[ENG SUB] 90년대의 향수에 취해버린 여자친구 [보았다 ; BOATTA 5화 GFRIEND]

[ENG SUB] 90년대의 향수에 취해버린 여자친구 [보았다 ; BOATTA 5화 GFRIEND]

2020.02.14 Gfriend’s waiting room what is this?Let’s go back to the 90’s! Ta-da! Sowon / We are in 90’s right now because of the magic spell of Eunha SinB / Eunha,, You…! Eunha / Sorry I made a mistake again! Umji / What is going on with our outfits? Sowon / We were wearing cool outfits on stage! Yerin / Well I’m… Yerin / Still Cool SinB / What..? SinB / What is she saying..? Umji / She never changes even if we changed timewith Gfriend Sowon / Before we start a game Sowon / We must split into two teams Eunha / How can you split us! We are one team! Sowon / WE WILL BE SPLITED Sowon / So Me and Umji will do ‘rock-paper-scissors’ Sowon / Winner will choose a member rock-paper-scissors Umji / Well I am going to compete with age so rock-paper-scissors SinB / I think she will choose the oldest one in here Yerin / I’m not that old (But Yerin’s looking forward to be chosen) Sowon… You will regret it… (Come here) Come here my baby PD / Let’s make names for each team Umji / We are ‘Young Blood’ Sowon / Young Blood? Sowon / then we are dumpling skin(Tasting blood) “Tasty!” Young blood! It’s tasty! [First round] Listen to old songs and guess the title. However, the dance or song of the song must be perfectly performed to be recognized as the correct answer. [First] Sowon / BOA’s(Give me the beat) (She doesn’t know the dance) (Heyyy) SinB / BOA’sPerfect [Second] Sowon / TVXQ’sUmji / I thought It wasof 2PM (Gfriend’s members do love each other) [Third] Sowon / I was fast Sowon / H.O.T’s! [Fourth] Umji / FINKL’sscore 2:2 [Fifth] (Having fun) SinB / But what is the title of it? (So what is the title of this song?) Yuju / I don’t know~ SinB / Me too Umji / Yuju you are the only hope right now Yuju / Who’s voice is this? Yuju / Baby VOX’s… Yuju / Nightmare? (Ak Mong in Korean) Sowon / Baby VOX’sYuju / Can you give me a hint? Yuju / No one knows the answer right now PD / The first spell is ‘K’ SOwon / Baby VOX’s ‘Kwon Chong’! NOPE Yuju / Baby Vox’s! [Sixth] Sowon / SES’sSinB / SES’sEunha / It’s time for me to do sth Umji / GOD’sI will always be there for you You will never feel alone Because I will always hold you hands [Final Score] 2:5 [Young Blood Win!]Play a scene from the old drama. The team that performed more perfectly wins. (checking scripts)for ‘Dumpling Skin’ Teamfor ‘Young Blood’ Team Original
Yerin : Juwon (male)
Sowon : Lime (female) (Juwon and Lime met at Action School) (But Juwon is not doing his best while training) Lime : do it right Juwon / You will regret it if I do it right (Wow..) 1 2 3 UP! Juwon / Since when have you been so pretty? Juwon / Where are you going! I was just joking! (Lime kicks Juwon’s leg) Lime / Is it hurt? Well I am joking too! Lime / 10 minutes break! Juwon / Don’t go! Juwon / Don’t go my baby! [Wasted] Original : Coffee Prince
SinB : Hangyul (male)
Yuju : Go EunChan (female) SinB / There is no chair, so I am going to do like this COME ON SinB / Because I am a MAN Cool We are in the Coffee Prince right now Hangyul’s staring at EunChan Eunchan / Why are you looking at me? Eunchan / Spit it out If you have sth to say Hangyul / Hey, don’t do that Eunchan / Ha! Now you’re even picking on my habits Eunchan / What? What’s wrong with my words(laughing) (One more time) Hangyul / Let me hug you just for once Eunchan/ What..? What’s wrong with you? Hangyul / Please, let me hug you [Wasted] Because of their overachieving performance It was impossible to pick a winner… Eunha / Let’s just call it a draw SinB / Yeah let’s just end in a draw Eunha / Gfriend doesn’t like penalty~ PD : The penalty is ‘Gosam tea'(super bitter tea) Yerin / I will have it Yuju / Me too PD / I brewed the tea at home, yesterday [It’s True] (Looks like drinking Coffee) Umm… Yerin / You should have boil it more (I will do better next time…) Sowon / So we had a great time with StudioK today! Sowon / Wasn’t it fun guys? Yerin / It was great. Acting, Singing.. It was variety Yuju / It was Yuju / Really Variety Yerin/ I was talking JOKE~Retro Ver.

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  1. Based on Gfriend's theory, Eunha has the ability to time travel. Here you can see clearly she's spoiling her ability at the beginning. I'm still not clear about the other members' abilities tho

  2. Lol the edit at 7:47 i'm cracking up. I love your contents KBS lol please invite GFriend to your show more they're hilarioussss

  3. I really need these girls to appear more in variety shows or better, create their own variety shows! They are so fun to watch

  4. 아핰ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ연기사망 미쳤닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ사실 여친이들은 다들 개그캐였던것

  5. 이것은 마치.. 제조하던 유리구슬이 깨져서 뿌에엥 하던 그 시절을.. 2020년 버전으로 리메이크 한 것 같은 feel이..

    언니들.. 콩트같은 연기 못해도 괜찮아여..^^
    예쁘고 멋지니깐..☆ (빤딱)

  6. I was laughing to hard at the meme😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 overachieving…what de heck kbs😂😂😂😂 yeojachingu fighting💪

  7. 영어자막은 제대로 돼있어서 외국인들밖에 없으니까 이런거 못찾아내네
    0:34 신비가 아니라 소원인데

  8. My God.. I'm laughing so hard that I end up crying.. My tummy hurt so bad.. can't stop from laughing
    Jesus Christ their acting is incredible and one of a kind.. This totally made my day..

  9. 복장을 보니까 느끼는 건데 여자친구가 다카라즈카 가극단원이 되면
    소원, 예린, 유주, 신비 – 남역
    은하, 엄지 – 여역
    이렇게 된다.
    다카라즈카 가극단은 그냥 키순서대로 배역을 정해.

  10. 여자친구가 언제 이리 대유잼그룹이 됐짘ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 요즘에 여자친구 예능감이 대폭발한닼ㅋㅋㅋ

  11. Wow, they all look terrific! I always end up as " if guy " here when it comes to this but I wonder what would have happened if these girls had come to the school I attended in California as an exchange student? Of course, it could have been so much fun! Love you all GFRIEND!

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