Everything You Need To Know About Clay Masks for Glowing Skin

Everything You Need To Know About Clay Masks for Glowing Skin

Clay is as amazing for your skin as music
is for your soul. So with heaps out outstanding options, what
you need is a guide. Hi, I’m Anmol and I’m here to give you
the dirt on clay masks, and how they can make you look flawless, naturally! Clay can purify your skin like a great song
can cleanse your senses. It’s pure, natural, affordable and gives
your skin a boost of firmness. It also sucks out impurities like a vacuum,
leaving you with radiant and silky smooth skin. Everything is fun and games until a pimple
surprises you on the morning of a big date. With regular use, clay will keep those night
ruining zits at bay. Now let’s break down what clay will make
your skin sing. Clay is the perfect solution for greasy skin. For instance, Bentonite clay, which comes
from volcanic ash, absorbs excess oil, and detoxifies your skin. French Green clay is similar with an added
pop of colour. Then there’s every grandma’s favourite
multani mitti – a fantastic exfoliator and and cooling agent. All these clays are effective on their own,
but when mixed together with complimentary ingredients, they work in harmony to give
you fantastic results. An easy way to take advantage of these benefits
is to opt for a specially formulated mask like the mCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Face Mask Whenever I use this mask I feel transported
to a tranquil bistro because this combination of coffee and chocolate smells exactly like the best mocha latte you’ve ever had. The coffee in this is a powerhouse of antioxidants,
that tones and tightens your skin. Your pores will thank you for this deep cleanse
that not only eliminates oiliness but also reduces tan! Fortified with vitamin E and argan oil, it
also moisturises skin and has anti-aging properties. Apply it for 20 minutes, and wash and you’ll see the difference. Face it, we’re all better people when we’re
moisturised. And if your skin is dry then you need a clay that works for you. Enter the wondrous rhassoul clay. This hydrating clay has moisturising properties. Mix with some rose water for a nourishing
& clarifying DIY. It’s fabulous at fighting blackheads and
freshens skin without drying it out. Sensitive skin is special like the first love
song that made you cry. And so it needs a clay that is gentle and
loving. Meet Kaolin clay and Rose clay. Mix either with aloe vera gel or water, for
clear, fresh and blemish-free skin! Both these offer the benefits of clay masks
but without causing any irritation or redness. Beautiful skin doesn’t take miracles, it
just takes commitment, care and clay! Hope this video turns you into a clay enthusiast. Happy masking! And until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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