Exploiting Everything w/ DrawWithJazza

Exploiting Everything w/ DrawWithJazza

Jaiden: Hello everyone! uh I’m Jaiden and you already knew that I’m here with Jazza again! Jazza: Hi guys it’s so good to see y-you again!!!! Jaiden: So we’ve got this cool drawing program called what is it Draw Pile?? Jazza: Yeah. Jaiden: And we spent like an hour trying to figure it out *laughs* Jaiden: We’re gonna draw We made this Jaiden: Okay how do I explain this? Jazza: I have a way to explain it You do a sketch of your avatar I’m doing a sketch of mine and then we swap and we’ll fill in the lines of each other’s avatar. Jaiden: Okay Jazza: Oh and Jaiden discovered this cool highlighter tool WOOO LOOK AT THIS! Jaiden: Yeah it’s called Laser Pointer. Jazza: Yeah but It doesn’t ruin it It just gets in the way of what she’s drawing. Jaiden: It’s just obnoxious *laughs* Jazza: Yeah exactly . Jaiden: I can draw like a little moustache *giggle* Jazza: Hey so you outline my character and I’ll outline yours. See here how we’ve filled in each other’s? sketches. Our activity today is we’re both gonna sketch really simple shapes in combinations that may or may not make sense and then we’ll swap over and do the actual refined drawing! Jaiden:Yeah! Jazza:Maybe we could decide specific things like maybe the first thing we could do is say okay we’re going to make a Pokemon so we both like make a bunch of shapes and then we swap over and turn it- Jaiden: I like that! Jazza: into a Pokemon *gasps* That way we can appeal to pop culture Jaiden: Get more views! *laughs* Jazza: Exactly! Jaiden: Okay we just like decided what we’re doing right now on the video. Jazza: Yeah I feel like your Pokemon needs a big circle as a foundation here. Jaiden: I’m going to start off with a diamond Do you have a favorite shape? My favorite shape is triangle. Jazza: Really? Jaiden: Yee! Jazza Favorite shape um Oop thats.. favorite shape I don’t have a favorite shape Here uh i’ve given you a big triangle! Jaiden: Thank you! Heart is a shape right? Jazza: Yeah that’s-that counts I guess I’m done. Jaiden: All right let’s do this! Jazza: Wait I’m adding a circle here now i’m done *laughs* Jaiden: I needed that circle We’re turning it into a Pokemon? Is that-Jazza:Yes! Jaiden:Okay! Jazza:Do you watch like the newer Pokemon things? Jazza: I know there’s like a new anime because of the new Generation that came out but I haven’t watched it but I’ve heard the animation is like *click* Yeah! B) Nice! Jazza: They apparently they’re making a new one for the Nintendo switch and there was an interview with the developers and they’re just like “Just don’t have high expectations!” *laughs* Jaiden: Really?! Jazza: Yes so everyone’s like conflicted because on the one hand they’re like thanks for being honest, but on the other hand come on? Jaiden: You know it’s going to be good when even the producers are like “We’re sorry,” Jazza:Yea! Before anyone has seen anything. Jaiden: I think I’m going like buffalo Jazza: Mine doesn’t look like a Pokemon it just looks like a- Jaiden: AWW! it’s like It made me think of a futuristic cheerleader *giggle* I don’t know how to draw rocks I’m not good at environmental drawings That’s a rock okay! Jazza: Of all the rocks I’ve seen, Jaiden… Jaiden: That’s one of the worst! *laughs* He’s gonna have six legs because that’s what you gave me. Jazza: Aww he looks so cool! Mines sorta dumb! Jaiden: No he looks happy! He looks like a, do you know Porygon, Polygon Two -that series Jazza: Yeah I was-I guess I was going for pretend that it was all intentional. Jaiden: Pokemon has like a certain style to its like cartoon but also… Jazza: Yeah I think I think it’s sort of like this style, Jaiden: I was like WOAH wh-where’d that come from and I was like oh it’s Jazza You came into my territory! Jazza: What type is your Pokemon? Jaiden: I think I’m going rock because he’s got like this rock- Oh sorry I burped- This rock thing and maybe I’ll give ’em more… Jazza: Mine’s a psychic Pokemon with power of love, Yeah! Jaiden: AWW so kawaii! Jazza: Well that’s why *laughs* That’s why he has big fists because he just he punches people in the face and they feel love! Jaiden: He punches them in the heart. Jazza: YES! Yes exactly Jaiden: How does this tail want to go?… no Jazza: Maybe we’ll move on to new things? Jaiden: Yeah! *giggle* Jazza: I feel like I’ve seen enough of these, please. Jaiden: Yeah! You’re just like you get my little kawaii thing. Jazza: Let’s uh this is a Good Warm-Up your Turn. Jaiden: Um People! Lets have like two shapes and we have to turn them into figures interacting with each other Jazza: OH okay and we can cross this line in the middle. Jaiden: Stars are shapes I’m trying to think *gasps* Crescent Moon! *laughs* This is a shape test Jazza: Yeah! You- you better- you better ease up with your shapes there ’cause I’m not entirely sure. Jaiden: I started getting into, “what’s a shape that hasn’t been done yet?” And then, I’m like, oh good luck, oops sorry . Jazza: I wonder what the weirdest shapes are like that are legitimate shapes, Jaiden: Like this Yeah Thats got a name Like one of those- Its like Quinta -frickin- hedadeHEDRON *laughs* Jazza: I’m drawing a lady, just because I always draw like these ACTION dudes! I Need to stretch myself Jaiden: Bring in the ladies! So I see you give me room for a sleeve here, but should I go a different way? I see what you set up for me but I can totally be like “nope!” Jazza:That’s not a leg it’s an electric GUITAR! Jaiden :It’s a tooth! Jazza: Okay oh my goo-oh wow okay your dudes about to get eaten Jaiden: Is it my dude or is it your dude? Am I just like making your guy in peril? Jazza: Yes! Jaiden: Sorry dude. Now I need to change his expression, I was like “HELP!!”PLOTTWIST1!1!1! This guys a goldfish! Do they have noses? I feel like they don’t have noses, maybe they do? Nah they don’t. Jazza: See this this is a dual interpretive dance. You actually drew someone holding her up in the crescendo of the dance *laughs* You know that scene from Dirty Dancing? When she’s being lifted up and it’s all like romantic or whatever It’s totally like that. The movie Dirty Dancing sounds like a dirty movie but really It’s like, white people stepping side to side *laughs*Jaiden: Like in the high school like the hands on the hips instead of the shoulder Jazza: Yeah! Leave room for Jesus *laughs* I actually used to say that I grew up in a religious family and you’d go to like Church camps and stuff and they would say things like “leave room for jesus” in your dancing. Jaiden: Jesus Wants to dance y’all too! Jazza: In fact this is Jesus Jaiden: Awww We left room for Jesus *laughs* Oh Jesus he’s got this huge punching thing he’s gonna he’s punching the snake because it’s secretly the devil it’s secretly Yeah whats-LUCIFER! Jazza: Man I gave Jesus some luscious lips Im gonna- Jaiden: Jesus what lip-gloss do you use? and then who’s the the person over- over here?Jazza: It looks a bit like David Bowie *laughing* Jaiden: David Bowie’s holding up Jesus who’s wearing high heels and also saving this goldfish from Lucifer’s snake *laughs* Jazza: I Feel like we’re doing really well in this video! We’ve appealed to Pokemon lovers Definitely appealed to religious people Jaiden: Who can we exploit now!?! Next one?Jazza: Um old people! Jaiden: Old people Jazza: What do old people love? Jaiden: Knitting and naps right? I’m a relatable old person, Sup fellow seniors! Jazza: We tend to put old people in a box like they they’re not as cool like we young hip people Let’s draw some really cool and attractive old people that older audience members can look up to and have a crush on or- Jaiden: The relatable cool grandpas and grandmas. Am I doing this? I’m doing this sorry to everyone Jazza: WHAT IS? what are- Jaiden: Nothing! Jazza: What are you doing- Jaiden: Nothing, never mind I changed my mind- Jazza: WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Jaiden: Nothing it’s just shapes I don’t know what you see? *laughs* Nothing! Don’t put that in *laughs* Jazza: It’s your video, you’re editing. Jaiden: Yeah Jaiden don’t put that in…Crescent Moon! Everyone’s favorite shape! Jazza: So yours is a lady, mine’s a man and we’ll swap over and draw each other’s and they’re about to go to the dance. These are the cool old people and they’re about to go to were-we’re very dancy today Jaiden: All right I can work with that. He’s got something in his hand I don’t know what yet I guess that’s for him to *gasp* oh he bought her flowers Jazza: Aww thats so nice! Jaiden: Puuurplee flowers. Everyone likes purple flowers. I had a friend who when she was younger her grandma said that all purple flowers are toxic and poisonous. So she was terrified of purple- Jazza: What? Jaiden: flowers for-Jazza: Really? Jaiden: a long time. Jazza: It’s so easy to completely and permanently damage someone’s psyche. Jaiden: Oh don’t touch those flowers they’ll KILL you! Twenty years later they’re like “I’ve never touched a purple flower since that day” Jazza: I have a son and I love coming up with ways to psychologically damage him *laughs* Jaiden: Its like uh a game and like a high score “Who can damage their child the most” Jazza: She’s got a box of chocolates Jaiden: That’s a futuristic way of boxing chocolates *giggles* Well she fought in the war Where they couldn’t afford full-circle boxes of chocolates Oh this is more efficient? Yeah She has like a giant rocket wheelchair oh heck yeah Cause when she fought in the war she was a rocket scientist Yeah! That’d be so cool Like they’re going to the dance and instead of appearing in a limo There’d be just like two people in a space wheelchair This guy’s also a pimp so he-his cane has a diamond on it *laugh* Of course I feel like you need some fur Oh you’re right you’re right Yeah Every pimp has his fur Please have like just blood? It’s-it’s like a fresh- Its like TOO fresh? *laughs* I feel like we’re isolating animal lovers now Yeah We’re not appealing to everyone Hey you win some you lose some? This is- I feel They look like a pretty fitting couple Thank ya Hecka good Really Yeah He-Hecka good HECKA GOOD! What’s her name? I keep thinking of names of Disney Characters i’ve literally gone through Elsa Elphaba and Meredith MEREDITH all Disney Princesses Meridelthaba tabitha tabetha? match made in heaven tabitha and Meredithelthiba? *laughs* I’m just going to cut to me like walking this guy over he’s walking over *kiss* give her a kiss That was good I feel like there’s more potential to be unlocked we’ll do a couple more on my Channel Yeah see we can come up with if we haven’t appealed to you yet in this video just wait Because we have more Audiences to exploit I like this program When you can get it working it’s actually kind of fun Yeah it took like an hour to set up and that probably is also us not knowing anything about anything I feel like it’d be like really crazy if you have 10 friends And it’s a huge group Maybe we should do like a Mega Collab one time and just get like five people in it That’s a terrible idea Ten YouTubers all on the same Yeah That’d be chaos Thats more audiences to exploit Oh my goodness so much potential *laughs* Thank you for watching this video You should go over and watch Jazza’s video where we do more of these and who knows what crazy things happened over there OH BOY This could be wild Do you know who else is cool? Who else is cool? Tabitha *laughs* Tabitha gets all the girls and he’s after MeridaLAHETHA – ariel *laughs* okay Thanks for watching guys Byeeeeee BYEEEEE *clapping* Yeah round of applause

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  2. Heyyy Jaiden just wanna say love your videos and channel love your art and I just wanna say your pretty cool keep up the great work UwU

  3. 6:22
    Jazza:W-What are you doing?
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  6. I feel like the type of Jaiden's pokemon is grass and rock something… while Jazza's is psychic and fairy 😀

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  9. My school is French catholic so the teachers always said "laisser la place pour l'esprit saint" which means "leave room for the holy spirit" and they'd repeat that like every ten seconds at a school dance when ever they, danced together.

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