Hey guys, it’s me Aego here, Hi Hello. Following the ETUDE HOUSE’s HOLIDAY COLLECTION
products. INNISFREE’s HOLIDAY EDITION products are
said to be an even more special LIMITED EDITION. So, let’s look at each product together
and see what kind of products they have. First, when looking at all the products, they
all have images of musical notes and musical instruments which gives off a very JOYFUL and MUSICAL feel. Looking at them makes me feel happy and think
of the all jolly holiday music. It’s said that they collaborated with GRAPHIC
ARTIST FROM NETHERLAND to create this design. I think this design is really pretty. I have total of 8products including skincare, makeup, nail products and KIT so stay with me till the end of my video so we can open them up together. First of all, there are 2 skin care products
and they are both from INNISFREE’s THEnMOST FAMOUS! GREEN TEA line. They are the limited-edition GREEN TEA SEED
SERUM and GREEN TEA SEED CREAM. To start, they seem to come in a bigger capacity than the original ones, and it’s said that INNISFREE has doubled the amount of product included while decreasing the price by 33%. The limited-edition GREEN TEA SEED SERUM comes
in 160ml instead of the original 80ml and the amount of GREEN TEA SEED CREAM increased
from 50ml to 100ml. First I’ll apply some of the serum on the
back of my hand, and as you can see it is still the same great light gel-type texture, but maybe because this is “LIMITED EDITION”, I feel that it’s even more moisturizing
and moisturizes deep into my skin. As for the GREEN TEA SEED CREAM, it is light and has a very soft and moisturizing texture, so I think it’ll do a great job in moisturizing dry skin in the cold winter. I think this is a great chance for those who use the serum and cream often to stock up on more product at a greater deal. Next, I have the limited-edition LIP&EYE products. Let’s start with the EYE product. It’s the MOOD UP PARTY PALETTE and the palette is bigger than I thought it’d be. When opening it up I can see there’s a lot of colors in this palette. On this side here are 12 colors of eyeshadows and there it has 1 highlighter and 3 blushers. Overall the colors of the eyeshadow seem to be great to use for daily makeup to bright party makeup. I’ve applied all the eyeshadow colors on
my arm and I can see that there are some colors that’ll look great for warm and cool tones and also there are very pretty glitters. You can do a daily shading look by using only
the matte shadows and Bright makeup by using the glitter shadows. I especially like the color GROOVE and MIDNIGHT
from the matte shadow, cuz I think it’ll look great with cool tones and the makeup feels deep and chic with these colors. As for the glitter shadows, I like VOLUME UP. It has purple and pink glitters which feel
very mysterious and bright so I think it’s very pretty. Now, when looking at the blushers, the colors are also very pretty, which I think they’ll look great for both warm and cool tones. I’ve applied all the blusher colors and
just like I said, the colors look like it’ll be great for both warm and cool tones and I think the colors are great for daily use. The highlighter here, has slight pearls so
it looks very natural and pretty when it shines, and for the BOOM BOOM CORAL color, I think this’ll look great for warm tones. HOLISTIC PINK color here, has a bit of purplish mixed in, so it feels very attractive and I think it’ll look great for both warm and cool
tones as well. And lastly, MOOD UP BEIGE is said that it’s toned down ginger beige color but it actually looks like a toned down coral color which I feel it’s very warm. Next up are the lip products. It’s the SPARKLING GLITTER TINT. There are a total of 2 colors released. And the case is transparent so I can see the color of the product inside and it looks very pretty even at it from the outside. This is NO.1 SPARKLING RED and this one is NO.2 BUBBLY PINK. Let me apply a bit on to show you the colors. Since there are glitters in the tint, I think it’s very pretty. I really like these tints as I personally like glossy lip products. No.1 SPARKLING RED has a clear orange red color with gold glitters and No.2 BUBBLY PINK has a clear and lively pink color with pink glitters. I personally like NO.1 which is what I actually have on right now. Isn’t this so pretty? The glitters shine slightly and makes my lips
look plumper and pretty. I’m also curious about how tinted it will
get, but since it’s a glossy product I think it won’t tint much but let me remove it to see how much it’s looks. The top part actually removed a bit,, but the bottom part.. I had thought that it wouldn’t get tinted as much but it’s actually a lot more than I had expected. So when you go to a party and have fun for a while the color on the lips can be removed but since this tint does stain, I think it’ll
also be great to use when going to parties. And! Next up are the HAND & NAIL CARE products. I was surprised that they also came out with nail care products, but since nail care products are popular and is a trend nowadays, they came out with nail tip products. It’s the MAGIC PRESS SET and they have 2 designs, one of them is MUSIC PARTY and the other one is BURGUNDY MOOD. MUSIC PARTY reminds me of a party just like its name and BURGUNDY MOOD feels like Christmas. This is very easy to use for those who wants
to do gel nails but have no time or who do not have skilled hands. Plus they are SLIM FITTED so I think it’ll
be great to try once. Next is the Hand products. This is the PERFUMED HAND CREAM MINIATURE
and there are a total of 6 of them. There are many various scents, so I think
it’ll be great to use one by one. From the here it’s the SMALL WEDDING
NIGHT and it this order it has a FLORAL scent, RASPBERRY UNDER SUNLIGHT and PEACH has the same FRUITY scent, PINK CORAL has a FRUITY FLORAL scent, AUTUMN RAIN has MUSK scent and
CITURS TEA AT NIGHT has a CITRUS scent. Since AUTUMN RAIN has MUSK scent, I think it’ll be the scent that I like so let me try it. It’s very moisturizing. I think this scent is a bit strong but I think it feels very calm and soft. The scent is very soft itself. I think it also smells like a soap. Since there are 6 hand creams and are miniatures
I think they’ll be great to carry around, so you can just pick up the scent what
you fancy. The Next product is the BRIGHT MUSIC NOTE
SCENTED CANDLE. I like to light candles or joss stick sometimes and im really excited that they also came out with such a beautiful candle. First of all, this design is just OH MY GOD. The decorative candle is made of gold and
you can just can put this on the side of this candle, but since I haven’t used this candle
yet im not sure about the scent but…let me try light it up. And when you light the candle, they say the decorations go round and round cuz of the rising heat. but it’s going round and round now.. since im moving.. Let me just make it stay still.. stop it. I think this candle makes me calm. It has a very calm scent. But not strong. I think it’s very nice. But since it moves by heat, it’ll get very
hot so if you were to touch the decorations make sure it’s cooled down first. And for the last product I have here is the DIY KIT. It’s the DIY PAPER SPEAKER KIT that you
can assemble by yourself with people who you love and when you put your phone here music
will come out. TA-DA! I assembled this myself. Isnt this amazing? Since it’s said that it works as a speaker, let me phone in it and check it out. I think this paper speaker does work as a speaker making the sound a bit more louder. And since it’s very pretty I think it’ll be great to use as a decorations. You can get this DIY kit for 2000won which is about 1 to 2 dollars only when you purchase the other HOLIDAY LIMITED EDITION products since they are not sold alone. It’s said that part of the revenue collected
from the kit sales will be donated to domestic foster families and children through SAVE
THE CHILDREN. So I think this’ll be really nice, cuz you
can have a happy time assembling it, listen to nice songs and it also will be very meaningful. So this was my HAUL of INNISFREE’s Holiday
LIMITED EDITION products. ETUDE HOUSE’s products were very cute and pretty and INNISFREE’s products are also very cute and pretty. I think these products are really useful to
use and would be a really nice as gifts as well. Thank you for watching my video today🙏🏻 Don’t forget to subscribe▶️ Press the like buttons👍🏻 And please leave some comments for me💌 I’ll see you guys next time BYE BYE

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