly. I slowly started adding details with
paints. This time I didn’t make pupils because I
want glittery eyes. I wanted the lower lashes to be long and to make them identical
it was easier to do both eyes at the same time. To make details I switch to mostly
thinned down designer gauche paints. To look more delicate
I used thined down white paint so it doesn’t stand out too much. Before sealing the face again
I used fine glitter and shimmer powders. I used gloss and glitter powder on the
lips and I did the same to make the eyes. I made a rough sketch of how I imagine
the outfit and I wrote down some ideas. I was thinking of a two-piece dress. For the top I sewed white laces
which can be tied on the back and for the bottom piece
I used feathers. I wanted the ribbon clean, without machine stitches
and I glued the feathers. And to look better I placed over a thin white lace. To match both pieces, I used crystals. I didn’t have shoes for her
and I bought a few pairs. I tried with clay too but nothing
fitted with the whole style. I was going to leave her barefoot but then I got the idea to try to make glass pumps. I used gel to make them but I didn’t record how I sculpt them because it was really difficult and I was just trying to make it work. One of my patrons had an awesome idea
if the shoes didn’t work out. To make a tattoo or tie a ribbon
but luckily my effort wasn’t for nothing. After the paint to make them shine again,
I cured the last clearcoat and I decorated them. I want her to have wings and I sketched them on a tracing paper
so that I could easily alter them. I did change them a
few times until I was happy with the look and then I just transferred the design
on the sheet of paper. I used the pattern to shape the wires and then I glued them on a colorful foil. To shape them I cut and melted the ends but something was still missing and I glued another wire piece to both. Next I carefully heated the wings with a flat iron because it covers both sides. I did this to pond the foil better and to create curves. I decorated them, so everything fits
together in the end. Since they’re slightly transparent I wanted to blend them with fine glitters. And then I glued tiny crystals and pearls. I also cured small beads to the ends of
the wires and I added feathers. And as a final detali to be more charming and cute I glued tiny stars. I used my Dremel to shape her back for
the wings and even though that it won’t visible,
once everything is on I wanted to paint something on it just to match with the white feathers
on the wings. I removed the fins on the arms and I switched the hands with a Frankie ones
that I had laying around. I made up a simple background story for her. You can check it in the description. And for this story
I made a water drop necklace. I cured a few pieces of glitter,
different crystals and pearls in it. I wanted something like an elven
hairstyle. and I merged two braids in a half ring
that connects in a single long braid. And I curled the hair into flat curls. To finish the style I added
different sizes crystals and I tied a few strands of hair. I made an ear accessory the same way I
did with the wings and I added crystals, glitter and miniature pearls. I left the bottom wire longer
so that I can trim it later. After trying it on I wanted more
details on her cheeks to match with it. And I glued the wings on her back. It was a bit tricky since they kept turning
around while the glue is still drying so I had to be creative. I want to say thank you to my patrons
that helped me bring out this video! It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Thank you! And thanks for watching guys! I hope you enjoyed this video.
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    Thanks for your kind reply.


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