Encaustic Christmas Snowman | Sew Arty

Encaustic Christmas Snowman | Sew Arty

Hello Everybody it’s Sew Arty here, Lisa from Sew Arty Please to meet everybody. Hello to new subscribers and hello to old subscribers Welcome back, and I’m so pleased you you you keep watching my Channel. Today I’m doing Snowman with Encaustic Art and it’s dead easy actually, but you just have to develop the skill. Really really easy. So I’ve just chosen a blue color just to get my background and just use different techniques with the iron just to get the pattern I would like. So this [Encaustic Art] takes a little while to develop I’m not really sure what I’m doing here So I just I just keep putting the wax on the card just to just to see what color comes out really what how the blue affects the white card and then what I do I use the iron And I place the card on the hot iron and it melts away some of the wax on the card. So that’s and then you can get a piece of tissue and then you can just rub off some of the wax and that will just That will just build up your snowman quite nicely. So I just did two today and I think I was quite pleased with them actually. So my next video will be candles, I do like candles for Christmas. I know this is a little bit early for Christmas[ahahah]. We only are in September but I do like to get a head start. I’ve got a few Craft Fairs coming up. So I just like to get some different designs and patterns for my craft fairs. So do hope you like my snowmen I will be doing some more videos and snowmen and I also use the pen the Encaustic Pen [Encaustic Art Stylus] that I use and that That I can get in quite good details on that. Thank you for watching my video, I hope you enjoyed my snowman I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye for now!!!

21 thoughts on “Encaustic Christmas Snowman | Sew Arty

  1. Wow you’re so talented that is super cute never seen it done like this before!! Makes me so excited for Winter ❄️ 🤗 turned out very nice! Yes I love candles 🕯 💗

  2. Encaustic Wax Art is something new to me. I have used wax to protect and to mask, but I have never used colored wax.
    I love new stuff. Great video and Thank you loads. I see several Encaustic Wax Art videos. MM fun time>

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