Essential Exercises to Become and Coloring Pro & Grass Drawing made easy – INKTOBERFEST DAY 4

Essential Exercises to Become and Coloring Pro & Grass Drawing made easy – INKTOBERFEST DAY 4

hi everyone welcome back to Inktoberfest day 4 and today we are talking about alcohol ink markers so one of my
favorite subjects and if you’re part of the craft challenge you’ll know all
about alcohol ink markers and if you didn’t sign up for the alcohol ink
challenge well they start too late to get in on the next round you can go to
the craft challenge calm or check out the link in the description below to
sign up to find out all about it and to find out more so every day in that
challenge it’s 14 days long we teach you how to become a pro alcohol ink coloring
anyway today I wanted to share with you some of my top tips and I’m gonna be
using my our teaser markers for this one so these are a great price point that’s
why I selected them because yes I love my copics I know they’re great but
they’re super expensive and I know they’re not accessible to everyone so
I’m be using our teaser markers today and I’m using other markers throughout
inktober Fest you’ll get to see some different options as well but these come
in a really nice storage solution too so you can see this place that they come in
and you can see here they’re in rainbow order when they arrive which you know I
love to rainbow ties so that made my heart very happy to have them come in
this beautiful rainbow order as well plus you didn’t get the case empty so if
you have other alcohol ink markers you can get this case empty I’ll link it up
in the description for you and you can put your markers in it fits kopecks
Nouveau markers all of those in there as well so these are the our teaser markers
and we crop one out to show you so they can they have a triangular barrel which
is reno’s because Marisa Maddie even has done a lot of occupational therapy and
all of the pens and stuff they give her a triangular in shape because they’re
economic so this has a bullet nib and it has a chisel nib and the bullet nib has
this thicker end so when your pen is closed you know that that is the bullet
and I don’t tend to use chisel very often this I have a really thick area to
color in and if you’ve been watching it toma fest you’ll know every day we’re
doing a tag and the reason we’re doing a tag is so
small it’s manageable you can focus our tips down into this tag and you can pop
it on a book ring so that you can kind of put all of those tips together and
keep them in your crafting space your craft cards and keep them next to you
and then what are your crafting you can flick through and if you need to go and
refer back to that video be like oh that was days tics this video I can go and
check that out and re-watch it nice and easily but you can also distill that tip
down so you can follow it again later so today what I really want to speak to you
about is one of my favorite practice exercises that is really really
important but you can also use it in lots of other ways so whether you have a
bullet nib or a brush nib one thing I always want you to do is practice your
flicking and no I don’t mean flicking over your husband because I know we all
do that and gross-looking happy and he’s laughing and you’re probably laughing at
me too but what I mean is flicking with your nib so one thing it’s super
important so I want you to practice now I’m a lefty so you might be right-handed
you’re gonna do it the other way but what I mean is having your pen and
you’re going to almost have it like a chopstick so you’re gonna take it and
you’re going to rest it along your pen here you’re gonna have it resting on
your finger and you’re gonna have it in at this u-shaped so you can see I’m a
lefty I’m gonna try to do it the opposite way around I could kind of do
with Greg’s hand here because I can’t hold it Greg come here because I can’t
do it right-handed I’m not really good at the right-handed so imagine you’re
holding the pen you see how I do it and I rest it this way on you do that as
though you’re right-handed yeah yep so if you’re right-handed that’s how you’re
going to practice you’re flicking technique so that’s how you would hold
the pen correctly because I see a lot of left-handed people and they hold pens
like this and like this and like all sorts of weird ways not how you’re gonna
get really perfect color I know it might not feel natural there’s honestly worth
practicing holding your pen with the right technique and then what you’re
going to do is that means that your nib is laying on the side like this
and then you can start practicing your flicking and if you have a brush you can
lay it down even more so or you can it actually really helps
to not have the glass man here because it actually takes my pen up slightly but
you can see that just by kind of taking my pen to the edge I can get different
pieces or even by going slightly even further out you see how I can amend that
even more so you can really kind of play with the thickness of your nib and that
is really really important now normally when you color with your alcohol markers
I’m always gonna tell you to have something underneath but when you’re
doing these practice exercises it’s not so important but I really want you to
practice with you’re flicking long flicks short flicks it’s really long
flicks now the reason I’m going to tell you this is it might not look much when
we have a red marker out but when we go to get say a green marker out and I do
the same thing and I put different lengths together and I even start to put
different shades together and I really haven’t got my swatch book out so I’m
not sure what colors are green I’m putting together here but you see as I
start to put these together I actually look like I’m building up blades of
grass so I can build up blades of grass really really simply if I had a brush
marker here I can start making hearts I can start making flowers I can start
making leaves I can start making stems your brush and your flicks are really
really important to you it’s one of those things and if you do the alcohol
marker challenge I’m going to teach you how to do all of these things you can
also do it with your chisel and – it’s just as important to learn look starts
look like grass and when I’m doing my little hedgehogs I’ll often ground them
just by having these little flicks and you see how that builds up even Greg’s
kind of looking slightly impressed right now that my flicks are starting to look
and I am no artist because Greg will tell you when we’re playing hangman hey
my hangman do not even look like me but you can start to build up like
little Meadows just by doing flicks with your chisel ends so it’s super important
to remember to do that and these markers are great because I say you’ve got a
really nice rainbow in here this whole package is to put inexpensive well have
an artis a coupon as always as I mentioned Newt Toma fest we’ve got
giveaways going on we have coupons every day we have blog
posts but I really really want you to practice because I want you to be able
to do these meadows yourself I don’t want you to go and have to buy a stamp I
want you to be able to sit here and be like oh I can go and do those flicks
look I can sit there and I can flick in blades of grass I can grab my hedgehogs
I can grab my snails I can create all of these really cool things because I have
done my foundations and if you join us in that challenge you’ll learn those
things as well but really practice you’re flicking because you’ll also get
then really really smooth blends and as you kind of progress through your
coloring you’ll see I’m not so crazy and I’m not that crazy British girl who’s
just set you there flicking for hours on end creating meadows and you’ve done a
lot of those things but correct it’s your brush control practice holding your
brush with this you as well with your pen rather and you’ll find it really
makes a difference whether you are holding your biro and you’re just
writing your notes and we’re going to do that so we’re on now day four and so
this is practice flicking with different nibs on alcohol markers to create shapes and as we go through inktober fest we’re
gonna talk about different inks so it might be ink pad it might be color burst
it might be alcohol ink pens but we’re really gonna have a lot of fun and as I
say we’re gonna build our meadow we’re gonna build out I’m going to show you
how to create some of these really cool little flowers but honestly it’s just
really good fun when you’re coloring in images practice coloring in by flicking
flick from one side flip from the other side and you’ll start to see how those
colors start to blend together so make sure you subscribe to that inktober
playlist subscribe to the Hedgehog holo channel hit like on the video join the
community check out the blog post check out the coupons check out the giveaways
so many so much free crafty stuff going on during inktober fest for all of our
oktoberfest participants I can’t wait to see you tomorrow we’ve got another fun
tutorial going on with one of my favorite favorite favorite products and
I can’t wait to show you a different way to use it you might not have thought of
in the past and will have something new for you every single day so join me then
I’ll see you again very very soon happy inktober fest everyone see you tomorrow

11 thoughts on “Essential Exercises to Become and Coloring Pro & Grass Drawing made easy – INKTOBERFEST DAY 4

  1. even when coloring say a shirt, you recommend "flicking"? thanks for sharing your occopious amounts of knowledge[

  2. Awesome technique, I’m a die hard lefty. If anything happens to my left hand I’m in serious trouble. Great hand model Dr Greg!

  3. Hi Alexandra and Dr Greg! Wonderful demonstration ! I loved how your green grass looked so beautiful. I really appreciated the close up camera work. I saw everything you were doing! Thank you for everything that you do! ~ Katz

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