Extra ordinary easy and simple Mehendi designs | Eid Special 2019 | ( ZEN art inspired)

Extra ordinary easy and simple Mehendi designs | Eid Special 2019 | ( ZEN art inspired)

few day back I posted this design on Instagram and it got very good response and many people requested that I should create video for this design now its not possible to create exact same design as I told you earlier that whenever I sit with my cone I literally go to my own zone and during that time I always create best designs though I have tried to create similar design with similar layout and elements As you can see have used only three elements in this design swirl, fine lines and circle If you remember last year I posted one doodle video yes this one If you have not seen then I would request all of you to watch this video I have created this doodle using same technique and in same video I have talked about my henna art journey If you have not seen this video then I will post link in the description box so you can find it easily and same video we have in Hindi and English so you can watch in your language now people will raise question that will this delicate lines give dark color or not? yes for sure it will stain as you can see during the beginning of this video I have added one clipping and in that the stain is only 4 hour mature I can see each and every lines very clearly if you are using best quality mehendi powder then yes it does stain and yes you can create such fine lines the specially of this design is fine intricate lines and shading Do try to create this types of mehendi design because I have loved this element and I am planing to use this element more in my future designs though I have used them in past too but not this prominent way yesterday when I made new cones then while trying one cone I simply created Thi design for fun and when people loved this design a lot then I immediately made this video for all of you so keep watching and yes If you are not receiving notification then let me inform you that I post my videos every Friday 4 pm Singapore time and the is 1:30 India time and next week very exciting video coming up Its about from where to take inspiration and how to turn that inspiration into mehendi creation If you really want to learn that trick then without wasting your time subscribe my channel and click bell icon for notification so you don’t miss my very exciting upcoming videos and if you don’t receive notification and then just check every Friday for my new video I will see you soon with my new video till then stay blessed and stay inspired thank you everyone C U , bye

39 thoughts on “Extra ordinary easy and simple Mehendi designs | Eid Special 2019 | ( ZEN art inspired)

  1. میں یہاں اپنے تمام فرینڈز کو اپنے چینل پر آنے کی دعوت دیتی ہوں پلیز میرے چینل پر وزٹ ضرور کریں اور میرے چینل کو سبسکرائب کریں شکریہ

  2. Hello Beena mam
    How are you Today
    OMG Mam you are ___________….
    I don't have any word. …..words hi finish ho gye h

    😍😍😍😍😍❤ 😍 😍 😍 😍

  3. After a long time ma'am.. ma'am u used to upload videos on Monday n Wednesday also..what happened why r u not uploading videos on these days.. as usual ma'am ur designs are always beautiful.. nice n beautiful design ma'am..

  4. Mere hath bahut shake kerte hain mai kaise kon use karu.dedication kaha se ata hai itna hard work k liye.

  5. Mam your teaching method is very easy!!! Nice design too 👍 I subscribed to your channel just now, please subscribe my channel and stay connected to my channel!!

  6. Very nice and easy.
    Myself Diya. Maam plz its a request plz show us what is the right way to refill henna cone.

  7. MashAllah bht bht bht pyara design hai ….i loved it.. In sha Allah eid pe il try this out… Doodle design sounds cool… Hahhah thank you for sharing this pretty design. God bless you…

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