ENG 로드샵 원브랜드메이크업💋흑발레드립+Vlog (feat.십일절 한정세일)- [쩡유]

ENG 로드샵 원브랜드메이크업💋흑발레드립+Vlog (feat.십일절 한정세일)- [쩡유]

Hello, guys. It’s JJeong U 🙂 Before we begin, I’ve got some news for you. Do you know about the 11st Festival? They had it last year and this year too. 11 Street is holding its biggest online shopping event. They offer new deals and coupons every hour. 11 Street is collaborating with Etude House. You could get their exclusive items on discount. You’ll have to stay tuned. Tada! Etude House is holding a huge sale on these two items. I’ll be talking about these two great items throughout this video. I’ll begin now! Did everyone get what the 11st Festival is? I’m filming an one brand makeup tutorial using Etude House products. I already did my skincare routine and sunscreen. I’ll use Etude House Double Lasting Cushion in Sand. By the way, my skin got really tanned. So I’m using this in #5 Sand. I’m sure you all know this Double Lasting Cushion, because it’s so popular. I’m just going to dab this onto my skin. I have a plan so I needed to get ready for that. So I turned on the camera to film it. I’m meeting up with my friends. The best thing about this cushion is the perfect coverage and enhanced adherence. But it’s a bit dry. You need to prep your skin nicely before applying foundation, so that your makeup won’t cake up. It’s dry but it really sticks to your skin. Basically, it doesn’t come off easily. If you’re looking for a decent cushion foundation that’s affordable, this Etude House Double Lasting Cushion is really good. Did you know that Crayon Shin-chan airs on Tooniverse everyday at 6pm? I’m a huge fan of Crayon Shin-chan. I watch it every day. My mom doesn’t like me watching it. She thinks it’s so childish. Crayon Shin-chan is the only animation I watch. I got this Shin-chan pajama from SPAO. It’s so comfy. Apply more products on where you need more coverage. I’m kind of running out of time right now. I’m running out of time right now. I’ll have to hurry. Tada, I’m using this palette today. It’s their special 11st packaging. You can get this online at 11st and in Etude House store. Last year, their ‘Best Love Palette’ was completely sold out. This is the palette they have for this year. ‘Will Be Loved Palette’ It comes with a lot of different shades. It features 15 shades. From shimmers to mattes, base and contour shadows… I really liked their shimmer shadows. It’s so beautiful and subtle. So, today, I’ll mainly use shimmers. Let’s start off with a base color. Applying it all over and under the eye. I feel like you can never go wrong with Etude House eyeshadows. I get really excited whenever they release new shadow palette. It’s super pigmented. And awesome quality. I like to apply it using my finger. I’ll take this on my finger. And apply it on the eye. Using a brush, I’ll apply it on my lower lash line. For such a shadow with chunky glitter, I glide it on with my finger. So beautiful. Glide it along the lid. Then you’ll get its sparkling pigments on the eye. I’m taking this white shimmer shadow. I’ll apply it on the lid with my eyes open. Make sure to apply it with your eyes open. It allows you to apply it on the right center. Adding it under the eye using my pinkie. It’s the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Hard Pencil in Dark Brown. I’ll just quickly do my brows. Wow, it’s very pigmented. There’s a playground right in front of my house. So I could hear the noise of children playing. Sorry, if you’re hearing the noise. Aegyo sal is a very important feature. At least for me. I’m using the puff to soften the line I drew under the eye. Using a pinkish-brown color, I’ll do a blush. Blending it inward from the outer part of the face. To make it look like contour/blush. Blending inward creates a sophisticated look. Etude House All Day Fix Pen Liner Black Shimmer shadows can make your eyes look puffy, so it’s better to use a black liquid eyeliner. Use eyeliner as what you normally do. My eyes look a lot bigger, I almost look like someone else with an eyeliner. It comes with a nice full-sized mirror to look in. Etude House Face Color Shading Medium Tight I’m going to apply it ‘too much’. Like this. Contouring my face. I really like to sweep it down the sides of the bridge. Etude House Powder Rouge Tint These looked amazing. So I’m using these today. Etude House Powder Rouge Tint Clean Red Clean Red has more clear red. Let me apply this. It feels like I’m applying a lipstick(not liquid). It’s very unique. It’s very thick and unique. Smacking my lips together. I’m filling in the corners. Next, I’m adding ‘More Red’. I’m going to make it lighter. I think it’s too bold right now. When a palette features a lot of shades, it’s very nice that you can use it as a blush and for some other purposes. I’m going to go get changed and do my hair. I got my lenses on and I changed my clothes. I just blow-dried my hair whatever, so my hair sticks out. So I’m going to curl my hair. So hot! Be careful. It’s so hot. It’s so hot… I guess it looks better, or maybe not. My sister’s travelling now. She took the flat iron with her. So this is the best I can do with my hair. I wanted to wear red lipstick with my short hair. I think I’m all done. I’m going to leave now. I’ll be back! Hi, I’m back. I’m in my pajamas. I’m going to wash my face. First things first. Eye remover. Bring Green Artemisia PH Balance Lip&Eye Remover I like the eye remover that comes with two parts. I still need a hairband even though I have short hair. A hairband is a must. I’m gonna start cleansing my face. One thing to update in my cleansing routine. I wipe away my makeup in downward motions. I used to rub over the area. I figured that it’s irritating, so I just wipe away now. So it won’t irritate my eye. I’m going to remove shimmer shadows with an eye remover. And for the rest, I’ll use another product. Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil It’s the really famous dupe for Shu Uemura. It’s really cheap and it does a great job. It’s the best cleansing oil Etude House has. When buying a cleansing oil, I look for something that leaves no residue. It feels smooth and soft. And because it leaves no residue, you don’t really need to wash again with cleansing foam. I really like that. But, I think I’m going to try this one today. Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Balm They’re pretty the same, but it’s a balm. I’m going to use this. I tested it out. It’s a cleansing balm. You just apply it on your face and rub in. Once you rub this in, it becomes like oil. It works really well. I rubbed just for a few seconds and my makeup is already melted. You can get the cleansing oil, oil balm, and refill at the 41% discounted price. It’s so hard to remove this. It’s a really good cleansing oil, but this lipstick has super long wear. Now, with water, this is the most important step. Look how the oil emulsifies with water. It’s working great. The cleansing oil leaves the skin more neat. The oil balm leaves more hydration. Using my go-to low pH cleanser, I’ll double cleanse my face. I finished cleansing. Before it dries out, I’ll build my skincare routine. I’m going to use these free samples I got. They’re Etude House Moistfull Collagen Line. Just feel like to use everything from Etude House. Lately, I’m trying not to use cotton pads. I met dermatologist Sujin the other day. She said using a cotton pad is not so good for your skin. Because your skin is already clean, you don’t necessarily have to wipe again. She said it’s best to just work the products into your skin with tapping motions. Tapping my skin. Oh, and I have the ampoule I really like. WELLAGE Real Collagen Bio Capsule & Gold Solution There’s a collagen capsule. You’re mixing this with the ampoule. It’s really thick. It increases skin firmness. Best for winter. Super moisturizing. I’ve been really enjoying this. ISOLVE Youth Lutein Eye Serum It’s not an eye cream. It has massage balls so you can massage your eye area as you’re applying it. I’m basically showing you guys my recent go-to products. It’s just light weight and moisturizing, rather than nourishing. I’d recommend you to apply eye cream additionally. I’ll use Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream This is one of the samples I got. I’ve been using this a long time ago. It’s been a while. My skin feels so rich. That is all. Like I said, through the 11st Festival, you can get the eyeshadow palette and cleansing products I used at the discounted price. Not only on Etude House, but also they’ll having lots of great deals on other brands for other departments. It’d be really nice to check that out. I hope you don’t miss out this great festival! Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope it’s worth watching to you. I’ll catch you with better videos. Let’s get prettier! Bye! Thank you!

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