Environmental Holiday Craft Ideas for Seniors in Wheel Chairs

Environmental Holiday Craft Ideas for Seniors in Wheel Chairs

hi guys ok hello friends and family and thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hang out today and explore the universe with me so i’m using my trusty paper i’ve recorded this video like four or five different times already because my piece-of-shit sony camera keeps shutting off you know why spend fifteen hundred dollars or no 2000 and so it keeps shutting off and so if this is all I get then we’re not going to be doing my craft project here my craft project which was supposed to be holiday craft ideas for seniors I was making a candle for seniors with mobility environmentally-friendly batteries using tape and making a candle and so the idea here was we were supposed to be making a candle but now i’m fucking pissed off because this piece of shit mother fucking camera yeah it’s a piece of shit as far as i’m concerned i had Nick with me my shrunken head oh I showed you guys my cane last night kinda pisses me off i really want to google pixel instead you know because this this shit you spend that much money on it and then it doesn’t work and i still can’t figure out these dumbasses vests you like why do they sell vests without sleeves on them when you go outside aren’t you going to get fucking cold Jesus Christ and so I i worked on my little candle holder here a little bit in advance just for the purposes of time and so we get some tape like this and then we put it around the batteries they’re environmentally friendly batteries so if you’re in a wheelchair and have problems with mobility then you’re going to have to ask your handler for some care for some help I mean and so your handler is going to have to help you put the wax in the plastic cup and they’re going to have to get like a wick thing dip wick or something you know dip wick with that goes up and down like that you stick it in the middle of the candle man that had me pissed off like this camera not working because my other cameras not working either my samsung is not working so apparently they’re pieces of shit as well can’t anything were and so yes that you see that there will turn this around here so you guys get the idea this is going to be your candle for seniors with mobility in wheelchairs this is your candle that you make and then you I don’t know what you do with the burn in your room i guess but you’ll have to get your handlers to help you put the wax in it you know and then the dip wick that goes inside of the dip wick the is that what it’s called the dip wick the you know what i’m talking about the ooo the long thing that goes inside and then you like anyway you guys get the idea but I wanted to show you Nick here that’s what i’m calling right now is Nick you see Nick right here you see Nick okay we got him from the cane from aruba and so if you have he’s helping me here today he’s my assistant so yeah this side this is about it for right now that’s about it and for this craft project Oh piss me off like I think it’s working now I hope its working otherwise like that i would buy something like that it’s like that’s all I got his pieces of junk right now junk buy buy stuff these brands and they’re just junk they fall apart don’t work anymore so anyhow I want to thank you guys for watching please thumbs up this video share it with your friends subscribe leave comments suggestions ideas i’ll see you soon peace love and avocados

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  1. I'm just asking have u lost your mind.. I have been kind of watching u for a while and have noticed. You may need to seek some professional help and Medication. do you have children maybe you need to consult with them.. we're is your husband.

  2. You are such a fraud. To bad you paid for your subs. You little plan has backfired on you. You are not the YouTube star that you think you are. Get help.

  3. It seems that you have a lot of built up anger. You cuss way to much. I have to ask, does your mother know you eat with that mouth?. If you want to talk and get more people to listen to you, STOP ALL THE CUSSING !!.

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