100 thoughts on “Eminem, Dr. Dre – Forgot About Dre (Explicit) (Official Music Video) ft. Hittman

  1. Watch the defiant ones and how far they have come dr Dre knows what voice he likes…. an he found the greatest of all time fact

  2. 5 mics 🔥. This beat absolutely belongs to Dr. Dre. It kinda makes you wonder who wrote the chorus. For sure, Eminem broke many necks when he gained the attention from the most harsh critics.

  3. "Ya, all I know is I'm upstairs listening to my Will Smith CD and I see all these flames goin everywhere you know what I'm sayi… hold on a minute bitch!…"

    Man that never gets old.

  4. While I'm not familiar with any of Hittmans' solo work; there's no denying the solid impact he had on that classic "2001" album. He's all over that thing and I think he did a damn good job.

  5. How come people always say only reason eminem blew up was because of white people. But when black guys blow up cause of white people it's not mentioned. Same with women…want equality well live it. Color means nothing, attitude and personality are everything, and if you live that colors means shit. People gonna hate cause I am white…but I grew up in a town where I am basically a minority by legal census. In reality a minority….but how people act is a personal factor not color or race related.

  6. No music can touch this shit today I guess I got an old spirit cause I recognize this is R E A L music not rap this shit surpasses that word

  7. When I started listening to Eminem I didn’t know Dr Dre even existed. That’s how many people forgot about Dr Dre.

  8. Dre had a Ghost Producer in this(as always) he didn't make the beatEminem wrote Dre's verses tooDre didn't do shit, Just show up for the shoot lol

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