Eyeglasses Fashion Designs : Eyeglasses Fashion Designs: Pince-Nez

Eyeglasses Fashion Designs : Eyeglasses Fashion Designs: Pince-Nez

This version of eyeglass frames, I am not
honestly sure how to pronounce. In my head, I know I’ve heard them and I think it’s French
but I’m not going to even attempt so as I don’t butcher it but these glasses you’ve
probably at some point seen pictures of them or seen them on something. They’re like an
old-timey style almost, I think, they are they don’t have any ear pieces. They have
they have right here what’s right there I guess is just to give it balance but what
what you would do with these and how you wear these is by this little handle right here.
These are the glasses that like like a Charles Dickens era person, I guess, is going to look
at their accounting book their accounting ledger and this is where you would hold the
glasses and then you put them on to read whatever it is and then you take them down. I really
and truly am, after this, going to remember to look this up because I’d like to know.
They also have the bridge of the nose is really really really exaggerated and I’m guessing
also that’s because you’re holding them and it’s to put on so this doesn’t work to draw
folded in half. You, obviously since their different, can’t trace it but you can trace
everything else. Fold the paper in half, trace it and then unfold it and draw in your little
thing there and then draw your holder right there. Not hard to do.

3 thoughts on “Eyeglasses Fashion Designs : Eyeglasses Fashion Designs: Pince-Nez

  1. If they are made to be hold by hand before the eyes, then they are a Lorgnette. I have a pair of rimless pince-nez, with a nickeled hard nose bridge and springloaded clips. I seldom use them, because they have a tendency to fall off the nose. Luckily they have modern plastic lenses… But the bridge is from the 1920's. Their advantage is that they are very discreet.

  2. Now why would you give a presentation when you have clearly done as little preparation as possible: you failed to learn anything about the item you're presenting. (They work by "pinching the nose" – what "pince-nez" literally means – and not by a "holder".) Now, granted, as a fashion student, I suppose you're more interested in how it looks than in historical eyewear – but you were even incorrect as to how they are WORN. You cannot design for looks alone!

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