Exploring the SCP Foundation: Dr. Wondertainment

Exploring the SCP Foundation: Dr. Wondertainment

Dr Wondertainment. The SCP Universe is one often presented as
cold, cruel, and unforgiving. Inexplicable phonomena continually break the
laws of nature and horrifying creatures stalk the night, with rarely an explanation given
to where they came from. The presence of Dr Wondertainment then is
a stark contrast to many of the common themes inherent to the scp universe, with less of
a focus on strange, dark, horror, and more on fun. That is not to say that Dr Wondertainment
and their inventions aren’t strange and inexplicable, but there’s a current of whimsical fun connecting
them, creations that are intended to entertain and amaze children, despite many of them being
just as potentially dangerous as many other SCPs. The lack of canonicity within the scp universe
means information about dr wondertainment is loose and scattered at best, so this video
will mostly focus on their various inventions. Dr Wondertainment is a highly mysterious figure,
although of course there are a number of rumors. It’s unclear whether Wondertainment is a man,
woman, group, or an entire organization. Some say it’s a man named Dr Reginald Philbert
Lionel Archibald Westinghouse Wondertainment III, others say a woman named Dr Isabel Helga
Anastasia Parvati Wondertainment V, and others say it’s a whole group of reality benders. There are numerous interpretations, but the
various toys and creations are generally more important than the willy wonka-esque entity
that creates them. These inventions often come with a very light-hearted
document explaining how amazing the toy is, and often have some cautionary warnings or
legal notices. These anomalous creations are occasionally
found by ordinary children or families, generally leading to disastrous results before being
contained by the scp foundation. Although it’s truthfully unclear whether dr
wondertainment intends for these inventions to be harmless fun for children or has more
sinister motives, there’s always a theme of whimsy present. The first Wondertainment creation contained
by the foundation was SCP-445, Super Paper. These stacks of paper cannot be torn, burned,
glued, or taped, and liquid has no adverse affect on it. When folded however, the super paper takes
on unique anomalous qualities related to the form it was folden into. For example, when folded into a paper crane,
it becomes animate, flying around the room. When folded into a cup, it becomes rigid and
sturdy, capable of holding extremely hot liquids with no trouble. This allows for a limitless amount of creativity
on the folder’s part, but there is also a large degree of danger present. When folded into the form of a knife, the
super paper becomes incredibly sturdy and sharp, equivalent to metal weaponry. When balled into a wad, the super paper functions
as a grenade, exploding and easily causing death. SCP-846, Robo-Dude, is a small plastic robot
with accompanying control device. Robo-dude can be spoken to through the device,
and will respond and act with a high degree of programmed intelligence, perhaps autonomous. Robo-dude avoids most questions about its
origins, merely stating it is the intellectual property of dr wondertainment, but will proudly
proclaim it possesses 350 robo-accessories. These accessories, which all seem to come
from it’s small torso cavity, can produce effects as varied as a water pistol, an actual
pistol, a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, or some form of atomic grenade. Robo-dude was delivered in a blank package
to an scp front company with the label simply reading Merry Christmas. It’s unclear if any robo-dudes have ever appeared
amongst the general public. Other robot creations from Dr Wondertainment
include General-Beep,SCP-958, who educates children thirteen and under on various military
engagements and accomplishments before proceeding to teach them how to create anomalous weaponry
from various miscellaneous parts. Scp-1508, also known as Mikey the Chore Buddy,
is composed of cardboard, paper, and plastic, and seeks to assist anyone nearby with any
chore or menial activity, although it’s physical limitations often limit the speed at which
it can complete a task. It is capable of alterting it’s size to reach
different heights or protect itself from certain danger, such as water damage, but Mikey will
also tire out after enough work, needing to spend time to recover. Dr Wondertainment also deals with playful
organisms in addition to toys, such as SCP-111, Dragon Snails. These creatures resemble ordinary snails,
except they possess a warm-blooded metabolism, tentacles on their heads resembling horns,
and significantly increased intelligence. Most notably however, they each posess hollow
sacs beneath their lower jaws containing methane, and utilizing a mechanism within their tracheas,
they are capable of expelling small gouts of flame from their mouths. A document of instructions attached to the
dragon snails packaging discusses the six different types of dragon snails, their diet
of raw vegetables, and a parental notice warning that dragon snails are capable of causing
house fires and that dr wondertainment is in no way responsible for any damage or injuries. SCP-1550, known as Dr Wondertainment’s Custom
Pets, are organisms hatched from eggs that morph their physical structure to best adapt
to their hatching environment. If a custom pet egg is hatched underwater,
it will be born with gills, enlarged lungs, flattened tails, or any other adaptation to
help it survive in an aquatic environment. If born in a forest, it might have a layer
of fur, or if born in a desert it might be cold-blooded and a tendency to burrow. If born in a standard apartment setting, it
might be more affectionate and active than normal, and even have a filtering system in
its mouth to filter dust and crumbs. The original species or form of the custom
pet is unknown, and additionally, it’s unclear how they reproduce, as they are born sterile,
or as the dr wondertainment flier states, pre-neutered. Dr Wondertainment also possess their own amusment
park, titled Wondertainment Land, and contained by the foundation as SCP-949. While anomalous, Wondertainment Land is safe
to explore, with no known casualities so far, and is staffed by humanoid individuals resembling
animal mascots. Autopsies of these humanoids show they consist
entirely of wool, and maintain a cheerful attitude even when being disected. Attractions within the park are similar to
traditional theme park rides and games, with small notable differences. The haunted house mysteriously stiches additional
limbs and a human head to guests, without them realizing, and the head will continue
to provide information on other attractions at the park. The river rapids ride features strange sea
creatures with randomly placed limbs, eyes, and gills, and the bumper cars ride involves
the bumper cars moving autnomously and trying to consume one another. On occasion, the entire theme park will disappear
for several days, reappearing with new atttractions. A flier for the park indicates that on some
future date, the park will have a grand opening, indicating that the o5 council of the foundation
will be escorted by dr wondertainment representatives so that they may attend. Likely the most notably creations of Dr Wondertainment
however are the Little Misters line, a series of 20 humanoids each posessing highly anomalous
traits. All of the little misters are identified as
safe or euclid class, and each possesses a name somewhat related to their anomalous properties. Most of the little misters resemble normal
humans, although there are exceptions. Mr Forgetful, SCP-909, is a caucasian male
suffering from permanent anterograde amnesia, meaning it cannot normally form new memories. However, when Mr Forgetful writes down anything
still in its very recent memory, it causes anyone involved in the experience to forget
the information. Scp-1799, Mr Laugh, resembling a clown, who
possesses the ability to cause extreme laughter with anything it says. Mr Laugh has no control over this ability,
and it seems that laughter seems to cause some sort of physical pain to the entity. Additionally, mr laugh is also capable of
a number of anomalous actions related to clowns, such as removal of his limbs, pulling a string
of colored cloth from his mouth, and extruding colored smoke from multiple orifices. Mr Laugh cannot seem to control these actions
either, and also seem to cause it pain. Mr Soap continually produces soapy liquids
from his skin, Ms Sweetie produces candy that causes males who consume them to become transformed
hard candy constructs, and Mr Fish seems to be a completely normal individual who happens
to have a fish head. Mr Life and Mr Death, SCP-1007 is a male humanoid
that goes through the entire human lifecycle in the course of 75 minutes. He ages approximately one year per minute,
experiences rapid painful bone and muscle growth early on, and suddenly dies once the
time is up. A key that accompanies Mr Life and Mr Death
can be inserted between its shoulder blades, reversing any effects, including death and
decay, reverting the subject to a newborn. It’s unclear if SCP-1007 is both mr life and
mr death, or if there is a seperate counterpart that is uncontained as of yet. Mr Lost, SCP-920, cannot be contained or transported
by any known means. It causes anyone attempting to move it to
become confused and lost, and will also cause radar systems and gps to malfunction, as well
as earthquakes and strange weather formations. Additionally, those in its presence feel compelled
to join it as it wanders, walking across the earth. Mr Lie, SCP-2284, is one of the most dangerous
of the little misters, with everything it says or writes being completely believed by
others as the objective truth. Questions asked mr Lie seem to not adhere
to this property, but otherwise Mr Lie is incapable of stating the truth. To make matters worse, Mr Lie seems to have
a clear understanding of its own abilities, and utilizes them to manipulate others, including
those in the scp foundation. Despite the dozens of wondertainment creations
contained by the foundation, doctor wondertainment continues to be a mystery. Their means and motives of creating and sharing
these unique inventions are just as unknown as their identity. Rumors abound about who or what Doctor wondertainment
is, and you can feel free to think what you wish, but it’s likely that new toys will continue
to find their way into the foundation’s hands. What is clear, however, is that Doctor Wondertainment
has the hearts and minds of children in their thoughts.

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  1. I was kind of curious about Dr. Wondertainment, particularly after learning more about SCP-609 (Dr. Wondertainment’s Ontological 6-Balls [TM]) so this video helped me learn more about them. A headcanon that I kind of developed based off of the box entry of SCP-609 was that they felt kind of out of place in the world ever since they were a child, and created toys such as SCP-609 to reassure themselves that children wouldn’t feel the same way theydid. Or perhaps the toys they make are the things they wished they could do as a child, etc.

    Box entry on SCP-609:
    Hey, Kids! Have you ever wondered whether your experiences are fully authentic or if only your thoughts are real and the world around you is a web of lies? Now the question is immaterial! With your new ONTOLOGICAL 6-BALL [TM], you can use your imagination to make the hottest new learning toy that cannot be!

  2. I like to think it's a married couple. Doc himself wants to make toys for kids. His wife, however, is an esper from the nth dimension or whatever who doesn't fully understand her husband's wishes to bring joy to everyone.

  3. I like the Dragon Snails and the Custom Pets. The Foundation should just let Dr. Wondertainment sell those! They're not hurting anyone!

  4. CmdButtonPublicOpinion=Overpowering
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  5. Couldn't chore buddy clean up SCP-173's containment chamber when asked thereby needing 0 people to clean the cage

  6. 0:00, Introduction to Dr. Wondertainment
    2:27, SCP-445 — Super Paper
    3:30, SCP-846 — Robo-Dude
    4:31, SCP-958 — General BEEP
    4:50, SCP-1508 — Mikey the Chore-Buddy
    5:23, SCP-111 — Dragon Snails
    6:19, SCP-1550 — Custom Pets
    7:20, SCP-949 — Wondertainment Land
    9:15, SCP-909 — Mr. Forgetful
    9:38, SCP-1799 — Mr. Laugh
    10:20, SCP-1908 — Mr. Soap
    10:25, SCP-2396 — Ms. Sweetie
    10:32, SCP-527 — Mr. Fish
    10:39, SCP-1007 — Mr. Life and Mr. Death
    11:24, SCP-920 — Mr. Lost
    11:51, SCP-2284 — Mr. Lie

  7. When I first heard the name “Mr. Lost” I immediately thought of Ryoga Hibiki (the Eternally Lost Boy) from Ranma 1/2, and thought the effect was going to be something similar

  8. So Dr Wondertainment is like a combination of Willy Wonka and Walt Disney. But a realitybender that creates anomalous magical toys and carnivals and all that kind of shit

  9. Dr. Wondertainment is a actually just an older slightly overweight guy who works in a toilet factory & dreams of being the Willy Wonka of toys. His life is bland & boring, yet he still thinks highly of himself for some reason despite being miserable & alone without having ever even dated a girl even though he tried. He possessed a journal where whatever he writes becomes true, though he doesn't know this. So he just uses this journal to write about his toy ideas & fantasy life. Slowly he will fill every page of the book & render it useless, never knowing it's true potential to change his life. This is the sad truth behind who Dr. Wondertainment is.

  10. “Various military engagements and achievements” good idea. “Before proceeding to teach em how to make guns???!!!” Think we should make General Beep fight RoboDude


  12. To me, this Wondertainment person seems to be a mischievous reality bender. He has no outright plans to harm others, but may often forget human limitations and fragile nature. He arrives to entertain children because they are viewed as humans at their best, and so wants to keep them happy and smiling, possibly because Wondertainment feels as children could understand him best.

  13. Dr. Wondertainment mystery solved. It’s Markiplier. He’s definitely about bringing “wondertainment” to his fans. You are all welcome.

  14. Honestly if I too was as gifted and intelligent as Dr. Wondertainment I too would mess around with the most secret and advanced organizations.

  15. This video completely changed my ideas of him because the only scp of him I saw was the "win a cookie" kill a cute animal machine thing

  16. I wonder what Dr. Wondertainment does in the various "End of the World" events that may or may not happen in the Foundation's universe?

  17. do you think the scp foundation could sue dr wondertainment to get his attention? he seems to leave alot of legal asterisks on his stuff

  18. I kinda wanna know why he didn't go over Mr. Redd, which is by far the more interesting SCP

    But I mean anything about him is a tale so that might be the reason but still.

  19. So you’re saying they have my ex locked up in a secret government facility and they’re calling him Mister Lie now? How appropriate!

  20. Maybe Lila (ML) has a weaker version of mr lie’s abilities that don’t work on everyone would explain why a bunch of people inexplicably believe the stupid lies she produces (joke)
    No wait that’s just the fact they want her to move the plot forward by people believing her even if it doesn’t make sense

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