[EP.1-2] 친해졌으니 이제 식사합시다! 이렇게나 잘 먹을 일…?! 보기만해도 흐뭇해지는 먹방 모먼트ㅣ아소다: 아이돌 소셜다이닝ㅣENG SUB

[EP.1-2] 친해졌으니 이제 식사합시다! 이렇게나 잘 먹을 일…?! 보기만해도 흐뭇해지는 먹방 모먼트ㅣ아소다: 아이돌 소셜다이닝ㅣENG SUB

The long-awaited… (Kookheon&Inseong’s Gochujang Jjigae) (Sewoon&Woong’s tteokgalbi
and rolled omelette) Everything looks delicious. We did so much better than I expected. Good work, gang. Let’s eat! (Bon appetit) – I’ve been waiting all along for this.
– Seriously. Shall we dig in? – Bon appetit!
– Bon appetit! Bon appetit! Let me try the jjigae. (Everyone has a big spoonful) Wow! That’s really delicious. It’s quite spicy. (#First_Encounter) (#First_Homecooked_Meal) I was starving. This is the best. Who made such a perfect
rolled omelette? What a great restaurant! (Wow, that’s pretty good) – Sewoon. It’s delicious.
– You mean it? I want to eat more quickly, but I don’t know how to. (Nom) I haven’t had a home-cooked
meal in a long time. Right? Eat up. Sewoon, will you pass the tteokgalbi? And this too. You can have some deodeok too. I really love deodeok. Wow. (Plenty to go around) When I saw it being cooked in the pan,
I thought it was tteokbokki. (Nom) I was like ‘Is that tteokbokki?’ The tteokgalbi’s done perfectly. Try some. Good work, guys. I’ve never had anyone tell me food
I cooked was good. – Satisfying, huh?
– I know how it feels now. It feels amazing. I’m proud of myself because we’re enjoying it together. The gochujang jjigae
must’ve taken a long time. When you go out to eat, they don’t give you as much
in ingredients, do they? How would you rate the gochujang
jjigae, tteokgalbi and omelette? Out of ten, how would you rate them? I wonder. You all worked hard equally. You guys really worked
hard to make them. But just looking at effort… (The tteokgalbi, rolled omelette?) (Gochujang Jjigae?) The rolled omelette. (Happy) (Sad) It takes a lot of effort
and concentration. It’s perfect in shape.
They gave fine-tuned it. It’s not often
we’d be able to get together like this over a meal and talking this way. It’s the first time I’ve ever took
part in such a feast. We don’t ever cook at our dorms. I’m enjoying this so much.
It feels like a vacation. Yeah? I don’t want to go home. Then, you can stay longer.
We’ll leave though. You can take your time. (I like it here) How do your bands choose
what to have for meals? How do you choose? We don’t really disagree on the food. Yuvin’s not picky and neither am I. We have a hard time
controlling ourselves. You don’t have to. You look great as you are. We narrow it down to two places, then choose one we want to eat. If you like Western food,
you choose that and eat it. And if you want Korean,
then, you choose that. We order from different places. You, Sewoon? Because we have so many members, it’s really tough to come
to an agreement. And we have so much to choose from. It’s a constant battle with the self. You’re the main vocalists, right? So what do you do to
keep your throats in good shape? I turn on my humidifier
and drink water before bed. – That’s your routine?
– Yes. There’s a massage you can do
before you sing. It’s here. It’s painful so it’s called
the Massage of Death. It hurts just for me
to touch that area. You press down on it hard. Wow. That really hurts. Wow, seriously. I hear it’s good to do it though. (I want to try) (Dear viewers! You should try it!
It feels good) What other band’s song
do you want to cover? When we do concerts, We covered (Sewoon’s) ‘My Ocean.’ Really? We heard that song and it was so
good we wondered who sang it. We found out it was Sewoon’s. That’s the one with the lyrics ‘I’ll drift this paper boat along with
your memories,’ right? – Wow, not at all.
– It’s not? Oh, it’s not? Inseong, will you sing it for us? Place it upon this paper boat and send it adrift my ocean. That’s how it goes. What about you, Kookheon? Kookheon, you’re such a good dancer. When I was on ‘Produce X 101,’ there was a song I really wanted to sing. Which one? ‘Love Shot.’ Can you sing it to us from back there? In this apron? It wouldn’t be ‘Love Shot’
unless it was in an apron. That’s what would make it sexy. (Will he really be hot in this?) Sexy! Sexy! Wow, how hot! (Yes!) That’s a tall order
in the middle of a meal. I’ve done it in the rain before
but never in an apron. Good work! (It was awkward at first) (But they opened up
as they cooked together) (It started becoming later) Now that we’ve eaten, let’s eat the boiled pears. I can’t wait! Finally, it’s time. Okay. This is great for colds
and good for the throat. – Pear and…
– What’s this? Pear, jujubes and ginger. Then, honey was added. Wow. Taste it. Just a taste. I’m sorry. How is it? There’s ginger in it so
I thought the flavor would be strong. I added just a touch. – It’s really sweet.
– It’s sweet. You can’t tell there’s ginger in it. It’s delicious. I did good job. It’s really good. I wish there was more. (Bottoms up) Now that we’re calm and
things are good after the meal, I think it’d be good to hear
a songs that suit this mood. We ate a delicious dinner
and had a throat-soothing dessert, I feel like I could sing. I want to hear SG Wannabe’s ‘Lalala.’ It was really popular
when I was in middle school. It’s still my mom’s ringtone. Really? (Seokhoon, 11 years ago) (Embarrassed, awkward) It’s so good, I’m melting! (Humming along) It’s heartwarming. (Absorbing the song in) Us two, lalala. Good choice. It brings back old memories. Then, I’ll share with you the song that made me
want to become a singer. I like that sort of thing. Wheesung’s ‘Can’t We.’ That was my audition song. – Audition song.
– What a coincidence! That song’s a work of art. (Appealing voice expressing
mourning and desperation) I couldn’t do this part. His vibrato is the best here. Yeah and coming up is
where you sing off key. (Completely absorbed) I never could sing this part. The ‘can’t we’ part. Great song. It’s been forever since
I heard this song. Thanks. I didn’t realize
we’d have this in common. ‘Can’t We’ was a favorite
audition song back in my day. I’m surprised you sang this
for yours, Inseong. We had our dessert and heard songs, so now, it’s time for
the highlight of the evening. A really important part of tonight. We have to pay our dues. – We have to pay dues?
– Yes, we have dues. I should get going now. You can’t. – Can I pay by credit card?
– No, you can’t. And you can’t put it on credit. You have to pay dues, and since we’re all lead vocalists,
it won’t be with money but you can sing for us
as payment. You can sing a song together as one. That’ll be more than enough. What song would you
be able to sing together? Sewoon, you can play the guitar. Okay, I’ll play the guitar. Bring the guitar. Guys who play the guitar are hot. He’s playing the guitar in that apron. It’s perfect. It’s the first time I’m playing
the guitar in an apron. This is the first of many things
for all of us. Like wearing aprons and singing and
dancing and playing the guitar. What should we sing? What would be a good song to sing? We want to remember this moment
for a long time. Social media. We’ll use social media to mark today
and take a picture. ‘Instagram.’ Dean’s ‘Instagram.’ I love that song. When should I join? From the start? I know tomorrow will come. But I can’t put my phone down. I can’t seem to fall asleep, yeah. I’m back on Instagram again. There are so many people
living grand lives. Someone went on vacation to
some place. But I didn’t press ‘Like’ because it feels like
I’m the only one this way. (We met for the first time and hung out) (We cooked though
we weren’t used to it) (It was the first time for many things) (But we’re happy
to have done it together) (See you on ISD next time!) So much is going through my mind. (For behind-the-scenes footage, please
visit the Olive homepage or YouTube!) I’d recommend ISD to idols who miss home-cooked meals. I recommend the show to idols who aren’t great at cooking
but still enjoy doing it. I. ISD. S, so be honest. D, do you want to join us? There’s no other show
that’s as good as ours. ISD. I recommend the show to idols
who love cooking and music. I give it a five out of five. Olive. (Live rehearsal before actual shoot) (Here’s a sneak peek) I can’t seem to fall asleep, yeah. I’m back on Instagram again. There are so many people
living grand lives. Someone went on vacation to
some place. But I didn’t press ‘Like’ because it feels like
I’m the only one this way. On Instagram, on instagram. Here is it. It’s a problem. (You sure this is the first time
you’re doing it together?) (Total listening pleasure) But it eludes me. My head filled with thoughts. (How this makes me smile) (Eating the dessert Seokhoon made) We’re done eating now, and we’re all relaxed, right? We have a speaker. Nice. Let’s name a song we want to hear. (So good at giving reaction) I think it’d be nice to hear songs that go with this mood. Is there a song you want to hear?
Can we hear it? Genie Music will do it all for us. – Of course. Genie Music.
– It’s the best. (Idols who are all about capitalism)
(Dear sponsors, are you watching?) What about you, Woong?
Is there a song you want to hear? Around this time of the night, this song comes to mind. Nell’s ‘Time Spent
Walking Through Memories.’ That’s a great song. – It’s a real classic.
– It really is. My youngest aunt loves this song. I’ll play it. You really have a feel
for sentimental songs. (Woong’s song plays) It’s a real classic. It gets you from
the word ‘still’ and beyond. From the first verse? Yeah, it gets me right away. Towards the end,
you get out of breath singing it. – It’s hard to sing.
– It’s really hard to sing. I want to sing it at a concert. I haven’t done one yet, but when I have
such a performance, this is a song
I’d like to sing to my fans. (He’s a fool for his fans) It makes you feel so sentimental. Even if time passes, great songs hold on to their status. (Wow) That’s a great quote. It’s really nice. It’s different listening to it together
like this rather than alone. – It’s a strange feeling.
– Yeah, seriously. So? Even though time’s passed, Mr. Lee Seokhoon has
kept his great singer status. Mr. Lee? (Mr. Lee is in shock) Just call me Seokhoon! (Hesitant but says his name…) Seokhoon… (Kookheon’s still shy to
call him by his name) I want to hear your song entitled ‘Don’t Love Me.’ ‘Don’t Love Me’ is a classic. It’s a really great song. Yeah, it really is a classic. (Enjoy the song) We can’t help but clap. It’s so amazing. (Now, it’s time for Seokhoon
to choose a song) The song I’d like to listen
right now with all of you is Lee Sora’s ‘Belief.’ I love that song so much. (Sewoon just got chills) It’s a 90s song. Let’s hear it. (Let’s listen to it together) It’s by songwriter Na Wonjoo
who I really admire. He’s the best pianist in Korea. It’s unbelievable that this was written in the 90s. It really is unbelievable. I’d believe it if you said this song
was to be released tomorrow. You write music so
you know the process, right? It’s just… It’s elegant and refined. And Lee Sora is such
a phenomenal singer. It’s so good. It’s amazing. Wow, now I know another great song. What a great song. (Precious moments where
they share their taste in music) (ISD-Idol Social Dining) (ISD Behind-the-scenes
will be aired on YouTube)

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