Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today due to popular demand we’re going to be debunking a few more
fake baking videos. If you’re new to this series then it is a bit like the fake
news of the baking world … making up recipes that don’t work or can’t work
just to make a viral video 💰 We’re also going to be looking at
something today which is perhaps a lot more important which is what if kids
follow these hacks or baking recipes and something goes wrong and they get hurt,
who’s responsible for that? One of my subscribers sent me a shocking story
about a teenager, she’s 14 years old with her 12 year old friend who were
following a baking hack. They were real fans of Ms Yeah’s Channel, they tried
to replicate one of her videos where she makes popcorn and it all went horribly
wrong. The fourteen-year-old received burns to 96% of her body and died two
weeks later in hospital which is just awful and the 12 year old girl is still
requiring treatment for her burns. Well Ms Yeah responded in a public statement
on her Weibo page saying that these are the darkest days of her life. She has
been publicly labeled a murderer and she has seriously asked herself ‘am I a
murderer did I cause her death’? She goes on to say that if they followed her
video and did it exactly as she did there would have been no danger and she
points out there are lots of other videos online that show a similar method.
So let’s just stop there and look at what actually happened in this situation.
Ms Yeah in her video uses a soda can and a tea stand with an alcohol lamp
underneath it to make popcorn. I’m sure you’ve seen similar videos to this
before. The police photo shows that the girls didn’t use an alcohol lamp they in
fact used two cans and there are hundreds of videos showing how to use
two cans to make popcorn. The main difference is those ones all use a candle
underneath. In this situation the girls decided to use alcohol for the heat
source and you can see in a lot of Ms Yeah’s other videos she uses alcohol
for the heat source as well so they could have got the idea from there or
they could have got the idea from somewhere else there are other videos
showing making your own alcohol burner for popping popcorn or for any other use.
So it’s impossible to say with certainty where these girls got the idea of using
the alcohol burner in the can it could have been from ms yeah’s video it could
have been from one of hundreds of other videos online. The danger came in where
the flame wasn’t big enough so they added more alcohol to the already lit
burner and the alcohol that you’re pouring in the flame can just follow
that back up to the bottle which is what happened and then caused the bottle of
alcohol to explode which then puts flaming alcohol and soaks everything in
sight. Now i remember when i did the bombe alaska video I gave that exact warning …
don’t pour alcohol from the bottle or the flame can follow it up and cause the
bottle to explode. The reason I warned of that is this has happened before … it’s
happened when chefs have poured stuff at the table and then the bottles have
exploded causing burns to all the people at the table. So it is dangerous and just
heed that warning. Ms Yeah went on to say in her statement that her videos are
just meant to be entertainment for adults they are not meant to be
instructional videos for children and although she believes that the accident
was not based on the imitation of her video this tragic accident does make her
deeply reflect on her own goals. She says the Internet is not an adult
internet a large number of children consume it as an important information
source and she says I did not provide a good example I’m sorry I let everyone
down. She plans to add more safety warnings in the future and will pay for
the family’s medical bells as neither of the girls families can afford
those medical bills but obviously that’s not going to bring the
fourteen-year-old child back or repair what’s happened to the twelve-year-old. I
do think that in this particular case that she is being unfairly burdened with
blame and responsibility on this. If the girls did follow exactly what she did in
her video there wouldn’t have been this tragic accident, however I think she’s
made some good points there of kids are watching this content even if it’s been
made for adult entertainment and not with kids in mind, kids are still
watching and they’re absorbing like sponges and taking this into their brain
as this is the way things work and things work this way … I can replicate
that and do that at home. So that brings me to the question: what if they did
it exactly like it’s in the video and got harmed whose responsibility would
that be? So in the example like of the bleached strawberries that we showed in
the previous video is that the responsibility of the content creator
who put that up if a kid eats a blecch strawberry and gets sick or is it the
responsibility of YouTube? I know several of my subscribers have raised this
particular video as an issue and the response every time has been: “It doesn’t
violate any of our policies if you don’t like it don’t watch it” is basically
the response they were given. I also have asked about that particular video with
my contacts at YouTube and got the same response … it doesn’t violate any of our
policies at all it can stay monetized and it can stay on the platform … which I
was quite surprised about because I think that it could cause harm. So is the
platform at fault if someone gets hurt? I’ve got another couple of examples for
you today you guys have been just sending this one video to me again and
again wanting to know 1.) is it possible? and 2.) is it dangerous? That’s the two
questions I keep getting on this one video. So let’s dive in and check
and see how it goes. First is it even possible? So if I put a werther’s caramel
on a fry pan on high heat after about 20 seconds it starts to melt and then it
starts to burn and give off a putrid smoke 🤢That’s gonna take a while to clean
the pan. Attempt number two at medium heat after waiting one minute it looks like
this and at two minutes it’s still not completely melted but again it’s
starting to burn and we’ve got to clean the pan again. Attempt number three I’ve
got this over very low heat and after a long wait ten minutes to be exact to
melt one candy it was looking like it might start to burn so I quickly plunged
the pan into cold water to cool it and once it was cold I couldn’t get it off
the pan. Now to be fair I wasn’t using a nonstick pan and it looks like they were
so that might solve that problem but even so that is not the way to make
candy tuiles, it is a very ineffective time-wasting way and you’re likely to
burn the candy. If you want to make candy tuiles just super quickly put them into a
food processor and blitz them up or if you don’t have a food processor put them
into a bag and bash it with a rolling pin – until you’ve got a powder. Then just put
a small spoonful of that onto some baking paper and bake it in the oven
just keep an eye on it we’re gonna take a couple of minutes for that to melt
because you’ve got quite a fine layer there. Pull it out leave them to cool
completely and then you can just peel them off the non-stick baking paper and
you’ve got these cute little candy tuiles you can make them finer or thicker
depending how much of that powder you put on to your baking paper. Next thing
they do in the video is they pour melted Werther’s over a single beater that is
spinning! The question I keep getting from everyone is is that safe or is that
going to burn you and splatter caramel on you. I think that’s a very good
question yes I think it’s gonna splatter caramel whether it’s gonna burn or not I
actually wasn’t sure because that’s like will the caramel have cooled down enough
by the time it’s been dripped down and flicked out to not burn you or is it
still gonna be hot? So we’re gonna have to do some experiments to figure out
whether this one’s actually dangerous or just messy. To test it out I’ve put my beaters
inside a box and then I’ve cut a hole in the top so that I can put the melted
caramel in the top just like they did and then all along the front here I have
plastic food wrap so that we can see if the caramel burns through it or not.
Plastic food wrap is surprisingly heat resistant … if I take some over a bowl and
pour on boiling water which as you know would burn your skin the plastic food
wrap doesn’t melt, it’s made to be heat-resistant. Good quality plastic wrap
has a melting point of between 120 and 140 C or 250 to 290 F. So well into the
zone where you’re going to burn your skin before you start to melt the
plastic wrap. Now in comparison crack hard candy is 148 C or 300 degrees F so
much hotter than the plastic wrap but as I said my question is is it going to be
cooled down by the time it’s flung through the air so is it really gonna
still be that hot? Obviously it’s that hot in the pan but what about once it’s
flung off the beaches? I’m filming this in slow motion so you can see what’s
happening with the caramel WOW! that’s a big splatter of hot caramel that would
have gone all over you if the plastic wasn’t there. I don’t know if you can see
from this angle but it’s made a hole in the plastic wrap the whole way down and
this caramel fused and melted into that plastic so I guess that answers the
question of yes that caramel is still hot 🔥 Let me film that a second time for
you, again this is in 180 frames a second so it’s much slower
than in real life and that went right through. Imagine that hot caramel stuck
to your skin we’re talking some serious burns here! Anyone who’s been burnt by
hot caramel will know why I say it’s lava hot it’s hotter than hot water
every time we’re using it. So I want to know there’s a poll on this video let me know … I
want to know your thoughts is YouTube the platform or Facebook the platform
responsible for allowing these videos to be on their platform if someone gets
hurt doing this? Or is it the content creators fault or is it purely in the
viewers or the parents if they’re children responsibility to actually do
their own research before they follow these recipes. Most people I know since
I’ve been making these say ‘why would anyone make fake baking videos?’ just this
whole confusion this whole concept that anyone would do that but it’s all about
getting views it’s all about virality it’s all about getting paid it’s all
about money 🤑 and that’s why people are doing it they’re making fake stuff
because that’s more shareable it’s more interesting than real stuff because
we’ve all seen how to make apple pie 100 different ways and there’s not
much more new to do with that so they’ve turned to faking it to get more clicks
and more views. It’s an interesting world that we live in. If you do get burnt by
hot caramel 5-minute crafts comes into play with this video telling us
what to do… apparently you just put some toothpaste
on it and that will soothe the hot burn! Colgate has actually put a whole page on
their website dedicated to why you should not put toothpaste on burns!
They say the ingredients in toothpaste are not soothing, it contains abrasives
and detergents which work well for cleaning your teeth but not for easing
the pain of a burn. The American Academy of Dermatology which is skin doctors
basically also advises not to put toothpaste on burns because it can lead
to infections. In case you don’t actually know what you should do if you have a
burn or a friend has a burn if it’s a minor burn run it under cool running
water it doesn’t need to be ice or see cold water that can do more damage
to the skin just cool water running from the tap just over it and keep it there
for quite a few minutes up to 20 minutes is recommended. Now obviously if you have
a larger area or a deeper burn run the cooler water and then immediately call
an ambulance and follow their instructions they’ll tell you what to do
over the phone. So that’s been quite a serious video, apologies for that today
but it is a serious topic and I think that it would be interesting to know
what you think about responsibility and blame where that should land. I’m
fascinated to wait and see the results of that poll and see what you think. To
watch more of my debunking videos click here. To watch some recipes that actually
work click here. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes chocolates and
desserts, if you want more debunking videos let me know and tweet me the
videos you want me to review. With thanks to my patrons who sponsor me every week
and make video is still possible on this channel 💝. Make it a great week and I’ll
see you on Friday.

100 thoughts on “Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

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  2. Being as YouTube is censoring, demobilizing, and shutting down channels who actually do nothing wrong, they should be, at the very least, demonetizing content farms.

  3. I think that more responsibilities should be pin on the parents here. They need to be aware of the content their children is consuming. If you don’t have time or just can’t be bothered Youtube Kids exist for that particular reason. If your child get hit by a truck do you blame the company that made the road for letting the truck go there? No, that’s insane. Parents in this era need to be aware and be more responsible.

  4. YouTube once recommended 5-Minute Crafts to me sometime last year. I'm glad I never bothered checking out the channel because I was put off by the thumbnails. Who on Earth thinks it's a good idea to put fire right by your teeth? (This was one of the thumbnails I saw from them).

  5. i also wanted to try the popcorn hack myself and was really shocked with this news :0 thank you very much for warning us!🥺💘

  6. With regard to YouTube or Facebook being bearers of responsibility, it would depend on whether or not they're publishers. Currently, legally, they're not considered so but this is something I personally believe should change. If they're considered publishers, there will be better legal avenues for people negatively impacted.

  7. Something that actually sooths minor burns (after you have helped the heat escape from the skin with cool running water, never before the burn site has cooled down) is a very small amount of lavender essential oil (do NOT put in carrier oil as this can cause heat to get trapped against the skin and therefore cause more discomfort).
    Lavender contains the same chemicals as motrin, but is more concentrated than crushing up a motrin tablet and mixing that with water to put on the skin, so it is an effective pain reliever, plus it it has natural antiseptic properties so it can aid in guarding against infection.

  8. Thank you for this video. I am a big fan of Ms Yeah from the beginning. I appreciate how you explain the issue and problem of the alcohol lamp. I felt sorry for the two kids but also for Ms Yeah who has to take up all this blaming herself as a public figure for other misleading videos.

  9. Parents need to watch their kids anything can be blocked and kids will find a way around it. WATCH YOUR CHILDREN

  10. Ultimately it is the content creators fault but the platform also needs to take responsibility. For fake videos, it's kind of just a :/ that sucks but for actually dangerous videos, the platform needs to deal with that. On that note, it IS a tricky question of 'what constitutes as dangerous' and a slippery slope of 'censorship' so I dont really have an answer

  11. I think that YouTube and the content creators should held accountable for these types of things. And for people saying "where were the parents??" Parents can't be around their children 24/7, constantly monitoring them. There's only so much a parent can do to keep their children safe.

  12. My sister used toothpaste on her face to get rid of a pimple and it burned her skin, imagine putting in on a burn itself 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. I feel like a content maker and platform both should be responsible, 'cose there always terrible people and in that circumstances, actions should be quick.

  14. I wouldn't blame the author of that Chinese popcorn video at all – it's not like you can imagine every possible dangerous idea a person might have when not following your instructions – otherwise you'd end up with endless collections of absurd warnings on everyday equipment, like 'don't use the kitchen robot to style your hair', 'don't put animals in microwave' etc.). I would much rather just have the parents educate their kids that alcohol and fire are not to be touched without the adults' permission. But the toothpaste scenario made me pause… WHY would anyone even think of applying toothpaste to a burn?! Of course youtube cannot take responsibility for the content people post, but just like offensive ones, videos that try to pass clearly harmful activities as 'lifehacks' should definitely be demonetized and/or taken down.

  15. I agree with the concern over the caramel one. One time I was making it and a small drop on my hand, and for a few weeks I had a large welt with puss, it was gross and hurt for so long.

  16. look at the people who smoked and sued the tobacco companies because they got cancer, or other related illnesses, and the ads appeared to make it look glamorous? I'd think it would go to who put the video out and then what about if it was sponsored? Did they verify this was safe to do? Then the platform for allowing something that could be dangerous? They delete comment sections for people who have children on their videos or people who interview others with health issues a lot with children, etc, so why not look at the content? If you are taking time to delete comment sections to "protect" children from predators, why not take time with something this serious that unfortunately resulted in someone's life being lost.

  17. Parents? If Youtube took responsibility then would all "be careful if you try this at home" experiments be taken off? I watch a lot of channels devoted to chemical experiments and I would hate to seem them taken down because children, a demographic they don't even cater too. Even now, a lot of channels are getting censored by Youtube and demonetized because of "what if kids watched" even when their target is adults (see doll repainting Youtube channels & cartoonist Youtube). Is it so unreasonable to hold parents responsible? How is it any different than before the internet and kids saw and read things on TV or in books and tried them out?

  18. If the YouTuber knows everything I do is fake; or I edited out key points about the topic like the bleach strawberries. Then they are at fault for selling a fake image or representation

  19. I think creators who know that their videos are being watched by children, an what they are doing can be concidered dangerous, should put very clear warnings in their videos. Both verbally and visibly, telling the children that they should never attempt this, or that they need an adults help if they are going to. That way, the content still has a right to exist, and the chance that accidents happen are lesser. Of course, there are still going to be accidents and kids who do it anyway, but then they will at least have warned lie thy should have.

    I think YouTube should make sure that videos like that have those warnings, or else age restrict them or something. And for the love of everything, not do it with bots that will just mess everything up, for once

  20. I’m so glad I watched this, I had no idea that people were putting fake cooking videos. I followed a few art ‘how to videos’ and followed them to a T and had no idea how toxic the materials I was working with were as the people making the video gave no precautions and used no protective wear so I assumed wrongly it was safe. I started having respiratory issues, heavy feeling in chest, extremely sore throat, bleeding nose and throat and became sensitised to toxins. I cannot fill up my car with fuel or even paint with acrylic paint with out flaring it all up again.
    Had they showed or mentioned that precautions needed to be made I would’ve been able to do it more safely or more than likely would’ve avoided it entirely. Before doing any how to recommendations, I’m going to be double checking to be use I’m not hurting myself or anyone else

  21. I was told to use toothpaste for sunburns… big mistake.

    It BURNS. BAD. The menthol in it that gives it its mint flavor just burns it& bc it’s abrasive you can just wipe it off. I had to run cold water over my face for over 30 minutes until it just naturally washed away and wasn’t burning anymore. I couldn’t imagine putting it on a real burn…

  22. Both youtube and 5 minute crafts should take responsibility. 5 min crafts knows this can be harmful, knows how dangerous it is and they're just buying their time up until something goes horribly wrong. YouTube, on the other hand, is allowing that, and blatantly ignoring all of these cries for help all of these warning signs. Youtube may even know that this channel is a danger, but it makes more money for them right? They should both take equal responsibility for their actions, and when this does happen, and YouTube does little to nothing about it, we need to stand together as a community to stop this madness.

  23. I think the creators are ultimately responsible, but YouTube needs to police it, to protect the viewers. Thank you so much for doing these videos.

  24. I am sorry, but to me, it comes down to this: who is the parent of this child, who is the person supposed to be watching and caring for them? Who allowed these children to have access to the internet and the tools needed to do whatever they've done? There you go, that's who's responsible. Stop being lousy parents, giving your children smartphones to shut them up.
    You can't expect all the other humans in this world to be responsible for your children's safety and well being, it simply doesn't work. You can't expect people to stop doing things (as stupid and useless and misleading as it might be) for the sake of YOUR children's safety, THAT'S YOUR JOB.

  25. These content makers are responsible for showing dangerous content and should be doing better by their potential viewers, like Ann. Be like Ann.

    There need to be platform provided warnings before videos. They do have a responsibility to their viewers to recommend caution / adult guidance. Especially in this day and age where children have nearly free access to videos. I can hear ppl right now saying their parents are responsible, however, kids can watch at a friend's house, at a library, on a sibling's phone/computer – whatever. We need to protect our kids.

  26. Your channel is amazing, and I really appreciate you teaching safety when it doesn't seem to be a priority for a lot of the people on this platform.

  27. If youtube is alerted that this can hurt people and they keep it up they are at fault along with the content farm and the creators.

  28. Thank you so much ann for bring this situation to light! More people should know how dangerous such videos are!
    In my opinion, youtube and facebook ITSELF, is not at fault as the person that uploaded it is the one at wrong. BUT! I fully agree that the videos should have been dealt with immediately and taken down. Not safe contents should be dealt accordingly like that irregardless which platform it's placed on.

    Theres a saying that goes, Don't blame the invention, blame the user that chose to use the invention terribly.

  29. This is in my opinion Youtube/Facebook/Insatgram's responsibility. If these platforms didn't allow these kids of videos, and if these kids of videos were not therefore profitable, these content creators would not make them. Until these platforms take responsibility and ban these potentially harmful videos there is no way the creators will stop making them because it is simply too profitable.

  30. It should be the content makers fault. It's false advertising, there's no warning or caution thus leading the consumer to think it's safe. You wouldn't sue Target for carrying a product who lied to you but they should make the educated choice of making it available

  31. The first time I made something with a caramel, for some reason it did not sink it how hot it was (despite having a thermometer in it), and I wanted to taste test it. I scooped some up in a spoon, and didn't put it directly in my mouth thank goodness, but swiped my index finger through it. I got a huge painful blister from it that took at least a month to go down. Lesson definitely learned!

  32. I'm glad I watched this video because it gave me a new point of view on an issue I've been hearing a lot about and that is the issue of censorship. So before you ask whose at fault you should ask whether or not YouTube should be allowed to sensor everything you see there. There's a lawsuit case against YouTube that I think is still to be decided as to whether YouTube is a platform or a publisher. Publishers are the ones who make the videos that they post on the platforms. Publishers are allowed to sensor the content of their videos and therefore they can be held legally responsible for that content. Platforms are public forums where the videos can posted and shared with the masses. Platforms are not allowed to sensor the content of the videos posted on them and therefore cannot be held legally responsible for that content.

  33. Actually, in case of burn, you shouldn't put the cool water right on top of the burn but rather slightly above and the stream flow on the burned area 🙂
    Just a nurse advice ! Awesome video 😁

  34. Thank you for making these videos to make people aware of these dangers. People nowadays dont care about safety or using their common sense, it's all about doing things the "easy" or "cool" way. It's sad that so many parents dont care enough to involve themselves with their children and teach them the things they need to know.

  35. To me, I'm not particularly sure whose responsibility it is since I'm not sure who's leading YouTube. Is it the CEO, the content makers, consumers or the algorithm? For any Community, in my opinion there needs to be a leader to take responsibility. Like in a kitchen, the chef is the leader. If one of their prep Cooks messes up, is it on that prep cook or the chef if someone gets food poisoning. Either way, either the chef or the prep cook has to stand up. I don't think either one should just blame it on the food because while the food can help dictate the kind of quality that goes around in the restaurant, that doesn't mean everyone should rely on the quality of food since it is up to the kitchen, both prep cooks and the chef, to determine if this food is quality enough and ensure safety to their customers.

    I think it's highly dependable on the circumstance, but even then, I don't think YouTube has its priorities in the right place. They're not a good restaurant. They don't give out good quality food that the customers might want but they are not getting it because YouTube doesn't like that food. YouTube is giving out food that's benefiting them rather than what their customers want. That's just my view on it and I hope that makes sense. YouTube is trying to change their mom and pop restaurant (internet, community based website) to a corporate/big name restaurant (tv network).

    Unlike those big corporate restaurants, YouTube isn't able to plan what dishes go out. They are still independent meaning whatever their cooks make is what is sent out. The chef has guidelines for their Cooks, But ultimately, the cooks make what they want and then the chef has to determine if that's up to their standards. The chef and a YouTube's restaurant isn't able to determine whether the dish can go out. They have to judge it after it's already been out. Whereas with a TV network restaurant, they already know what's going out.

    I think the chef should step back and realize what kind of cooks they have. Should they really be prioritising the cooks that are making such ridiculous dishes that are only seeking attention whether that's good or bad or try to help those Kooks that are really aspiring to try and make something unique and something that their customers want.

    And an overall seems that they're favoring the one that brings all the attention because more attention means more money is brought into the restaurant and such. But as you said, whose fault is it when that attention turns into a bad circumstance. Is it on the Cook or the chef? Who is the one that's going to take responsibility? Is it going to be that Chinese cook that may have not had to be 100% her fault since other Cooks have made very similar recipes, but she tried to take responsibility and help even though it's not going to fix everything. Or should it be on the chef that would have to look over all the dishes that have already been made and try to solve this large issue over multiple dishes. I agree that I find it a bit unfair that this one Cooke has been singled out from all the others. I don't think it was particularly on her to really take that kind of responsibility. I do think her for doing so even if what she pays the family isn't going to help with everything. At least she took some responsibility, because it looks like YouTube's hasn't done squat about the situation. In the thinking about it a bit more, I think it is ridiculous that YouTube is not taking more responsibility for their dishes. I know it's not been particularly making the content, but they did create a platform that has guidelines to ensure that what dishes come into their restaurant should be regulated to a higher and fairer standard. This is an independent Mom and Pop shop or the internet. The internet is not cable. I understand that YouTube has become more like a business or corporation that is wanting to make money, but it sucks that people in power seem to be the ones that have money so they get to make the decisions rather than the people that are more effected. I bet you tube would be able to pay everything for that family. Is YouTube even aware of the situation? when I say YouTube, I think I'm particularly going to the CEO. If anything, the manager or owner of the restaurant is more fitting to be YouTube's rather than the chef. I did type a lot, so I'm not really going to go back and fix it, but I hope my point still stands. Overall, YouTube probably should take more responsibility in all General sense of their platform. They are here to lead their chefs and Cooks to ensure the safety and happiness of their customers.

    Hopefully my mess of words isn't too confusing and my point was made xD

  36. I think that all three are to blame: the creator, the platform, and the person who tried it. The creator of the video is to blame because they are the ones who chose to publish the video. However, I think that the platform needs to require that such dangerous videos need a very obvious disclaimer on them to not try it at home and are for entertainment purposes. Should the creator refuse to do this in their videos, then I think it's up to the platform to take action to remove not only the content, but to punish the creator of the video as well (which should lead to ultimately banning the person). On the flip side, I also think that parents need to police their children into what content they are watching. Why does You Tube not have parental controls so that parents can set what kids can watch?

  37. there has to be some laws out there, right? so youtube can get in trouble for allowing this bullshit, right–?

  38. I worked at McDonald’s and I got burned with hot hot French fry oil fresh out the fryer and a lady in the kitchen rubbed mustard all over the burn and it hella helped. Left no blisters or marks at all. Try that if u ever get burned.

  39. The people making the content are the most responsible, but YouTube’s hands aren’t clean. They’ve been well aware of issues like this and haven’t changed their policies. Some kids are just curious and don’t know any better. Thanks so much for posting this. People need to know about these things.

  40. did you use the spotted spoon to pull it out or did you pour it from the pan on the caramel beater test??? Cause it looked like a single stream from a pan…

  41. I have kids obsessed with you tube like many other kids and they do Imitate a lot of thing keeping them safe and allowing them not to see thing it’s also part of parenting but I also think that they should allowed fake things to be posted because it could lead to serious problems and kids do believed everything they see

  42. People are blaming the creators for their followers recreating stuff. Yes everyone is at fault and so is the people who believe that watching these video give them the right to go and try it. If the creator has put a warning out saying it’s for entertainment only and not to do it. It’s only one’s fault for not listening. It’s in our nature to do the opposite when someone tells you to do something.
    For example, if I told you not to touch that hot pan because it would burn. There will be one person who think I should see how hot it is. And then touch it and burn themselves, they would turn around and blame me. Is it my fault that they touch it, no! Who made the decision to touch and didn’t listen. Same for children, it’s more the parent fault for not regulating their internet use. Giving your child a phone or iPad to use and not caring about what they watch, they will only know that whatever they see is do able. No one have taught them to not do things they see online, I was stupid as a kid too. Doing dangerous thing because no one told me. It’s sad to say that in this day and age, we have to educate our kids to understand that not everything can be done at home.

  43. Thank you for making this. These times many people are “quantity over quality” nobody can see these “hacks” as something truly dangerous. You can’t control who views your videos and who copies them. But you can control what you post and what is safe.

  44. This is like Backpage (not) being responsible for basically allowing sex trafficking of underage girls. You published it therefore you are responsible.

  45. I do believe a lot of the responsibility should fall on the content creator. Yes your content may not be intended for children but children are going to find a way to access that content (or stupid adults for that matter) and safety warnings should be made much more clear. However, with a platform as large as YouTube, content moderators should be much more mindful of safety hazards and dangerous activity being shown. They should concern themselves less with demonetizing small creators for next to no reason and focus on keeping their users safe.

  46. Ngl that thumbnail triggered my tripophobia. I quickly clicked to get to the vid and get it off my screen. I didn't like it but I love your videos

  47. I think the caramel spinny thingy works if you let the caramel cool off a bit? I don't know..

    Also, the creator is probably at fault if they told you to do it and didn't put any warnings.. If they told you not to do it, then it's your fault.. I guess

  48. Youtubers: Post misleading life hacks etc that are actually dangerous and can possibly kill a person
    Youtube: "This is perfectly fine, keeping it monetized"
    Youtubers: Post any LGBT+ content that have any lgbt+ words in the title etc
    Youtube: "HOW DARE YOU POST THIS!?!?!? Demonetized and possibly removed with a strike"

    Where is the logic in this?

  49. If you get burned you should prepare flour in the fridge let it cold.
    After that cover it on the burned spot . If that's done clean the burn and cover with 🍯 honey.
    It's a natural way to cure your burn .😁😀😃

  50. Who else loves these kinds of videos where Ann calmly roasts all these attention seeking channels ?? 😹🙋🏻🙋🏻

  51. I honestly think this stuff falls under "harmful and dangerous acts" so why YouTube won't remove it is beyond me

  52. Can I put Vietnamese subtitles in your video? I want to let this kind of knowledge reach more people. Because there is a channel which is Vietnamese version of 5 minutes hacks on youtube

  53. I think yes, the content creators should be held responsible, but the platform should also be held responsible, any adult with common sense can see these videos are a disaster waiting to happen, so they're allowing it all for the sake of money. They should be held accountable for any damage caused by those hack videos.

  54. Gobsmacked that these videos are not only allowed but completely monetized. Videos are being demonetized just for simply mentioning 'trans' or 'lgbt' and yet a video dangerously instructing people how to easily achieve 1st degree burns is somehow acceptable but also allowed to be monetized.

    Wow. Please continue this series and don't give up the good fight exposing these fraudulent and dangerous 'baking' channels.

  55. To be very honest…. we do put toothpaste on a mild burns for ages now.. I'll say for generations…. it really does soothes the burn..

  56. In the "old days" content was carried by media with some sort of editor. YouTube is a platform which carries media with no editor. On one hand we need to improve the critical thinking skills of young people– much to the chagrin of the 'sit down, shut up and do as you're told' teacher and parents.

    On the other, many social platforms now allow you to report content which promotes dangerous activities having a sort of mob-censorship– for why this is kind of a bad idea read Miller's 'The Crucible'– by allowing users to report things. Is that /really/ better than no censorship? More questions, more questions.

  57. It's very tragic what happened to these 2 girls, I really feel for their families. I feel it's everyone's responsibility, not just youtube, the creator etc. The internet is part and parcel of every day life now, creators can put dozens of warnings on but kids will be kids as they are by nature inquisitive and will try things that are unconventional and they don't always see the danger. Parents, extended family, club leaders (ie scouts), are all responsible for teaching children safety and for monitoring the childs use of the internet. Youtube and the creator have a moral obligation to ensure that the content they are displaying has explicit warnings and should say what could happen and not just "don't try this at home", after all, I'm sure youtube wouldn't allow a murder to be shown on their platform so they need to take a look at their policies.

  58. it's on the content creator and the viewers, YouTube is a hosting platform, not a publisher. If you want youtube to be a publisher, push your representatives for youtube to be legally defined as a publisher.

  59. Unpopular opinion, but I believe that the parents of the children are more responsible than most but then followed by the Creator and YouTube.

  60. You could say the blame could be solely put on either party or both of them. In reality nobody would make these videos if they didn’t have a platform to share it on and make money. Then again they should film dangerous content to begin with.

  61. I really everthing in your channel,,just wondering who are behind all these videos,,pleaseeeee make behind the scene of your channel and let us know them and thank them for all the video,,lots of love from Bandung,Indonesia 🥰🥰🥰

  62. I think both the creator and the parents are at fault. If there are potential dangers the creators should disclose that. But the kids should know not to play with dangerous things. If there's fire and alcohol, an adult should be supervising. If the kids are too young to know not to play with dangerous chemicals such as alcohol, they should be out of reach.

  63. I think they should at least have a viewer discretion advised. and be labeled as mature content as it includes dangerous acts. that's what actual TV would do, so I don't see why YouTube should be given a pass

  64. If the content creator purposefully makes a deceptive video intending to harm people, yes it is their responsibility. I do think it is generally under the catagory of "entertainment", which I think is fine. I think it's just the responsibility of the parents/guardians and whomever to teach people to not replicate these things

  65. I think everyone involved shares some part of the blame tbh. I think it's also worth noting the parents role in this. Where are the adults when stuff like this happens? Why aren't parents or adults properly watching out for their children and the content they're consuming?

  66. Ms Yeah clearly states on her videos to not replicate them as it's her job to make videos like these and they're purely entertainment, not hacks. She's not responsible some teen tried to recreate it despite the warnings, it's not a cooking hack channel.

  67. I am also lost for words here, but just because I'm an idiot. Please, police the videos, the content, everything, and make it safe for me, cause I'm a huge idiot and I would cause harm to myself first chance I get. I haven't got the mental capacity nor the critical thinking a grown-ass man should have, so I need everybody else to babysit my indulgences.

  68. for the poll, i think that it is the fault of all 3: the platform for allowing the content to be there, the parents for not supervising their children and the uploader for actually giving the dangerous instructions. The uploader is certainly most at fault, though.

  69. Personally I think there is responsibility needed to be taken all around… YouTube, the creators and the parents, if it's children doing what they saw, or the adults who have done so. I've been on the internet since it became the world wide web and it has never been a truly safe place if you don't use your brains and act in a responsible manner. People talk about having 'street smarts' but never stop to realize they need just as many 'smarts' when they go onto the internet… whether on a computer, mobile device or phone. Today's world is very different from when I was young, but "stupid" and "greedy" have always existed and people have been being hurt by both for centuries. Having said that, responsibility for what happens if you follow either must be taken by everyone involved.
    – Children (yes, even teens) need to be taught that the internet is not the be-all and end-all of information they think it is and that just because something is available, doesn't make it true. They need to learn that there are many people who are on it solely to bully others and/or to make money without regard for anyone's safety. This is the parents' responsibility, not schools, and it should be taught from before children go on the internet for the first time, no matter what age that might be. If they're old enough to be on the internet, then they are old enough to learn safety first. Don't teach your children how to be safe on a tricycle but not on the internet.
    – The creators should be made to take responsibility for what they upload and if someone is harmed by what that is, then they need to be held accountable.
    – There obviously needs to be more rules in place for that and those rules have to come from the hosts… such as YouTube and Facebook, neither of which should be considered 'safe' areas in my opinion. Governments can only do so much because they are so varied worldwide and it would be impossible for them all to come together on what the rules should be. Perhaps there needs to be an independent governing body similar to the ones that make the rules for television, movies, and radio… but that might lead to more problems than they are worth.

  70. If peeps are willing to make fake content w/o researching OR AT LEAST showing the try/fail process and listing the reasons (like test kitchen) they should be held responsible. I'm not gonna place blame on kids who are just here for a fun time. Would I blame a kid for doing cigarettes after seeing it idolized? No. I'd blame the company or at most, the parents.

  71. I'm gonna take an unpopular opinion here:
    There is another party that has to take responsibility.
    Why do children have access to and use alcohol for burning, or bleach and stuff?

  72. The girl with the cans died because they had huge bottles of extremly flammable liqiud and the video is not blameable.

  73. The CREATOR and the PLATFORM are BOTH responsible. These videos are INTENDED to be replicated as DIY and tutorial style videos. The content creators do not care about who makes/watches/is hurt by it. They are pumping out content for money. Now if a platform allows it it is ALSO their fault because they are deeming this as safe for viewers. Just like a video of murdering babies or animals, nudity, drugs, etc is prohibited, videos like this can also be since this can fall under HARMFUL or DANGEROUS content. It is dangerous and taken as a joke. People have died and been admitted to hospitals. Shame on the creators and shame on the platforms

  74. Content creators, youtube can't regulate everything and they are already pretty orwelian about content censorship…

  75. Yes, it's YouTube's fault. They were warned by everyone reporting that video about the bleached strawberries but took no action to prevent harm. And they are stil airing the videos and profiting from them. Clearly YouTube's fault as well as the content provider. Consider the new rules about demonetizing "children's" videos that harm female content providers who are not doing anything like this. They're making doll clothes or reviewing craft kits… they're being punished. But these highly dangerous videos aren't?! YouTube has backed harassment and bullying by not removing racist, sexist, anti lgbtq content targeting individuals. That's on YouTube and their messed up priorities.

  76. Creators like 5 minute crafts are extremely dangerous because they don't care about doing research. Ann expertly points out and demonstrates how caramel can still burn skin with using plastic wrap by comparing reference temperatures. How the hell does 5 minute crafts think it's ok to make a video all about caramel without disclaimer or warning. 5 minute crafts are, in my opinion, general really bad instructional videos that make me wonder "what the actual f***"

    Thank you Ann for taking the time to discuss this issue.

  77. Some of the worst are these blossom videos that recommend microwaving rocks in water to make geodes! Any boy scout can tell you that you're just asking to accidentally blow one up like a grenade.

  78. I don't believe that woman should be responsible for the children at all. She wasn't giving a "how-to" video and it wasn't encouraged to be followed. It isn't her fault they tried to do it and it isn't her fault they did something wrong. People shouldn't be mad at her.

  79. Another problem that needs to be brought up is (information from Evan&Katelyn Podcast) a video of robots fighting was taken down as animal abuse???? After being reviewed?!?! This problem has since been fixed, but the point still stands, YouTube does not know what they are doing, and seriously needs to fix a lot of problems.

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